Pattern tie their hands: a rubber band and aristocratic butterfly-samosas


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The Necktie has long ceased to be solely the subject of the male wardrobe. Love to wear ladies. Sometimes for a particular image the girl desired tie specific shapes and colors, and you can buy it anywhere. This article presents patterns accessories of various types: long, elastic and butterfly-samosas.

The old tie in the world

The Word "tie" has come to us from the German language: halstuch literally translates as "scarf". The last was really a type accessory.

The old ties found in China. In 70-e years it became a sensation. Chinese peasants who were digging a well, found an amazing burial — the tomb of Emperor Qin Shi di, who reigned about 220–years BC, According to tradition, the ruler of China was buried with his army. Qin Shi di did not want to ruin loyal subjects, and ordered to make copies of the warriors and their horses. In the tomb on the necks of the models discovered the first kind of ties.

Tie elastic

And if it is difficult — the pattern of the tie is on elastic band? Let's face it.

  • Draw the pattern as shown in photo. Fold on the line “fold”.

pattern tie

  • Cut out the template. Then turn and note the location where it will be lining.

tie their hands pattern

  • At the end of the manipulation pattern (necktie) should look like this.

how to sew a bow tie DIY pattern

  • Lay pre-ironed fabric. A tie cut on the bias.

pattern bow tie on elastic

  • Take a piece of fabric and tape it with iron. This is necessary in order for the accessory to keep the form. The area will poderem and prostrochite.

pattern bow tie on elastic

  • Fold the tie at the fold line and stachem.

pattern bow tie on elastic

  • Billet need to turn out and press.
  • Measure the width of the upper part of the tie. If necessary, trim it with scissors.
  • To cut out the knot: we need a strip equal to twice the width of the upper part of the accessory, plus a little seam allowance.
  • Item needs to be strengthened with interlining.
  • Fold it twice and sew.

pattern bow tie on elastic


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  • Remove and ironed so that the seam was in the center.
  • Smoothes back and cut the unnecessary.
  • Spread the node-line and sewn elastic band.

pattern bow tie on elastic

pattern bow tie on elastic

  • Slips the tip of a tie in a knot and straightens beautifully.

pattern bow tie on elastic

As you can see, the pattern of the tie is on elastic band is very simple. In order to create the accessory, you will need the basic skills of a seamstress, fabric and a sewing machine.

Do Not forget that this tie can only be worn in an informal setting. Accessory is considered as alternative to classical form that you want to tie. Tie an elastic band will fit boys, women and men in the composition of a stage costume. For ceremonial events, as well as in the business world decided to wear a classic model.

Now for the tie-the butterfly. Sew the model in the form of a bow is not difficult, even for Schoolgirls. This does not require the pattern of the tie.

pattern bow tie on elastic

Will Focus on more complex form-the butterfly-simulate.

Types of butterflies-samovyazy

There are several varieties of such accessories:

  • Butterfly — a classic of the genre.
  • Large Butterfly — this gorgeous festive option. The classic tie is slightly wider in width, but repeats its shape.
  • Modified Batterfly — a modified form of the first embodiment. The waist of this butterfly is slightly narrower than the classic accessory. As you know, it was worn by Winston Churchill.
  • Batwing — butterfly shape, which differs from the Butterfly the lack of the ‘waist’. In unleashed, it resembles a bat.
  • Batwing — Diamond Point — a mixture of classical forms. Size, like the Batwing, and the waist as the Butterfly.

Tie their hands: the pattern

In this master-class you will learn how to create accessory classic shapes.

The Tools you need to prepare for work:

  • Pattern;
  • Scissors
  • Chalk;
  • Chop-a-stick/pencil/knitting needle;
  • Sewing machine.


  • Interlining;
  • Cloth;
  • Wizard.

Let's step by step look at how to sew tie their hands:

  • Pattern for each human individual is built. Remove the necessary measurements and build the pattern according to the pattern. Cut it and prosperite to the fabric from the inside.

pattern bow tie on elastic

  • Trace around the contour, making the seam allowance (7 mm). Cut out detail.
  • Place the workpiece on the fabric and pin studs. Cut allowances along with three more such details. There will be four.
  • Made Of nonwoven fabric also to cut out the four parts.
  • Glue the workpiece to the non-woven fabric using an iron.
  • Sew the parts, fold them face to face, leaving a small hole for turning. Before remove the blank, cut away all excess fabric and the corners. You can also make a few cuts in the bend point.
  • Turn the tie–a butterfly with a long subject. Close the hole hidden seam.
  • On the ends of the butterfly you can sew or glue Velcro.

How to tie a classic bow tie

Earlier, we discussed how to construct the pattern of a tie-butterflies (sambaza). Having made such an accessory, you need to know how to tie. A phased scheme you can see below.

pattern bow tie on elastic

This information will be useful to both men and women. Mothers of adolescent girls urgent advice: teach your daughters to deal with such accessories — the princes are not butterflies on the elastic band!


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