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Costume “Slide” in recent times quite actively advertised and discussed on the Internet. Having personal experience of multi-day mountain hikes and service in the army, I found it possible to share your opinion on this matter in the hope that for someone it will be useful.

First, you need to decide what exactly is a suit “Slide”. The name is slang, and originally so called as a set of field clothes mountain troops of the USSR. It was developed in the late seventies, was widely used in Afghanistan, and along the way became very popular among Soviet tourists, hunters and fishermen. The prototype of this suit, many believe the form of the German Fusiliers during the Second world war.

Currently, the wave of interest in retro and all the clothes in military style, many Russian and Ukrainian companies produce a variety of clothing under the high-sounding titles, such as "Slide-camouflage", etc. are Common in these costumes "Slide" only the name, and even what they are made of cotton fabric.

suit Gorka

Are they Good modern costumes? To answer this question you need to know exactly why a form is needed. Initially, as already mentioned, the outfit was intended for use in mountainous terrain, hence its name, therefore, he must possess such qualities: to be both lightweight and durable, not to constrain movements, not be blown by the wind, to withstand the pouring rain, dry quickly, “breathe”.

camouflage Gorka

Why such a long list, but still mandatory? Yes, because mountains are special conditions, as Vysotsky sang: “this is not a plain...". In the mountains, even low, temperatures and weather can change drastically within one day. Long hard transitions without the possibility of shelter and dry clothes quickly tire both physically and mentally. In such circumstances, the retention of heat and minimum of comfort in clothing is critical to the success of the campaign, health, and often for survival.


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What we offer today's manufacturers of costume «Camo-Gorka”? As for the cut, there are many options, all of them in varying degrees, protect from wind, and is quite convenient. However, the model with button closure even in the presence of the additional valve does not protect against strong winds. Jacket is sure to be purged in this place, though not fatal, but believe me, it will be very unpleasant.

Gorka camo

All modern manufacturers make suit “Slide” from a thick cotton material which has a long history and well-deserved fame. However, before he was replacing, and it was the only option that combines low cost, durability and high performance of wind - and water-resistant. For all that he absolutely is not devoid of serious shortcomings. So, the tarp is not long soak in the rain, but in the mountains the moisture soaked everything (even leather shoes), moreover, because of the constant UPS man sweats profusely, and clothing gets wet, not only outside but inside as well. Here does not help even a state of the art materials like Gore-tex. You can be sure that after a day of transition, all the clothes will be wet. And it is very important that it quickly dried up, what can be said about cotton. Furthermore, wet cotton fabric is not only warm, but rather removes heat from the body (when the wind is strong it's a disaster), and noticeably heavier too. It turns out that mountain suit cotton matter is not so good, especially because modern synthetic fabrics have many advantages and no longer “float”, as it was at the dawn of their application. And most importantly, synthetics dries directly on a body and continues to warm, despite the amount of water between its threads.

a Military version of the slides.

If delivery of clothes from a cotton fabric for the army is dictated by the savings, why modern manufacturers of costumes for use still use the tarp, hard to understand. Although all I have said refers to a specific mountain conditions and it is not so important in the campaign for mushrooms, at departure on the nature or the game of airsoft. Here costume “Slide” is probably the place, because in these cases, the main thing that is liked.

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