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how does the Queen of spades

Gambling, whatever they were, like a lot. Since ancient times a favorite pastime of many is card game. These games very much, but they are held by means of a set of a certain number of cards. One of the most mysterious card the mysterious Queen of the suit of spades.

How does the Queen of spades? It is difficult to find a person who would not know this. Of course, the artists and then offer us various portraits of this important woman. Why she has such a bad reputation, nobody knows. Maybe the initial image of her was too sinister or gloomy black suit entered all into error by its color. But almost all divination mysterious Queen of spades promises all sorts of misery, failure and doom.

How does the Queen of spades, you know, adults that for once in my life played the leisure card. The children – more impressionable beings who believe in unsolved. That's why some kids are endowed with a particularly vibrant imagination, I can tell you how looks the Queen of spades, because met her.

how does the Queen of spades photo

The Legend of the woman from the deck of cards, which adorns itself upside-down black heart, walking in the white light. It is often called the spirit living in the mirror, able even to kill, if it is disturbed. "Horror stories" even tell you about the way to call this lady, but whether to do it - you decide. To get to know her, to check that you were able to touch the other world, you must know how looks the Queen of spades. Remember, however, that magical effects are organized for fun, can result in you trouble. Disturbed spirit can bring you unhappiness.


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Popular rumor made the woman from a deck of cards the wife of the Devil, evil and all-powerful. In earthly life she was very sinful: drinking, killing, stealing. After the death of the lady went to hell and was fascinated by Satan himself. Not only is she fierce and strong, against her to operate, many amulets and ecclesiastical paraphernalia. However, if you her like, that you may bring happiness. Looks like the Queen of spades, the images will show very clearly. But if we are talking about a seance, the spirit ladies usually comes in the form of a black bird or a naked woman.

But the initial way for ladies, the peak served as the Greek goddess Athena. Symbolizing the militancy and wisdom, daughter of Zeus has been kind to the brave people who were not afraid to take risks, but did not lose their heads. Aren't these features should have a gambler who plays cards for money?

how does the Queen of spades pictures

How does the Queen of spades? Photos will be shown. At various times it looked different, depending on the artist who painted it, from ideas about this  in the country, which produced the deck. Today, you can even order a deck with your own image and portraits of close friends and family. But classic playing cards will never go out of fashion, despite the contempt for him and the Church bans. And the Queen of Spades will always be the most mysterious character.

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