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Hair accessories – a must-have accessory of the cold season. Today especially popular are the products made with their own hands. They are unique, attractive, keep yourself in the energy of heat, because the seamstress puts into his work soul. Tie baby hat with ears knitting, Means to create a fashionable item of clothing in which your little one will be cute and attractive. Such products can decorate further with beads, decorative buttons, or other crochet elements. In this cap you can safely carry out a photo shoot.

baby hat with ears knitting diagram

Features children's hats

Related knitting, baby hat with ears will protect your baby from the piercing wind. The child will not pull the headpiece, because it is fixed on the head of an attractive drawstring closure. For a child it is important that all products consistent with its size. This is especially true of hats. Because each kid has their own complexion, and to find a suitable option as difficult as an adult. A small cap will not cover the forehead and nape, and most can be blown, especially in the area of the ears. And this can lead to constant ear infections and colds.

If mom's a little she makes, then it is not difficult self-tie knitting baby hat with ears appropriate size. Besides, things created with their own hands, are characterized by special warmth, and that means your baby will be comfortable and warm even in severe frost.

Preparation for knitting

To create warm hats should choose a good yarn. It is desirable that it consisted of only wool. In addition, it is better to choose the one which is marked “Baby”. Often, this yarn is soft, pleasant to the body, not itchy – ideal for children.

With yarn defined, you now need to choose the correct size of spokes. This will provegam sample multiple choice knitting needles, choose any. Now let's create a sample knitting pattern that will fail the entire cap. It make the appropriate measurements. Remember that this item is mandatory, the main thing – to correctly calculate the number of loops.

Calculation loops

Measure circumference of child's head. For example, 43 see Now from this number, subtract 2-3 cm and divide by 4. Accordingly, 40/4 = 10 cm Two parts - the ears, the third – the surplus for the formation of the front cap and the rear loop, the fourth – before the caps.

baby hat with ears knitting

According to the linked sample to calculate how many loops per 1 cm In the example, the density of the knitting is 22 x 32 = 10 x 10 cm


Every mom knows what her child. This also applies to the pattern made by knitting children's hats. The circuit pattern may be different. You can knit the head pattern simple face surface, over which the product is to decorate with beads, sequins, buttons, etc. If you wish to tie the cap, for example, the pattern ‘spit", then you should start to knit it from the second row. Or after rubber.

Knit caps

See an example of knitting children's caps. You will need yarn, about 100 g, 50 g Hank. Knitting is done with needles 2,5 mm. Can be used as circular and hosiery.

Getting started with ears hats:

  • For this gain 7 of loops, and provyazat several rows, adding to the edges and 1 loop in each row.
  • When the spokes 23 will be loop knitting and want to defer. It's approximately 6.5 cm in height.
  • The Last row should be a purl.

On the same principle vivasyan 2nd ear. After CEO need to connect lug 2 between them, forming the rear part of the cap:

  • For this are finished, the front row of the 1st eyelet;
  • We print on the spokes 12 of the hinges and are finished front side of the 2nd ear.

baby hat knitting diagram

In this step to form the front of a children's hat with ears knitting. Scheme of the picture should already be prepared, because very soon she will need:

  • Now on the needles 5 loops. Now are finished another 8 rows of the cap, adding 1 loop in row. So get a beautiful transition from the lugs to the front of the product. And behind these rows will reliably protect the child's neck.
  • Now on the spokes 66 of the loops.
  • In the 9th row are finished 66 loops and dial 22. At this stage, the knitting close to round and move on to circular needles.
  • Knit canvas height 10.5 cm. This is enough for knitting children's hats knitting for baby up to 1 year.

Now start to do the decrease of the loops. For this, dialed the number of loops on the needles should be divided into 8 wedges. Diminish inthe beginning of each wedge, promazyvaya 2 loops together. For example, the cap 88 of the hinges. So, in 1 wedge – 11 loops. Obuvki are as follows:

  • 1 x subtract 1 loop in each 4-th row.
  • Once lower 1 loop in each 2-m row.

As a result of such reductions on the needles will remain 16 loops. Now every 2 loops are finished together, and the remaining 8 loops, just a well-contractible working thread. On the reverse side carefully hide the thread, fix it.

crochet children's hats knitting

Now 2 twisted cord for the drawstring. The edges of the caps you can crochet tie a column without nakida. Sew ties, pompoms, beads.


To create a chic, attractive hats for their crumbs should prepare some yarn, knitting needles and a good mood. Believe me, your baby will be comfortable and warm. If you want to connect the headdress to the severe winter cold, experts advise to make a lining of warm fleece.

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