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In Russia it is not so much popular worldwide manufacturers of kits for cross stitch. "Coriolis” – one of the domestic companies producing the goods for creativity, widely known abroad. The company has been on the market for over 20 years and was one of the first to produce ready-made kits thread sewing, canvas and colour scheme.

Our portfolio "Coriolis"

The Creation of original designs in the company engaged in a private art Department. The range includes sets from the “Create to itself” wool yarn Safil Italian production, premium collection with Anchor floss, cushions, bags, covers and postcards for embroidery. For knitters who prefer other techniques, delirium offers a kit with beads, ribbons, soutache, zippers, felt and related products.cross-stitch riolis

Advantages and disadvantages of kits for cross stitch "Coriolis"

Many Russian mistresses for the first time felt the charm of this kind of hobby it is a set cross stitch "Coriolis". In a series of “Create to itself” are some of the better quality kits with woolen threads.

The production of the brand has several important advantages:

  1. Striking and interesting design. The finished work looks wonderful in the interior, perfect as a gift.
  2. Low cost. Even larger sets available at a price.
  3. Samples of floss in the kits for the convenience of the masters. Some kits have a separate tablets with a small amount of thread, making it easy to find the right color.
  4. Different themes. Designs are available for beginners and experienced knitters with highest level of craftsmanship.
  5. Accessibility. Kits for cross stitch "Coriolis" it is easy to find on store shelves for art, sold everywhere.
  6. Care about the customer. Thread sets always with great reserve: enough, even if in the process, the embroiderer made mistakes.

riolis cross stitch


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The disadvantages of the products of the brand can be attributed not too convenient for uncoiling bundles of wool and tablets for them. Before operation it is desirable to allocate all the colors on a special bobbin storage floss or use the organizer. Some craftswomen have noted the looseness and softness of linen canvas in new sets “Create to itself”. The constraint scheme, especially after working with other kits for cross stitch. From "Coriolis" of the shade of yarn and color designation do not match.

Unusual stories in sets "Coriolis"

The company knows how to surprise their fans with special stories for cross stitch. Novelties "Coriolis" 2014 was a series of sets with sports themes: “the Biathlon”, “Curling.”, “Pairs”, “Hockey". They are very easy to make and suitable for even novice knitters. "Snowboarder" from this series is for experienced embroiderers.

In 2016, "Coriolis" celebrated its twentieth anniversary. In the directory there are many paintings based on the works of famous artists and stories on the traditions and picturesque places of Russia: the sights of Moscow, St. Petersburg and the Crimea, Zhostovo painting, Russian hunting, ballet.cross-stitch riolis novelty

Each set, regardless of size and complexity, designed to the smallest detail. Even the most ordinary vegetable plot designers brought to perfection, expertly picking up transitions and half-tones to the finished work looked bulky and “alive”. The scheme is so simple that the seamstress only have to enjoy the process of sewing, turning away from life's worries.

New items in the catalog, 2017

In the directory 2017 among embroidery cross from the "Coriolis" novelty was a series of miniature paintings with the inhabitants of rural farmsteads “the farm” and a few scenes with a pirate theme. Designers have not forgotten about those who like floral prints: bright bouquets, wreaths unusual attention and is able to decorate the interior in any style. Quilters who prefer pastel colors and smooth color transitions will also be able to find a set like. The list of new products is continuously expanding. The manufacturer monitors trends in the world of needlework and continually improves its own set of new, never-before-used techniques: embroidery on printed canvas and plastic canvas, embroidery embroidery, ribbons.cross-stitch riolis-new 2014

Tips for novice embroiderers

Finally a Few recommendations:

  1. Before starting, be sure to wash your hands with soap and water, not to soil the fabric and pattern.
  2. Glue the folded tile and the corners of the diagram tape. This will help prevent premature spoilage.
  3. If you want to reuse the schema from a dataset, it is better to make a copy and work with it. Thanks to the respective symbols to denote colors, no painting and will not interfere with work. The difference between the shades of thread and passing it on paper can only confuse inexperienced craftswoman.
  4. Working on the Hoop, try not to pull the embroidery, in order not to damage it.cross-stitch riolis-new 2014

Sets for cross stitch "Coriolis" suitable for beginners and experienced embroiderers. The brand directory will be a great source of inspiration and help make a good choice.

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