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Jaco Parrots the most interesting of the larger species of parrots. The birthplace of these gray birds is Africa where they live in tropical forests, flocks, mainly in the Western part of the country. parrots JacoLive and nest in trees. They feed on berries, local fruits and grains that are looking for in the fields.

Jaco Parrots in nature

Jacko has a fairly long body – up to 40 cm and weighs up to 600 grams. Therefore, the desired volume, 50 cm tall and 40 cm wide cage. If you think that the parrot is peaceful and quiet to sit yourself in a cage, you are mistaken. Grey Jacko – gregarious birds, they need daily attention. That is, in order to ensure that your dog has grown docile, affectionate, you must give him the will (within apartment) and active communication. Flying around the apartment, Jaco parrots will learn to talk and imitate adults. By contrast, birds raised in a cage, often don't want to talk, restless and irritable. Therefore, it is necessary from the first days of the settlement of Jaco in the apartment, to look for ways to reach out to him, to overcome the fear of a parrot.

Care and maintenance of the grey parrots

Setting the cell in the apartment, you need to consider and choose well-lighted place. Also the bird prefers high place, so its housing should be at a height from the floor to above the chest of the host. The bird should not miss, so the crate should be an abundance of toys, twigs. parrots Jaco priceTame your bird slowly, clearly and quietly talking.

The Parrot Jaco-the most intelligent birds of the genus of parrots. They are able to imitate the sounds of telephone, TV, alarm clock. Listening to the conversation of the owners, can insert suitable words and whole phrases. They repeat the sounds of other birds and Pets. Parrots do not tolerate violence to tame and train them with understanding and love. And only when the bird know that man is not for her no danger, she fully trust her master.


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How much parrot of zhako?

Buy Jaco better Chicks, because adults are bad you get used to the change of scenery and can become despondent and even aggression, missing to the former owners and place of residence. This often happens when the host for long periods of time away from home, for example on a business trip. From boredom adult parrot can die.

African parrots Jaco, pricehow much does a parrot of zhako which is in the range of 500 – $ 1,600, no doubt, expensive. Not everyone can spend that kind of money for a bird. But when you consider that Jaco live up to 80-100 years with proper care, are quite intelligent and capable, wealthy fans are even ready to shell out much more, buying this beauty.

If you've never had a parrot and have no experience in keeping birds, you better do not risk buying a grey parrot. Because parrots Jaco – very perceptive birds, they do not forgive mistakes of their owners, and if you lose the trust of your pet, to win it again is quite difficult. Therefore, the owners of intellectual need infinite patience, will power, perseverance and, of course, you love your pet. When you will understand that it is Jacko you need as a beloved pet, and you will incur all the responsibility, then you will not spook, how much is a parrot, Jacquot.

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