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Today, many mistresses are addicted to crochet. They create a variety of toys: vegetables, fruit, funny animals and more. New to this work are lost, not knowing where to start. For example, it is very easy to fit doll crochet. How to make it, tell a master class in the article. Certainly, it will be interesting and experienced handy too.

Ideas for crochet dolls

The Masters came up with a lot of options as to bind the doll to crochet and decorate her own hands. Very popular are the toys with the national outfits. They are very bright and beautiful, so attract the attention of children. Also the kids love dolls in the form of favorite characters from cartoons. For example, it can be the little Mermaid, Masha, strawberry, Aladdin or Lalaloopsy.

Kids seem to be a very interesting doll-dolls. They are very comfortable to wear, to swaddle, to rock to sleep, roll in a wheelchair, that is, to do what mom does with her baby.

doll crochet for beginners

When knitting, dolls crochet, it is worth considering that girls love to change hairstyles of their toys. Therefore, your choice is better to stop on pishevarenie Princess. She will bring much joy to the young stylist.

In General, ideas knitted toys huge amount. So use your fantasy, keep in mind your possibilities and start creating!

Materials for stuffing dolls

The Needle is not recommended to use as padding material wool. Over time, the doll will lose form, and sometimes in detail will form lumps. To fill the head, body and limbs of the toy it is best to take quality batting or holofayber. Also suitable synthetic fluff, if you want to make the toy more three-dimensional. If you know how to work with foam, and then we can take it.


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For the filling of the legs and arms, some masters advise to buy a special plastic balls. They are very evenly distributed in detail crocheted dolls. You can find them in stores for needlework.

Sometimes to make the frame of a complex toy with lots of details craftswomen using copper wire. It should be easy to bend and hold its shape, therefore, the optimal diameter is three millimeters.

Recommendations for design of the face

In the manufacture of individual parts of the head note the following fact. If you take a master class knitted dolls crochet with diagrams and descriptions but are using a different yarn, the result may be unpredictable. If the threads are not very different, it is not so critical.

For the eyes you can use a ready-made false eyelashes (choose the thick). For two age it will be quite a blank. Cut it apart and glue the transparent glue from the outer edge of the eye to the center.

how to knit doll crochet

To create a suitable eyebrow remnants of yarn the same length. They can also be glued with the help of curved forceps.

Sponge is most convenient to stitch the vertical stitches in three strands. Contours better to do other thin. After you have to miss a transparent adhesive on the reverse side of the edge, when you cut a bloom embroidery. Sponges do not necessarily, some dolls look much prettier without them.

Cheeks issue by using art pastels or dry blush. Of paper you need to make a square template in the center to cut out the oval. The blank is applied to cheek toy and a brush to apply dry blush. After they must be shaded with a piece of cloth.

Helpful tips for beginners

Sometimes, beginners crochet toys seem to be very difficult to execute. In fact, it is not. It is sufficient to choose a simple doll crochet with diagrams and description, then all will become clear. So you will save time and, most importantly – the nerves and strength. Try to choose workshops with no small parts.

Use only simple types of loops. As a beginner, you will be enough. For example, the column without nakida, connecting column and a column with one nakida.

Hook grab the one that fits to the thickness of the yarn. Usually manufacturers indicate on the package recommendations for tools.

While well behaved knitting acrylic yarn. Besides, she has a pleasant texture and a huge selection of colors. You can also buy iris or wool.

Perhaps beginners will be difficult to do small details (eyes, nose, mouth). Then you can buy ready or to replace them with buttons, beads and sequins.

Knitting doll-doll in a scarf

To make knitted dolls crochet, diagrams and descriptions are you can take any. The article presents a simple master-class, which will tell you how to make cute pups. Growth he will be about seventeen inches.

crochet doll

On average, the process of knitting this doll takes about nine hours. But it depends on the speed of the masters. Crafts can be modified to your liking, from the colors and finishing small details.

Materials for knitting

What will you need?


  • Blue yarn. Need for knitting the body and the cap. One doll will take approximately one-third skeins weighing one hundred grams with the length of the thread 330 meters.
  • Light beige yarn. For handles and heads. It will take approximately one-fifth of a coil.
  • Yellow yarn for the scarf. You can use remnants from any roll.
  • Hook number of 1.25.
  • Two buttons or beads for eyes with a diameter of about 0.7 ml.
  • Polyester or holofayber for stuffing (about one hundred grams).
  • A Piece of wire with a length of twenty centimeters.
  • Long needle.
  • Five cotton swabs or nylon dowel (size 12, 60 millimeters).
  • A Piece of adhesive tape with a length of about ten centimeters.
  • Pink dry pastel or blush.
  • Markers for knitting and pins.
  • Two buttons or other decorations to decorate the hat.

Ring amigurumi

Crochet dolls crochet should start with the rings amigurumi. From the end of the yarn is blue, at a distance of 2.5 centimeters make a loop. Keep the working thread between your index and middle fingers. Now in the loop, enter the hook. Grab the working thread and pull forward. After a loop pull the yarn and tighten. Note that it is in the ring is not treated as the first column.

From below, move the hook under both strands that form a large loop. Grab the working yarn and pull up a loop. Pull the main string through the two loops that are already on the hook. Thus, in the ring amigurumi made the first column without nakida. Further, the knitting will happen quite tightly, in a spiral for two loops.


In the ring amigurumi provarite five columns without nakida (SC). Next row start with one column and then in each loop make a raise. That is, it should be 9 SC. The next fourteen rows of knit simple poles at nine loops. At the end tear off the thread, leaving long enough tail.

In the same way you need to do the left leg. Thread cut is not necessary, it will continue to knit the doll body crochet. Beginner knitters this is a very simple

doll crochet with diagrams


The Legs connect together, having increase on the sides. On the left SC five associate and hang marker. Next is the chain of ten loops (VP). Then on the right leg make 3 SC, increase, SC, increase 3 SC. Then provarite ten VP. Again, but on the left leg, make 3 SC, increase, SC, increase 3 SC. Total should reach 42 SC. Please note that legs need to knit two loops, and the chain – for one.

The Following 12 rows knit without modification of conventional SC. Sew the opening between the extremities of the thread that remained of the right leg. In this stage, the densely crafts.

In the next row make 5 SC and the twist. So repeat 6 times. Should have 36 SC. The next two rows knit without modification. Now, make 4 SC, and the twist. Repeat the process 6 times. On the canvas will be 30 SC. The next two rows knit again without changes. Now make a twist in each 3 SC. Should have 24 SC. I just have to finish two rows of simple columns.

The time is tight to fill the body of the doll, crochet, about to the middle. In the next row, make 2 SC and twist. Repeat this 6 times to have 18 SC. The last two rows knit without modification.


Take the light beige yarn and continue knitting toys according to the following scheme. In each row repeat repeat six times to get a certain number of loops.

  • 2 SC, gain = 24 stitches.
  • 3 SC, gain = 30 loops.
  • 4 SC, gain = 36 loops.
  • 5 SC, gain = 42 loops.
  • 6 SC, increase = 48 loops.
  • 7 SC, gain = 54 loops.
  • 8 SC, gain = 60 loops.
  • 9 SC, gain = 66 loops.

As you can see by this description doll crochet tie is a snap. Thoroughly tamp body. The neck insert cotton swabs, pre-bonded plaster, or dowel. Now enter the wire between 23 and 22 rows calf. Insert it in the crevice in the plug or wrap the sticks. Output wire from the other side out.

doll crochet with diagrams and descriptions

After that, the next 12 rows provarite for 66 SC. Make a doll according to the following pattern, repeating every repeat 6 times.

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