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Many Housewives like canning: someone nice to show off in front of the guests by his culinary talent, others want to provide the household with delicious jams and pickles from natural products without the industrial taste enhancers and flavors, but just one – no conservation is not possible without a special machine. They are different, but we will consider them and determine which sealing machines for cans worthy of the “register” in the kitchen, and what is not worth buying.

Sealing machines for cans

The Automated approach.

These sealing machines for cans the simplest, cope with them, even the one who never rolled. Only need to wear it over the lid and lower it special leverage, this procedure should be done several times, turning the key around the axis. Simplicity provide an internal spring that pushes the sides of the lid to the can throat. Only half a minute - and the Bank is ready. Pay attention to the material of the follower. The plastic element will be disabled after 10 cans, but with dural sealing machines for cans (reviews mistresses unanimously confirm this) will be almost eternal. Even better will serve a core made of polycarbonate.

I twist-I twirl, not want to deceive you

The people such sealing machines for cans are called “snail”. The surface of the key is covered with a spiral trough, which moves the probe. Rotating the handle, the owner with each new spiral more and more tightly presses the edge of the tin lid. When he reached the little round, you must crank the handle in the opposite direction, returning the probe to the starting position.

The Machine, but not quite.

These units represent a mix of the previous two options and are semi-automatic. To operate them easier, just turn the handle of the key 6-8 times before the appearance of the typical clicking sound, however, these sealing machines for cans require power, as during clogging the roof should be tightly pressed to the throat of banks.


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Pressure, without passing the

Two-roller machine is a box with a special mechanism for clamping. It is placed on the tabletop, bringing to the terminals of the Bank were fixed in the nest, three times turning screw. Thereafter, the Bank applied directly to the seaming Chuck. Now begins the process itself. Thanks to careful and frequent movements of the edge of the cover tightly buckle at throat circumference of the jar. To the mark she brought a sliding rotational movements.

seaming machine for cans reviews

How to choose and care

Please note that all the items were of the correct form, without dents and other defects. Try several times to make movements, to be performed when dealing with banks, when it doesn't jam or wedge. Convenient to take along while going for a new machine, a half-liter jar and a few covers, it allows you to test it in action, on the spot. Individual advantage would be a lubricant, such machines will be easy and require little effort. The handle – it should not be slippery or uncomfortable feel in the hand. Color is also important, black most manufacturers try to disguise the plastic, resulting from the processing of recyclable materials. Rubberized options are much better, they do not slip during operation and more durable.

how to use seaming machine

After each session of usage the machine should be washed and dried thoroughly, and at the end of the season it is advisable to disassemble the mechanism and lubricate all the parts. Now that you know how to use a seaming machine, and how to properly buy, it's time to go to the store.

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