Santa Claus with his hands from the bottle: a master class


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Want to make beautiful table and interior for new year's eve? The traditional character of the party — Santa Claus. Their hands from a bottle of champagne can make an original souvenir. Read the tips, take ideas. They are all very simple and straightforward. To carry such a product can even a beginner.

Materials and tools

So you have a beautiful and original crafts "Santa Claus", it is sufficient to take the available means at hand or buy them. They are inexpensive, but will make very fine ornamental thing. So, you need the following:

  • The framework, which will fit any bottle, glass or plastic. You can use empty or unnecessary to issue champagne that will be served to the table on Christmas night. Small bottles or jars of yogurt or baby food, make Christmas decorations, and five liter bottles of water perform a full figure for the interior.
  • Decorative materials. The choice depends on what you have on hand, or at your nearest store for needlework. It can be: satin ribbon, bias binding, fabric, cotton, polyester, tinsel, sequins, beads, buttons, lace, ribbons, snowflakes, paper, foil - in a word, all he wants is your imagination.
  • Scissors, glue, needle and thread, paint brushes.

The tools Needed are determined by the way that you will be to produce crafts.crafts Santa Claus with his hands

Santa Claus (with their hands) from a bottle of champagne

You will actually do the packing or clothes for basics, that is, it must be removed. This gives some advantages:

  • Allows you to use multiple times (for next year).
  • Suitable as a special gift to relatives (champagne they will buy on their own).
  • This souvenir can be manufactured for sale.

Craft Santa Claus with their hands out champagne is different. Methods could include:


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  • The Creation of a suit of ribbons, or oblique borders with further decoration.
  • Sewing or knitting clothes for the figures.
  • Staining and surface decoration.

Choose the method that you are most familiar. Try some or do of what is available in stock.

Sew suit

Santa Claus with his hands from the bottle is very simple, if separately to make the outfit, and then just put in his champagne. You are not a designer and does not require the convenience of clothing. The main thing that she looked beautiful. Coat Santa Claus can be made from two halves (front and back). Santa Claus with his hands from the bottleThis is done as follows:

  1. Draw on paper or directly on fabric liner for the type of shirt or gown. Sleeve make is integrally formed with the front or back. It makes no sense to cut out the armhole and sew them separately. Simplify everything. Both parts do the same.
  2. Sew the items inside out on a typewriter or by hand.
  3. Remove and decorate at its discretion any white trim (lace, braid, ribbon, ruffled, tinsel).

The sleeves of the suit can and can not do, but if you want to hack Santa Claus looked more realistic, not only sew them, but fill with something (cotton, polyester batting or other padding). The hem is to sew up and perform something similar to the mittens. Make a hat or a cap.
crafts Santa Claus

Tying a bottle

This method can be made Santa Claus out of plastic bottles or glass. It is better to do the job hook. crafts Santa Claus with his handsThe easiest way to create tight-fitting red costume and white decor to sew on top. It can be knitted, and any other. Do, of course, and immediately involving a different color, but it's complicated. If you can only work with needles and you have them, make the red "tube" on four needles or circular on the principle of normal sock.crafts Santa Claus and snow maiden

Use of the tape and the bias tape

Fancy Santa Claus with his hands from the bottle is made by gluing strips on the base or directly on the bottle. It is better to use the first option, so the costume was detachable. Why do that have been mentioned above. So, perform the following:

  1. Buy the right amount of red and white tape. The length is easy to determine, pre-wound bottle, for example, sewing centimeter. Width depends on the size of the bottle. Champagne will fit the tape in one inch to five-liter plastic bottle it is better to take a wide how to stumble braids. If possible, it is better to buy not the usual red satin ribbon as the bias tape, as it will be easier to wrap the bottle. Don't forget the decor.
  2. Get to work. Make a base of paper in the form of a cylindrical surface the size of the bottom of the bottle. Put the billet in it.
  3. Start to reel tapes with the narrow part, i.e. the neck, gradually moving to the base paper layer. Each row of strips, attach half to the edge of the previous. Instead of coiling, you can connect the pre-sliced pieces of ribbons. Doing this at an angle, and horizontal rows. By the same principle make the hat.Santa Claus with his hands from the bottle
  4. When the red framework is ready, zadekorirovat her white ribbons or any other elements.

Similarly made snow white, only the colors of the ribbons take the other, and instead of the caps fulfill the headdress.

Paint the bottle

If you have no time, use other simple ways. Crafts Santa Claus from the bottle can be made using conventional staining of the surface. Santa Claus with his hands from the bottleTo do this, perform the following:

  1. If possible, it is better to soak the label from the bottle, although this is optional. The same applies to degrease the surface.
  2. Take red paint and a sponge or wide brush. Cover the surface of the bottle. In the case of Golden champagne to the top of the label. Fits acrylic. You can buy a can of white paint and tinting (red for Santa Claus, blue for snow Maiden). You may have to do one layer, and still better primed white or a special compound. In short, try to get a smooth color surface.
  3. After drying, make the decor paste white finish of ribbons, lace, tinsel. You can even use elements of decoupage, that is ready with a napkin décor, and stencils.
  4. Completed product apply a transparent varnish to add Shine and more durability.

Santa Claus with his hands from the bottle

Plastic bottle crafts: a master class

This material normally is for everyone. Depending on the size of the bottle you can make as Christmas decorations and full decoration for the interior. plastic bottle craftsTo create such a souvenir will fit any of the above technologies.

You Can try another quick way. So you have a nice and neat Santa Claus from plastic bottles, do the following:

  1. Take the bottle, cover it with paper. It is easier to work in the future.
  2. Wrap the bottle with a cloth or red and with a lid, fix it with glue.
  3. Cotton flagella perform the finishing coat and cap.
  4. Draw on the cardboard the face and stick it on.
  5. From rectangles of fabric make hands. Decorate the bottom with cotton wool in the form of cuffs. Glue the elements to the bottle.
  6. Left to do the beard and accessories. Gift bag usually sewn, and stick are made of pencil, rod or stick, wrapped with satin ribbons. Beard are usually made of wool, but can be made even from plastic spoons.

The same technology you can make any figure or even create a narrative composition. So crafts "Santa Claus" will take a worthy place on your holiday table or under the tree.

It is With great pleasure that it's the children. If a bottle of champagne for the holiday table, you might not trust the kid, there is a plastic "waste" to give joy for creative exploration.

Now you know how the crafts Santa Claus with his own hands from scrap materials. All the options are made very simple. With this task to handle even a child, so that the preparation of decorations and gifts for home and gifts you can turn into a fun family activity.


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