Cure for migraines: how to help yourself?


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One of the neurological disorders is migraine. It manifests itself usually in the form of attacks that can occur a few times a year and every month. The frequency of attacks of this disease depends on the General condition of the body. migraine medications

Risk and causes of seizures

Migraines can be called a hereditary disease. Sometimes it is passed on from generation to generation. Statistics show that women suffer from paroxysmal headache more often than men. Also manifested migraines in girls earlier than in boys. In children the first symptoms usually arise during adolescence, and, notably, often suffer from migraine, adolescent girls. There is a sickness due to irregularities in the structure of the brain. The fact that each area of the cortex of the brain performs a particular function. If something goes wrong, the brain sends a signal to the body, and we begin to feel the pain. Sometimes none of the migraine medications are unable to cope with it. migraine

Symptoms and stages of migraine

All of the symptoms depend on the stage of the disease. Each of them symptoms can be very diverse and can overlap.

  1. Phase precursors of migraine, or prodrome. It may occur long before the attack. The person experiences increased irritability and fatigue. Although it all depends on individual circumstances. Some patients, on the contrary, there is increased activity.
  2. Aura. If you have an ocular migraine, the aura you've definitely seen at least once. This flash of light before the eyes, zigzags, blind spots. There are sensitive (tactile) symptoms: tingling, numbness. These symptoms first occur in the fingertips, but can spread to the cheeks. Migraine medications in some degree reduce these feelings.
  3. Phase of the headache. The most painful stage symptoms of migraine. Can last from several hours to 2 days. The attack is sometimes accompanied by vomiting. You may experience increased sensitivity to light and sounds.
  4. Phase resolution. Again tired, and no wonder after such a massive attack. As a consequence, there is irritability. Stage usually lasts for days before the person will again feel healthy and full.ocular migraine

Medication migraine


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Tools to help the patient's condition during an attack are called preparations for the relief of migraine. Such drugs include analgesics, including aspirin, ibuprofen, and other medical components. Of course, that instant pills help faster and better. If you are in a time of sickness plagued by bouts of vomiting, take migraine drugs, antiemetic agents is presented (the specific names you should check with your doctor). They not only block the symptoms of nausea, but also help analgesics absorbed into the bloodstream. If these medications do not help, contact your doctor. It is possible, he will prescribe a special ANTIMIGRAINE drugs. These include triptan and ergotamine. But be careful, these funds cannot be taken alone. In some countries they are even illegal to sell.

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