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In recent years a leader of fashion trends steel knitted items. Can be worn women, men and children, of course. If necessary, you can purchase the right product in the store or on the market. However, many women prefer to create such things with their hands. They save money and invest in the product your love.

hat knitting diagram

What link?

Self-made product of yarn would be a great gift option for any celebration. You can give a hat, scarf, mittens, socks or a sweater for almost every person. Such a gift can truly be called priceless, after all he created with love.

If you don't have the patience for knitting large size and volume of work, choose to start a small and simple thing. One of the most popular classes for knitters is knitting hats knitting. Schemes, description and the end result will depend on for whom to create a model. So, let's get to work.

The choice of the necessary tools

Before you start knitting hats knitting needles, diagram and description should be appropriately matched. Decide for whom it will be done. If you are knitting children's hat, then give preference to soft, airy yarn. For men it is possible to choose more dense and thick filaments. Women's hat can be constructed from any material.

After the purchase of the yarn is necessary to select the appropriate spokes. Remember that they should not be much thicker thread. Otherwise, loop products will adhere to each other loosely. The ideal option would be tools of the same thickness or thinner than the working yarn.


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hat women's knitting diagram

Cap spokes: scheme

When creating a product it is necessary to act step by step. Good result you will get only at observance of all instructions. No matter what model headgear you produce, you need to first produce a trial vyvazhivanie fabric. The only way to calculate all dimensions and to associate the ideal thing.

Knitting probe and calculating the size

So, have you decided what will be done hat spokes. The scheme of the headdress needs to be learnt you by heart, otherwise you will need description with sketch fragments.

Type in tools fifteen loops. Provarite chosen pattern fifteen rows. Close the product and make up the difference. First, you need to measure the created probe and to count the number of loops and rows are contained in one square centimeter. Next, measure the circumference of the human head to create the product. With the help of a school course of mathematics make the calculation of the volume of caps in the hinge. Also, you will need to know what is the approximate height of the finished product. For this measure the human head from the forehead to the crown. Remember that it is the minimum numeric value. In the work of a series more needs to be done. When they performed all the calculations, you can begin to set loops for knitting.

hat knitting for women scheme

Cap knitting female: scheme

For women have recently become very popular so-called cap-hoods. Such products are also called "broad neck". They look like ordinary large scarves, but if necessary they can be worn on the head and to use as caps.

In order to have is this hat spokes (female), the scheme of the calculated set of loops must be slightly modified. Knitting products starts with the neck, which is why you need to get on the spokes of the number of loops equal to the circumference of the neck. Remember that such a broad cap should be free to lie on your shoulders and not to tighten the throat area.

Type in tools the desired number of loops. In order to avoid seams on a product and manufacture it as carefully as possible, prefer circular needles. Start knitting the hat using a chosen pattern. If you are an aspiring seamstress, then give preference garter binding. For this provarite one row neck front stitch and the next purl. Stick to this scheme until the end of the knitting.

caps spokes diagram and description

Tie the neck with a length of 15 to 20 centimeters. After that you can start making the immediate area for the head. Mark the middle of the product and in every front row promazyvaya in this area the two loops together. After a few closed loops will begin to take shape knitting hat for women. Scheme vyvazhivanija joint hinges must be complied with before the end of the knitting. When you place the correct size caps, you can proceed to the closure of circular loops. Do not tighten the working thread too much. You need a free edge, which will of course droop from the head. After completion hide the remaining length of thread into the product.

Child model headgear

Differently may be related to children's hat knitting. Scheme of the product may be different options. You can work double the usual tools, or give preference to a circular or stocking the spokes.

baby hat knitting diagram

The headpiece with ears

Hat spoke, the scheme which provides for the creation of small ears, the fit is quite simple. Dial the number of loops equal to the amount the child's head. Then provarite five centimeters dual band. You need to purl into purl the two loops, and two - face. After creating the bands start vyvazhivanii fabric. Here you can choose any pattern, but novice knitters should give preference to the garter, on the obverse or reverse surface. When knitting the front fabric you have bilateral product. Which side to wear the cap, will decide only you and the baby.

Bind the product of this height, how big is the area from the forehead to the crown. After that you need to purl some more rows to the hat was sitting freely. Next, close all working loop, leaving the thread in the free state, and collect the product.

In order to make a smooth cap spokes Assembly diagram should be as follows: first is the vertical seam (from the beginning of the gum to the top of the product), then it joins the horizontal area of the crown.

Straighten the corners so they are sticking tip up. It will be lugs and caps. After the baby wear a hat, they will look straight up.

hat knitting for girls scheme


Hat knitting for girls, the pattern of which requires the use of a circular or socks and tools, is such that were tightly wrapped around the head. Therefore give preference to very soft yarn that will not RUB and cause itching.

Type in a tool number of loops equal to the circumference of your head. After that, knit a single product band. Promazyvaya one loop inside-out and facial. In this way, link five centimeters of the canvas, and then move on to the garter binding. For her you need one row of knit facial loops, and the following – wrong.

When you bind another ten centimeters of the product, begin decrease loops. This must be done as uniformly as possible. Knit the two loops together every five loops. The number of skipped loops may vary depending on how originally they were recruited on the spokes. Spend decrease every two rows. When the hinges will not stay provarite two together and complete the work.

You will then need to sew the pompom. It can be purchased in specialized shops for the needle, or their hands to make a from the same yarn, which was associated product. Recently, a very popular fur POM-poms. They look rich and feminine. So you can give preference to this option. Carefully sew the accessory by unscrewing the cap inside out. Immediately after that you can start using headgear as directed.

crochet caps knitting scheme description

In conclusion

When you create a knitted product, remember that the washing of the yarn may be a little down. It is therefore better to make a hat a little larger than then be upset that it's small. Wash headgear by hand. Use special products for cleaning wool. In this case, the cap will last you one season and will delight with its rich and vivid color.

Knit happily for themselves, their children, relatives and friends. Delight them and they will appreciate your work and will remain grateful to you.


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