How to construct a pattern skirts? The sun is a great fit for fashion skirt


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All of girls like fashion things. Everybody likes to dress nice and meet the standards of beauty. But fashion is so changeable that pull financial expensive new clothes can not afford. But there is a very easy solution after all to sew yourself a fashionable thing not so difficult. For example, pattern skirts the sun, descended from the catwalks of fashion designers and won the hearts of the General public, is built very easily and quickly, and tailoring is time consuming. But in the end, the light appears a trend thing for a very reasonable price.

A Description of how to construct a pattern skirts the sun and top to create dresses that will help to build a chic outfit that won't concede things from an expensive store.pattern skirts the sun

The Choice of material for the skirt

What fabric to choose, to make a beautiful skirt (flared)? The pattern suggests that the material must fall from the waist to the hem beautiful tails, and hence, the cloth should be dense enough to hold the shape. The product will fit suiting and also cotton. If you want to sew a skirt for a holiday, then you can consider the options of brocade, a tight lace, which will need an extra piece of cloth for padding. Preferably the density of these materials and the ability to hold the shape was as equal as possible. Then the product will be harmonious.

The work will also need thread in color of fabric, elastic band at least 5 cm wide or skirt with zipper and buttons to waist.

Building a pattern skirts the sun

Cutting can be performed directly on the tissue, not developing any pieces and templates. Pattern skirts the sun is on the canvas:

  • Fold the fabric in half lengthwise, and then crosswise;
  • From the corner back down a number of inches and otcherchivayut ¼ a part of the circle so that the line length is equal to ¼ measurements of the waist girth;
  • If this is a pattern skirts the sun with an elastic band, then followed the original value to take the hip that the product was easy to put on;
  • Further from the border at first in folds of cloth, and then lay all over the field length + 4 cm cut at the top and bottom;
  • If desired, piece can be cut into two banners or make one incision to suture, which was inserted zipper (for the product on the belt).

pattern dresses skater

Taking measurements for the top of the dress

The Ability to combine different patterns together will allow you to create more fashionable items. Pattern skirts (the sun and the bell) can be used for sewing a separate piece of clothing, and for combining with templates tops. For example, just gorgeous will look sundress or a dress with that hem. To build top, you will need to take your measurements with the figures. Pattern dresses skater will consist of four parts: back, front shelf and two cloth skirts.


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So first, take your measurements: bust, waist, neck, width of shoulders, back, chest height, the solution of the Darts on the chest and the length of the back and front to waist. For convenience, a waist, tie the elastic band to the last two measurements were visceralis on the same level.

Transfer the measurements to the top drawing

Dress Pattern with skirt involves cutting the bottom of the product directly on the fabric and the design drawing for pattern of the top. To the workpiece can be used several times, it is best to take for building the film. It will not break and will not crumple like paper, and are fairly easy to store. It should be noted that the pattern of the skirts the sun (flare) is much easier, but with the top for the dress will have some trouble.skirt flared pattern

The Drawing is constructed in a rectangle, the sides of which are chest girth and back length to waist:

  • First, note the chest height and carry out the corresponding horizontal;
  • After it lay half the width of the back from one side of a rectangle and ½ of the solution tucks;
  • From these points raise perpendiculars;
  • Further note ¼ neck girth from both upper corners from the labels and the width of the shoulder angle of 10 degrees;
  • On the front panel of the perpendicular lines drawn earlier, pull back 3 cm, down to the border of the solution tucks and extend the shoulder seam the same 3 cm;
  • After you mark the area of the openings of the mark width of back (1/2 of the circumference of the chest is divided into 4 + 2 cm);
  • Next is to compare the measurements of bust and waist to distribute the value in the side seams and Darts.

skirt pattern sun elastic

Modeling products

Skirt (flared), pattern discussed above, can be as elastic and fastened with a zipper and take the belt. The whole process of simulation is only in the design of the clasp on the belt. This item can be with a minimum width of 1.5 cm or, on the contrary, a wide and to play the role of a decorative element. And that, in either case, cut the belt in the form of a flat strip with the bend. In order to be able to sew, the skirt should be at least one seam. It will need to be close to the hip line, and then insert or skirt and a hidden zip. The belt can also be fastened to the same zip, or have to overlap and button up the buttons, hooks or buttons.

Decorative products

As can be embellished skirt? Pattern, a photo of which is presented in the paper, designed exclusively for cutting, but it is possible to identify the location of decorative items. For this pattern you will need to draw and cut oilcloth or paper, and after applying the cut on the canvas, move the label to the fabric to position the elements uniformly across the field.skirt pattern photo It can be sew-on stones or rhinestones in a checkerboard pattern at the bottom of the garment, interwoven ribbon embroidery. Or lace sewn coupons in combination with beads. Also emphasis can be made on decorative wide belt. It can be embroider with stones, or to duplicate the lace, or simply to use to clasp the beautiful buttons. Original will look wide waistband with 5 or 7 buttons-"fungi", which will be fastened to is not just in the broken loop, and mounted.


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