How to knit washcloth crochet: a few options


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Even such simple, but much needed in everyday life thing, as a sponge, can change the design of the home. Especially if the object with their hands is it, mistress applied creative imagination and ability, made him with warmth and love. How to knit a washcloth hook, will tell that to knit a washcloth crochet

Wool flat

The options of how to knit a washcloth crochet, there is a great variety. Considered to be the most simple flat figures with ropes or loops for hands. They are easy to make, with the simple skill of knitting crochet. The material can be ordinary yarn for knitting, polypropylene or polyethylene thread. But you can use plain old tights. They need to be cut to spiral a continuous strip of a width of 1 cm and lightly draw – will twisted thick thread. How to knit a washcloth crocheted from yarn made from old tights? Just like regular yarn, just hook should take bigger. You can make a washcloth in the form of a lion's head using a circular knit. First, get a muzzle, which vymazat ordinary viscous (made from another soft material eyes and nose sewn after), and then tied off with a figure called "long loop" five or six rows – simulates mane. And you can tie open knit rectangle that you want to pull from one end, conceding a hole twine – get a kind of luxurious “bow”.knit washcloth crochet for beginners

The Sponge-toy

If you have a baby, it will be interesting to learn about how to knit a washcloth hook in the form of a cute soft toy. As a way you can take any option. After the manufacture of the toy should be to fill with pieces of foam or batting and then sew up the hole. If we knit washcloth crochet (for beginners specify that it is easier to make a flat sponge, and then decorate it with applique) to the tone, you can also make a bath Mat using the previously selected to start a knit washcloth

Sponge with elongated loops

But the most common pattern for making this attribute a bathroom is a crochet called "long loop". This option creates the volume and softness of the sponge. But before you start to knit a washcloth, you should train to knit elongated loop. This is done quite simply. The first row will serve as a regular chain of air loops. Then it promazyvaetsya the first row in the normal column without nakida. But when knitting the second row you need (before you enter the hook) to go around the working thread or a pencil or a case of medical thermometer, or your own finger of the left hand (assuming that the master – right-handed). It then runs a regular column. And again wrap the thread a pencil or your finger-make a loop, anchoring it to the column. When the pencil either case accumulated five or six loops, pull it out, freeing them. After a number domazan, you need to freeze the picture, provatas one or two rows without loops. If in the process of making the wizard uses several colors of yarn, he can get a striped sponge - it will look fun and cute!

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