As sewn chiffon blouse, pattern blouse with his own hands


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Chiffon fabrics in the world - nature is subtle, it is very thin, delicate fabric and needs to be in work a great deal of patience and diligence. Chiffon is natural and synthetic, but regardless of origin and type of fabric to sew from it is not easy even for an experienced seamstress. How to sew a blouse from chiffon and how hard it can be to understand, to understand the rules of cutting and grinding of this material. In other words, to make it difficult, but possible.chiffon blouse pattern

The cut of the chiffon fabric

The Romantic silhouette of translucent flowing fabric will suit any fashionista, regardless of dress or chiffon blouse. Pattern for clothes from this whimsical fabric should be as simple, especially for a beginner seamstress. Here are some useful tips for cutting chiffon

  • Cutting fabric best done in one layer, as folded in two the fabric will always be drag-and-dropped and slide.
  • Pattern pieces to the fabric better not pin and use weights.
  • Allowances for seams better to put on a paper pattern to cut fabric accurately on lines. For osmeloski parts will need a sharp piece of soap or tailor's chalk, leaving a good footprint on the fabric.

Well cut the fabric straight sections – a guarantee that will make a beautiful blouse made of chiffon. The pattern of the blouse also plays an important role, but even the most interesting and original idea can fail if the tissue will be skewed.models of dresses chiffon

When cutting chiffon will greatly facilitate the work of the special substrate and a sharp knife, but they are not mandatory attributes. This fine fabric can be cut and the old-fashioned way: ordinary tailor's scissors on the big table or the floor.


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Of sewing

What you need to get a beautiful blouse made of chiffon? Pattern and a well-tuned machine with thin, sharp needle and thread. It is also important to follow the rules of working with chiffon, to avoid distorted, tight and rough seams. It is important that practice and theory and the preliminary probe lines grinding and edge processing. Just try the line and adjusting the thread tension, you can lay down a perfect seam. Many blouses and dresses made of chiffon are lined, and it's very good, because there is no problem handling the neckline and armholes (no sleeves). In this case, the slices of the chiffon and lining fabric are wrapped into the product inside out sewn. The seams were not tight, the stitch length should be 2 mm. If the product is not provided in the lining, then all the slices are processed in small zigzag or overlock. It is worth noting that role-playing overlay seam is not suitable for treatment of the neck, as it pulls strongly cloth in oblique slices. Another option for treatment of open cuts products – bias binding of the same material, but it is not always appropriate, so, choosing the finishes, to consider the transparency of chiffon and style to sew a blouse of chiffon

To Summarize:

  • Working with chiffon is very laborious and difficult, in haste a thing is beautiful it does not, whether it is a dress or blouse made of chiffon.
  • Pattern should be as simple, especially if the fabric is very transparent.
  • In the treatment of things on the lining is much easier than without it.
  • Sharp needle, the thin thread that is configured on the machine and patience – the main requirements when working with chiffon.

And most importantly, all the efforts will turn out really great result, absolutely ethereal and romantic new clothes.

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