How to make DIY bat costume?


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All children and Teens love the holidays, especially various costume events. Don't deny your son or daughter in the fun to celebrate Halloween, after all, a themed outfit can be done in a matter of minutes without significant damage to the wallet. Don't believe? Specially for you the most simple instruction step by step how to make a bat costume with your own hands!

Basic clothing for the image

bat CostumeThe Basis of a suit is a set of black clothes. Choose plain and most simple things. Best of all, if it's a long sleeve shirt and pants/leggings. For girls you can choose a skirt. Shoes also it is better to choose dark shades, this also applies to other accessories. What are we going to do a bat costume? All you will need – a piece of black cloth, preferably with nedosypayuschie edges. If you have a broken umbrella the right color, just remove the fabric cover with the spokes and make a hole for your head – the wings are ready. However, it is very easy to sew yourself, even without being a professional seamstress.

The wings of the bat: the first option

bat Costume for HalloweenTo create a costume does not have to do the pattern. Measure the desired amount of fabric to have a “model” dilute hand in hand and measure the distance from one wrist to the other. You got "wingspan". To define the maximum length possible, dividing the obtained value by 2. Then you just have to symmetrically cut the frill edge on the wings. Ready wings need to sew a t-shirt. If you want to make a rigid frame, make two identical parts. Then sew them together by inserting bones are made of wire for rigidity.


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Bat Wings: second option

For this production of spectacular accessory better to take stretch fabric. The bat costume this pattern is sewn based on the two standards. The length of the fabric – as in the first embodiment, the distance from wrist to wrist (arms flung out to the sides at shoulder level) and the width-from the neck to the waist, plus half of the circumference of the widest part of the hand. Fold the fabric in half along the direction of length (the value decreased). In the formed area cut out neckline. A bat costume for Halloween is nearly complete. Left to defer on top of the sleeve – fold the strip equal to the poluobhvat the widest part of the hand. Then figured cut edge. At the end of the planned stitch sleeves – the wings are ready, they can try.

Something to add a bat costume?

bat Costume with your own handsBlack clothing and a makeshift wings will be enough for that surrounding know who it is you are trying to portray. But if you combine costume and interesting details, the image will be more striking. Make ears – from fabric, reinforced cardboard or wire frame. Mounted on the head of the most convenient, Nachev on a thin black wrap. Ears can be sewn also to regular lingerie elastic. How to look like bat ears? Remember the Batman movie: it's narrow enough at the base of elongated triangles. If you know well enough to sew – try to make a mask covering the face except for the eyes. A bat costume with your own hands can be done from the most unusual materials and accessories. Try to add some black fingerless gloves, if they accidentally came to hand. You can also add a plastic ‘vampire’ tusks. Complement the way your make-up. Draw expressive black eyebrows, you can try to emphasize the nose and lips. Now your costume is ready, left to pick him a bag of candy and you can go for themed parties.

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