How to starch fabric? A proven way


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Things that you use frequently and those that regularly wear tend to gradually wear out, and thus lose their original fresh look. What you need to do to "revive” or leave for a long time new, such as a linen tablecloth or a favorite cotton shirt? One proven way may be nekrahmalistye products. Treated in this way things become more solid and fresh. Therefore, I advise you to read the tips on how to starch fabric, and follow the instructions described in this article.

cloth costume

Methods and types of treatment products

If you are interested in, as starched cloth, decide first the kind of rigidity of the finished product you want. Depending on the structure, thickness and quality matter we need to determine the concentration and composition of chemical solution for treatment. At the same time is usually not carried out the processing of the following materials: suiting fabric, woolen things, thick knit.

There are several levels of hardness nekrahmalistye:

1. Soft. The diameter of lightweight fabrics: Batiste, chiffon, fine knit.

2. Average. Suitable for bed linen, napkins, blouses, men's shirts.

3. Hard. Used for collars, cuffs, and knitted decorative bulk products, e.g., napkins, vases.

Several Ways:

1. Traditional, time-tested method that uses potato starch.

2. Special chemical compounds (liquids and powders) that are added to the water when hand-washing during the last rinse or in the automatic washing machine when falling asleep detergents and rinses.


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3. All atomizers and sprays. The most convenient option of all as it does not require special preparation of the solution, fabrics and fixtures. Usually airborne processing is carried out during Ironing with an iron at a medium temperature.

starched cloth

How to starch fabric The traditional way: step by step guide

To handle things in the usual way better to use potato starch, but you can also use corn or wheat.

1. First and foremost, the product must be clean. Make sure that it does not have stains, as after nekrahmalistye all defects are especially evident.

2. Prepare solution, having dissolved starch in cold water. Observe the following proportions:

  • For delicate fabrics - 5-10 grams (1 teaspoon) in 1 litre of water;
  • Linen - 10-15 grams (1 tablespoon);
  • For collar, body wipes - 20-25 grams (2 tablespoons).

3. Then in the prepared solution pour a little hot water. After thorough mixing the paste must be homogeneous, viscous and transparent. Not allowed the presence of lumps. When receiving a turbid solution should be boiled a few minutes.

4. To the resulting paste add water in a ratio of 3:1.

5. To starch the fabric, put the cooked thing for impregnation in a solution so that she was completely immersed in it, and leave it on for 5 minutes.

6. Press the product and hang to dry. It is not recommended that stuff to dry on heating devices, batteries and balconies, as it would be difficult for them to be ironed.

7. The fabric was well smoothed, not to overdry the product, better if it is slightly to starch fabric

How to starch fabric – the old-fashioned way or modern - you decide. Most importantly, the result was pleasing to the eye with its perfection.

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