What is the body temperature of cats is the norm?


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Have a body Temperature of cats, though higher than man, but still has its limits. Any deviations from the norm should cause the owners anxiety and excitement. Many people try to find out what the body temperature of cats on their nose, but it's wrong. Final and accurate verdict about the health of your pet can be taken only on a thermometer.

The Normal temperature of cats

If the owner had doubts about the state of his pet, use a thermometer. The first indicator of the disease must always be the body temperature of a cat. The norm is from 38 to 39 degrees. It is not necessary to resort to such national signs, like a wet nose or sleepy behavior. Not always these signs show the disease of the pet.

Elevated or reduced rates of thermometer depends on many factors. In this case have the value and age of pet, gender, and time of year. Like any other animals, normal body temperature in cats depends on passing in their body processes. In the dream, they significantly reduced the performance, so as to maintain this status requires a minimum of energy.have a body temperature of catsWhile eating a cat's body temperature rises to 38.5 C, however, remains normal. The limit at 39 degrees are achieved only in the active state, when the pet is a lot of jumping and running. It should be noted immediately that the kittens are normal indicators much higher than in adults of a species. This is due to a mobile lifestyle. To ensure active kittens spent several times more energy, because their organ systems have not matured.

To Measure the temperature of the pet is recommended in the afternoon, some time after sleep. The fact that in the evening, the figures may slightly rise, and in the morning - on the contrary.

How to measure?

Before you can determine what the body temperature in cats, it is necessary to know some nuances. Measurements are performed only mercury thermometer, although some doctors, veterinarians are allowed to use the electronic equivalent. The difference is that the first shows more exactly, and the second much faster, but with errors.

To measure the injected rectal thermometer. Pet this unexpected initiative of the owners are unlikely to appeal, so it is recommended to carry out the procedure with an assistant who would hold the animal in a horizontal position. For easy fixing of the legs fit tight to the sheet or towel. what is the body temperature of catsYou should Also hold the cat's head, since she can start to bite. In addition, this action will calm the pet, he will feel the heat from an acquaintance to him. The most effective way to fix the animal firmly take him by the scruff and lightly pressed against a horizontal surface (floor, bed).

Before entering the thermometer is necessary to lubricate with vaseline (any oil is prohibited). The result you can watch in 3 minutes. If the figures in the range of 38-39 degrees, it is possible to calm down and leave the animal alone. Otherwise, you need to look for the cause of the disease. If the temperature is too raised or lowered, it is necessary to consult the vet.

In Addition to the rectal method, there is another method of measurement, the ear thermometer on an infrared basis. This thermometer is ideal for determining the state of cats at home. It has no contraindications and does not cause negative emotions in your pet. Its rate in degrees - of 37.8 to 39.5. The only disadvantage of this measure is that during inflammation of the ear thermometer can display is a few degrees higher than it really is.


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Hyperthermia in cats

Increased body temperature in cats can be due to several reasons. First, you should pay attention to the presence of infectious diseases for the pet. Also on the increase in rates affect the worms. If the kittens have intestinal parasites, the temperature can reach 41 degrees. However, the main cause of hyperthermia is a bacterial imbalance in the body. the body temperature of a cat NormaIf the temperature readings are significantly above normal, we urgently need to bring down at least to 39.0. As a result of hyperthermia in cats is the breakdown of protein compounds, as a result you may experience problems with the heart and other internal organs. The first signs of lack of vital substances is hair loss and flaking skin. Also, at elevated temperatures, the animal increase breathing and pulse. In severe and long-term course of hyperthermia appears dehydrated.

For reducing the temperature you can use the ice by applying it to the places where there is no hair. It is important that the pet drank a lot and was not near heaters. Kittens who have pronounced weakness and lack of appetite, you should pour water with a syringe. Any drugs are appointed only by a veterinarian.

Symptoms and causes of hyperthermia

The Main signs that the body temperature in cats is increased, is the change in their behavior and condition. Such symptoms include weakness, constant tremors, poor appetite. Have Pets with hyperthermia within 2 days comes, severe dehydration, frequentbreathing and heartbeat. In rare cases, the animal has been in a state of shock or fright.the normal body temperature of catsThe Reasons for the increase in temperature can be infections, viruses and parasites. Most often it is because of extraneous microorganisms Pets are experiencing acute discomfort and hyperthermia. Also fever can be a consequence of disturbed metabolism, failure in the endocrine system or the presence of a tumor. Before establishing the cause of occurrence of hyperthermia to exclude options with the reaction of the animal medicines and feeding.

Hypothermia in cats

Along with the higher rates in cats are often observed and reduced. This body temperature in cats can be caused by hypothermia or kidney pathology. Sometimes causes of hypothermia are complicated operations, which applied the anesthesia.

At low temperature the animals become depressed, lethargic and looking for a secluded place warmer, for example, near the battery. Kittens are a sign of illness can serve tousled hair, visible trembling, and pale color of mucous membranes. the fever catsIn the home to help the pet can be warming. However, the process should not last too long. If the warming did not produce results should consult a specialist.

Temperature in cats before birth

During pregnancy in animals is rarely observed variations in temperature. However, a few days before the onset of childbirth changes are inevitable. First, it concerns the behavior of the cat when she begins to arrange his seat, pushing him soft toys, paper and even food. To worry in this case, the animal is not worth it. The main thing is to be aware of what is the current body temperature of the cat. The norm for a couple of days before the birth is 37 degrees.
the temperature in cats and kittensAt this time, the mammary glands of cats are swell, and her gait begins to resemble a bear. Behaviour may change suddenly from undue concern to gentle murricane. A few days before birth, the animal may refuse to eat, but not to worry. The most important thing to master in this period of time to monitor the condition of the pet. The normal body temperature in cats one day prior to calving can vary from of 36.8 to 37.7 degrees. The next day after the delivery should not go beyond a 37.5-39.2 C.

Temperature in kittens

The Indices of the smallest members of the species are often greater than normal adults. The fact that kittens are very active, in spite of his minor age and undeveloped body. That is why the temperature in cats and kittens can vary to a degree. If the first rule are the indicators to 39.0, the second to 40.5.

Immunocompromised kittens temperature does not exceed the at 38.0 degrees. On the other hand, too high values can be even more harmful and lead to death.

The temperature of the Sphinx

Representatives of this breed differ from others not only in appearance but also internal parameters of the organism. For example, body temperature in cats-sphinxes can be between 38.5 and 39.5. The situation is similar with newborn. Their performance should not be more than 40 degrees. Generally in kittens of this breed norm does not differ from the temperature of adults of sphinxes.body temperature in cats SphynxSome owners experience the constant anxiety, thinking that their pet hyperthermia, as it's too hot. This view is mistaken, as the heat Sphynx directly transmitted to humans with a touch. Ordinary rocks to heat transfer prevents the wool.


To Determine the temperature deviation from the norm in cats easily. It is enough to measure her ordinary thermometer.

If there is increased body temperature in cats, to identify the causes of advised to do biochemical analysis of blood of the pet test to determine diseases in the immune system and urine analysis.

In complex cases the vets sent pet to x-ray or ultrasound of the internal organs.

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