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Rich concentrated substance, or liquid vitamins for the hair and skin are now becoming extremely popular in cosmetology. On the basis of their unique prepare masks, shampoos and conditioners and leave-in balms, creams and other nourishing compounds. The debate about how effective they are, has continued unabated to the present day.

Every doctor, specialist, nutritionist or cosmetologist has an opinion on this issue. Someone believes that optimal nutrition provides the body with all the necessary trace elements and additional vitamins and taking them can only hurt. Others argue that the absorbed food nutrients are consumed to maintain the functioning of the internal organs and to the periphery (hair and skin) remains. And that liquid vitamins are used to eliminate the deficit and to give you not only health but also beauty.liquid vitamins

Tablets or liquid systems?

What is today magic pill that allow you to optimize the diet, they know everything. Accustomed to effervescent formulations which dissolve in a glass of water. However, liquid vitamins cause some confusion. Are they used only for grooming or taken inside, and if so, what is the advantage over usual systems? Actually do use them in most cases for outdoor use, but if you are interested in the option of monotherapy (the use is not for a full set, but only the element which the body lacks), it is liquid vitamins may be the ideal option.vitamin e liquid price


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Key differences

The Familiar complexes are in the solid state, and therefore they are absorbed more slowly. But liquid formulations start to act very quickly. However, pharmaceutical companies to stimulate consumer demand, sometimes advertise new items with a few exaggerated effects. So let's see what really is the exclusivity of the proposal.

So, the liquid form does not require further splitting, and therefore, can now be used by the body. While preformed complexes begin to dissolve immediately in the stomach. If you have problems with the digestive tract, it is undesirable to take any drugs, as each of them exerts its effects on the mucosa. And liquid vitamins begin to absorb in the mouth. However, there are also disadvantages. The composition of the liquid complexes are enzymes that have very little shelf life. Moreover, most of them destroyed in the stomach under the influence of gastric juice. Some more is absorbed by the walls right here, and only a small proportion reaches the intestine, which is the main body where it should go the absorption of nutrients and minerals.

In contrast, preformed vitamins have a long shelf life. In addition, once in the stomach, they begin to dissolve and, before reaching the intestine, absorbed successfully. This is their significant advantage.vitamin e in liquid form

Wide range

It Should be noted that the preparations for intravenous administration to smear on the head and RUB it into the skin it does not make much sense. They have a different structure and objectives, and therefore, it is better to use special formulations for external use, which are sold in capsules. It is advisable to consult a trichologist, who will pick up the necessary food groups.

So, the Riboflavin recommended for hair loss, panthenol, Biotin, retinol, as well as elements of D,D2, D3, F return firmness and elasticity. At breakage it is recommended to use vitamin A. For growth and beautiful Shine useful complex E. In this case, you need to explain to the pharmacist that you are acquiring preparation for external use, then he will help you choose the vitamins in the oil, which is rubbed into the hair roots and scalp. While they can be mixed with different compounds of masks (kefir, onion, egg, and others).

Liquid vitamin E

Surely each of you have often seen it on the shelves of pharmacies. Here it is presented in small bottles or in special gelatin capsules, pre-dosed for oral administration. Vitamin E in liquid form is used most often for external use. And it is equally useful for both skin and hair. Let's look at these applications separately.

Vitamin E in liquid form is the most useful element for the skin. It is used in the treatment of various diseases and also for correction of age changes. It is an element of youth, rejuvenating Apple, which is always at hand. A deficiency of vitamin E causes the skin loses its elasticity, becomes excessively dry.

Vitamin E liquid price is very affordable, is a wonderful stimulant for hair. You can add it to the mask or directly into the shampoo. Judging by the reviews of women, it is the use of vitamins has greatly improved the condition of the hair after a bad chemistry or clarification. The cost of a bottle - about 100 rubles.vitamin e liquid for hair

Masks for your beauty

Most Importantly – know how to use these drugs. Vitamin E liquid for hair very often added to various homemade masks that along with taking a harmonizing diet drugs inside and balanced diet gives excellent results. Even just adding it to the shampoo, you will gradually notice that the condition of the hair improved. Judging by the reviews of the cosmetologists and the women themselves, one of the most effective tools is the cream based on jojoba oil. It has to be heated, add a teaspoon of vitamin E and apply on the head for 40 minutes. The alternative may be a decoction of chamomile mixed with nettles.vitamin d liquid

Liquid vitamins for the face

This is a great way to do this without going to expensive salons. Complex procedures performed within two weeks and the effect will persist for several months. Very good results, according to cosmetologists, is the use of a healing mask for acne with vitamin A. For this you will need 10 drops of retinol, add 10 ml of decoction of chamomile and 10 g of blue clay. Makes an excellent antiseptic and disinfectant composition.

For oily skin, cosmetologists recommend a different mixture. To do this, take 10 drops of vitamins A and E, mix with 10 ml lemon juice and apply to the skin. This formula helps to tame the sebaceous glands and reduces the likelihood of acne. Very pleased with the availability. Enough to buy vitamin E liquid, the price is about 100 roubles and a bottle of retinol, which cost about the same and you for a long time provided the main ingredients.

For aging and dry skin can prepare itself for another structure. To do this, take 20 drops of vitamin E in an oil base, add 10 mg of glycerin and a piece of mashed banana. Regular use of this tool allows you to get rid including wrinkles. If the skin is badly damaged (acne) then you can try the healing mask. This will need to take 10 drops of liquid vitamin A, vitamin B5, mixed with 10 g of pink clay. This composition, according to the authoritative opinion of cosmetologists, quickly relieves dryness and fine peeling.liquid vitamins for the face

When there is not enough sun

About the fact that there are vitamins that are formed under the influence of sunlight, they know everything. Vitamin D liquid helps to correct the lack of this critical element and to avoid complications such as rickets in babies. It is a solution for oral administration, for example, "ease of use", in bottles of 10 ml, which cost 350 rubles. He takes part in the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus. For oral administration are aqueous and oil solutions of vitamin. Most often children used the second option.liquid vitamins at the drugstore


Liquid vitamins are now widely used in medicine, Pediatrics in particular, in cosmetics. This is a full analogues of pharmaceutical drugs, different form of release and speed of assimilation in the body. They are widely used for outdoor applications, however, are appointed and inside. The water soluble vitamins are in water solution, and fat-soluble, respectively, in oil. Liquid over the counter vitamins are sold without a prescription, but before use it is advisable to consult a doctor.


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