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Don't know how to do a bulk tank? Applique is much simpler. Invite the boy to make the terrain the same shape and color of the combat vehicle. It's easy, and the results of their work, the child will be proud of. Moreover, the application is easy to decorate a card or other thing.

applique tank of coloured paper

What to choose

To your tank (applique) is not only pleasing himself, but could serve a decorative function, is to foresee what you will be creating crafts. A few options:

  • Fold a sheet of paper or cardboard in the form of postcards and stick the details on the front side.
  • Take neat smooth sheet of paper or cardboard and do crafts in the form of a panel, which is then a frame.
  • Make an applique out of felt on a more intimate basis from the same material. This variant of small size can be used as a magnet.
  • To Make the application of fabric on finished goods (t-shirt, bag, pencil case for stationery).

As you can see, several possibilities. Consider the use of an application in advance and correctly choose an appropriate basis.

applique tank out of paper

Tools and materials

So you have a neat tank, the application must be run with the following facilities:

  • Pencil.
  • Scissors.
  • Glue.
  • Colored paper or cloth for details.
  • Background-basics of a dense material (cardboard, felt, etc.)
  • Yarn needle for working with felt (optional).

It is Also better to use a template for the tank application, which is easy to cut all the necessary parts and you can see what color should be for every element.tank applique

Very realistic, the object of military equipment will get if you use a fabric with a special protective paint or colour the paper in such a tone. This can be done with gouache or watercolor on a pre-printed pencil contours.


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Interesting and natural effect easy to achieve if in a container of water to drip the solvent and on the surface to put a little bit of oil paints of appropriate colors (two or three). After you dip for a few seconds the paper, which will then cut parts of the tank, on the surface of the prepared containers, the sheet will be covered with a layer of paint in the form of free spots that mimic the camouflage painting of military equipment.

How to make a template of the tank for the application

To make your stencils for DIY items, you will need paper and sample. If you are good at drawing, create outline drawing yourself, if not — print out a ready-made scheme of suitable scale.

tank template for an application

If the above option does not suit you or does not like, and other circuits not print any color picture and through the film or glass to enclose the contour with a pencil.

In order for the present scheme turned out neat applique "Tank" made of paper or fabric, prepare the stencils of the relevant components separately. Wheels for caterpillars, can be done on one workpiece in the form of a ring or make one larger circle, the other — less.

Applique Tank of coloured paper

To perform the beautiful crafts on February 23 or other memorable date, operate as follows:

  1. Take the basis on which will be glued details. Fold it in the form of postcards or leave a smooth sheet.
  2. Print out the template from the previous section, selecting the image size.
  3. Cut out all the parts of the upper part of the tank separately.
  4. Stencils for the lower elements to perform better, drawing compass wheel circumference, the small circle axis, and a caterpillar made out of two separate blanks.
  5. Take all the stencils and place on the prepared colored paper. Carefully draw the contours.
  6. Wheels can be performed in the form of rings, then the trace template four times, or each wheel can be composed of two circles. Otherwise, you will need 4 large and small billet.
  7. Cut out all the elements.
  8. Stick the part on a basis consistent with the sample.
  9. If you performed a panel, place it in a frame, gluing the sides of the strip of colored paper or cardboard.

Fabric Applique

This decor can be used as patches on jeans, a jacket, a backpack or another object. Option of felt is suitable as a magnet. The essence of technology is not much different from working with paper, especially if you're using felt. First, cut all the necessary elements in the right quantity, and then the layers are glued or sewn to the base. Possible to sew hand stitches running along the contour at equal distance, and using decorative machine stitching. Small parts are felt just enough to stick. If the fabric color was not at hand, use the material a greenish hue, and embroider pattern.

tank applique

So, the tank (applique) easily made from paper, felt or other fabric of suitable color. This hack is easy to decorate the front side of the postcard, create a magnet in the gift, arrange the panels on the wall or make a patch out of fabric for a backpack, t-shirt or pencil case.


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