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The Blue color in this year's trend. Therefore, you can safely go to the store and update your wardrobe with clothing bold shades. As far as accessories, is indispensable in the new season will be a blue bag. What to wear, photos and win-win combination with clothes of different shades represented in our article. Let us examine each issue in more detail.

A Stylish accessory in the wardrobe

Despite the fact that the blue color is traditional for accessories (black or white), a bag of this shade allows you to implement a lot of design fantasies. Today in fashion bags of all shapes and sizes, from small bag to large bag. And each is able to take its rightful place on the shelf of your wardrobe.blue bag what to wear with photo

At first glance it may seem that blue in General is not combined with any other color but similar. But to combine and to pick up the tone of anything need not necessarily buy shoes or boots in the same shade. This deep color can be a stylish accent for summer or fall ensemble; most important to know what to wear with blue bag to stay fashionable. But if you already have this accessory, then no one would dare to doubt that you are in the trend.

The Harmonious combination of colors

Despite the belief of the designers that blue bag is absolutely suitable for any clothing and not need to waste time on meaningless combinations of shades, the General principles of etiquette has not been canceled. For example, blue bag, matched to a red dress will look tacky, even if it is made of very expensive leather. So the question arises: what to wear with dark blue bag and what shades to combine?what to wear with blue bag


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The Shades in the wardrobe which blue bag will go well:

  • White and black - a classic win-win combination;
  • Pastel shades - beige, cream, ivory.
  • Gray and brown;
  • Purple;
  • With other shades in the presence of at least one part of the blue color in the ensemble.

This means that blue can be combined with red, but only if on clothes there is at least one element of the same hue. It can be applique, thin blue belt at the waist, flowers on the summer dress, etc.

What to wear With blue bag? Study closet

With hints defined, you can now go to the main directly to the elements of the wardrobe. So, what to wear with blue bag,

  1. With jeans. Blue bag with jeans is a classic ensemble for the "casual" style. But top should choose black or pastel shades, because the shades of blue in the image and it will be more than enough.
  2. With black pants. In the preparation of the ensemble is better and the top to pick the same color as the bottom. Perfect black bodycon turtleneck or blouse. Goes well with narrow pants top pastel colors and a classic grey coat. The quality of the Shoe will look harmoniously black pumps heels. And that shade of blue handbags for you can pick up any (from aquamarine to Indigo).
  3. With a white dress. The blue bag will be a bright accent in this summer ensemble. But in order not to look tacky, add a few accessories blue color still have. Perfect thin strap for the waist, beads or a bracelet with precious or semi-precious stones.
  4. Floral print. No matter what it will be: pants, the floor-length skirt or a short summer dress. If the figure of clothing to meet any shade of blue, green and orange, you can safely pick him a blue bag.
  5. With shoes blue. It may be summer sandals, or high boots for a warm autumn and any other footwear, the tone of which blends with the shade of her purse.

the blue bag with flowers what to wear

Blue bag with flowers - what to wear?

Blue bag with floral motifs will be ideal for a bold summer look. But this accessory should also be able to wear.

For an everyday look or casual style “country” fit denim bag with floral print. It will look good with the usual shorts, pants, skirts and light sundresses. Importantly, they did not have the ruffles and flounces.what to wear with dark blue bag

Another question, what to wear with blue bag made of leather. This accessory is more suitable to classical style. For example, a classic skinny black pants combined with a loose blouse in pastel colors and bag blue colors will look both elegant and stylish.

Selecting material

As for the material for the blue bags, but this year the trend again skin. Despite the fact that other materials will be no less in demand bag made of genuine matte leather will overshadow all others and will benefit to stand out against competitors. And for those fashionistas who can afford to buy an expensive accessory, look to the stylish handbag of reptile leather.

This year popular with designers uses the velvet and suede. These soft and pleasant to the touch materials adorned with fringe, appliques and crystals and metal. But about "eternal" denim also should not be forgotten. It still is a favorite of the younggeneration.

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