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Recently, many advanced parents to the products of Chinese brands attitude was biased. But entrepreneurs from China have always been able to feel good tendencies, and therefore it is not surprising that, today, they surely come on the heels of their European and American competitors.

Goods from China every day conquer more parental hearts, attracting buyers not only relatively low price, but excellent quality. Considerable attention was paid to the design.

gugas yoya plus reviews

As an example we can mention the novelty of the current year, which will be discussed in our article. Let us consider the Yoya Plus reviews, which help to ensure that it really deserves attention.

A Stylish new product from China

The First stroller of this brand was, if not fakes, then certainly replicas of famous French model BabyZen YoYo. Even the title was guessed some hints.

But it is worth noting that the new model “Plus” definitely has style. She does not look like a copy or a clone. Her features are recognizable, the design is very attractive, and some stylish solutions like the production lines of “Mickey” and “Minnie” lead many parents to delight and gather rave reviews.

yoya plus reviews

Baby Yoya Plus compact, but the bed can be called one of the most spacious in the class. Her easy maneuverable wheels, and a choice of optional accessories provides opportunities for each parent. Just select the directory that you think is most comfortable, and in no doubt! Accessories from the same plant to fit the stroller perfectly.


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In the current directory for the current year, you can find several solutions to the design Yoya Plus. Reviews claim that you can find a design for every taste. The manufacturer offers to choose not only the shade of the textile, but also the color of the frame. What do you prefer, black or white?

As for the covers, here everyone will find something to their liking. Someone more like non-staining neutral shades: black, gray, beige. Some take the traditional approach and choose pink or red for my daughter either blue, cyan or turquoise for my son. In addition to the above “Minnie” and “Mickey”, there is another unusual variant of textiles – with the stars.

The advantages of the model

But appearances, of course, is not important. What is often parents write in reviews about Yoya Plus?

The Main feature is the mechanism of Assembly. It is easy to do, even holding the baby in one hand. Pull the lever and the stroller fully decompose. To collect it just as easy with one hand.

The Bumper can be removed completely. It is detachable, which facilitates the access to the child.

The hood there is a window. Besides cap is vented. Many mothers have noted this feature in their reviews about the model.

The Backrest can be spread out almost horizontally (up to 175 degrees). Berth length 80 cm (there is a retractable extension cord). The seat is spacious, its width 38 cm

The Wheels are small but have good shock absorbers. Another great option about which often mention young fathers (they know a lot about wheels!) connected with the brake. It is small but locks both rear wheels which is very convenient. The front wheels can be easily locked in position “just right”.

The Basket is roomy. It is not surprising that this point has caused so many positive reactions of young mothers.

And folded stroller takes up very little space, making it a great choice for travel.

baby yoya plus reviews

Optional accessories

Reviews about Yoya Plus they say that the package is so good. With the stroller, the buyer will get a convenient storage pouch, drink holder, snap hook for bags.

In addition to the purchase organizer, changing Mat (colors, too a lot), extended hood, rain cover, a Cape on the legs.


The price of this model is relatively small. If you want to save and also get a quality certified product, it makes sense to book transportation from the Russian representative, which is a large network of Gugas.

Reviews of Yoya Plus, many parents made positive comments about this vendor. What the buyer receives? Official warranty, quick delivery, timely response to any question both before the sale and after. Currently, this seller provides a model for the “Plus” 10 900 rubles. Often trading network promotions, sweepstakes, offers products with a discount, gives gifts to buyers.

This company not simply sells products Chinese brand. Specialists closely cooperate, developing exclusive new items specifically for the Russian market. For example, in this store you can buy a model “Plus” with a reliable water-repellent.

gugas yoya plus photo

Why you should buy a stroller Yoya Plus Gugas? Photo of a huge exhibition halls, the certificates for all goods, a huge number of good reviews-all this helps to ensure the reliability of the seller. Many parents recommend booking a model spokesperson. Muscovites have an opportunity to visit a large warehouse at the address: Proezd Serebryakova, 14.

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