Pregnancy tests: when to use, the accuracy of the result


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The Issues related to conceiving a child, worried about a lot of girls. Someone is trying to capture the "right day" to soon to become a mother, others are afraid of replenishment in the family. In any case, there are situations in which conception, delete will not work. To check the result of unprotected intercourse, used pregnancy tests. What are they? How accurate is this study? And how to use the appropriate "testers"? Answers to all this and more will be found below.

Tablet pregnancy test

Types of test for pregnancy

First, find out how in today's world a woman can learn about my "interesting" position. It is not so difficult.

Pregnancy Tests are different. For example, they are divided into:

  • Blood testing;
  • Urine;
  • Ultrasound;
  • Gynecological examination;
  • The Express test.

In a global sense "testers" can be divided into:

  • Home methods validation;
  • Tests in the medical institutions.

Stop on the Express-tests. This is the most common variant encountered in practice. What you need to know about using the tests to check out the conception?

What are

Turning to the pharmacy for a pregnancy test, the girl may encounter certain problems. For example, selecting the type "tester".

instructions for use

The Thing is that to date, the rapid tests very much. They include:

  • Cassette (tablet);
  • Jet;
  • Test strips;
  • Electronic.

Where better to stay? The answer is not as easy as it seems. Because each type of test has its pros and cons. Often women buy or expensive and precise "testers", or is inexpensive products to check on the success of conception. Next, we consider the features of all the above components.

Test strip

The First and most common type of home-check pregnancy test strip. It is inexpensive and available to all products.

Presented product is a small rectangular a pregnancy test. They have a special mark. The girl required just dip the test strip in a Cup with fresh urine to the specified line. After this is to wait 5-10 seconds and put the test on a dry horizontal surface. The result will appear in 10 minutes. Two strips - pregnancy is. One conception.

This is a test of pregnancy of the previous generation. Today, you can find test strips with high sensitivity (25 mUI), but such products have a number of disadvantages.


  • It is not always convenient to collect the urine;
  • Collection of biological material should be performed using sterile instruments, otherwise error;
  • If overexposed or nethergate test, it is not excluded false result;
  • Paper-based tests can not always withstand the concentration of HCG ("pregnancy hormone").


Pregnancy Tests in the early stages of the "interesting" position help a woman find out quickly that it will soon be a mom. In pharmacies you can find tablet Express strips.

Different pregnancy tests

This is a more expensive and accurate method of determining "interesting" position. Sensitivity and quality "tablet" are the same as with paper strips. However, should this test 5 times (sometimes more) above.

The Use of "tablets" is very convenient - in the box to the fixture put the pipette and container for urine collection. It is enough to dial a pipette biomaterial and drop them in a special section on the test. After a couple of minutes you will see the result (two lines or "+" - you are pregnant).

These "testers" are the second generation of tests to check for pregnancy. They are often used in hospitals medical institutions.

Test Jet

On what day the test will show a pregnancy? The answer depends on what kinds of goods for inspection, was bought by the girl.

Popular inkjet and rapid tests. During urination she should place one end of the fixture under a stream of urine and hold it in this position for 2-5 seconds. Further, as in all these cases, it is recommended to put the receiver on a flat surface. A few minutes and the woman will see one or two bands.

These pregnancy tests even more expensive tablet. It is possible to find the jet "arrangements" cost about 250-350 rubles.

The Benefits of such tests onpregnancy are the following factors:

  • No need for urine collection;
  • Use is allowed at any time of the day;
  • Is highly sensitive;
  • Convenient to use.

Nevertheless, even jet tests are sometimes wrong. From it nobody is insured. Therefore, it is important to know when to do a pregnancy test. A little later we will deal with this issue.


Electronic device

The Most expensive and modern method of testing for pregnancy at home is an electronic device. This is a test, equipped with a special indicator. It appears "You are pregnant" or "You're not pregnant." Similar products worth at least 500 rubles (depending on manufacturer).

The sensitivity of the test is 10 Miu/ml. This is the most precise device. They can define "interesting" situation earlier than other rapid tests.

Using tools is to collect urine and to placing the biomaterial on the host side of the device. The result, as a rule, appears immediately.

When to get tested?

Can a pregnancy test be wrong? Yes! If you carefully study the information in the boxes with the rapid tests, you can see that the accuracy of the result of the test is 95-98 %.

It is Important to remember that the problems with the definition of "interesting" situation often arises when the girl is either not in compliance with the recommendations on the use of the studied devices, or if the test is done too early. This is due to the low levels of HCG. It held all the pregnancy tests.

Doctors recommend not to rush with the test of the success of conception. The level of HCG starts to increase slightly in the first month of "interesting" position, and then it grows faster. Therefore it is better to postpone the test on the first day of delay of the critical days. It is this feature of the organism must push on the idea of pregnancy.

Time of day plays a role

That is "interesting" position will be displayed on the Express strips in a month after conception. This is the General case. There are exceptions.

Pregnancy is

We will talk About them later. Pregnancy test do 2 weeks after ovulation. As highlighted earlier, the first day of delayed menstruation. All the described manipulations have to be performed in the morning.

This is Due to the fact that the morning urine the level of HCG is higher than in the rest of the time. Or she may not go to the toilet at least 8 hours. This option is bad for health, so better not to risk it.


On what day the test shows pregnancy? Ideally, at 15-16 days after conception. This is just a delay monthly cycle. We are talking about the tests with a sensitivity of 25 Miu/ml.

But, there is electronic "testers". They can be done in a week after conception. Moreover, such products removes the time limit of the audit. If she bought an electronic test, it can do it in the morning and afternoon, and evening. The main thing is to use the device.

About two lines

We found when doing a pregnancy test. It's a pretty simple question, but you have to follow some rules.

About the result after testing not excluded. For example, girls often see " = " and pregnancy is not. This happens when:

  • The girl has a dysfunctional ovarian disease;
  • In the body there is a tumor that produces HCG.

Fortunately, such a scenario is not as common. The majority of women sees a false-negative result. What this causes?

urinalysis and pregnancy

Pregnancy is, and the test does not show

A Negative test during pregnancy is not so rare scenario. It turns out, if:

  • The test is carried out too early;
  • Violated the rules of use test;
  • Eating plenty of fluids;
  • She enjoys with the test with expired.

That's all. In any case, a pregnancy test is not a universal validation method. If you want to accurately determine the success of conception, have to visit the gynecologist and to go to the ultrasound office.

If the result

How to behave after the girl saw on the pregnancy test 2 cherished stripes?

We'll Have to exclude the possibility of ectopic pregnancy. Unfortunately, to do it at home impossible. A quick check at home just indicates a successful conception. Uterine pregnancy it or not, I can only say gynecologist.

That is, after the issuance of result "=" need appointment with the doctor. After the inspection the woman say not only about the "interesting situation", but also determine the period for which there is an expectant mother.

It is Important to note that modern electronic "testers" sometimes give not only the result of the check, but the term "interesting" position. This product is very expensive.

Weak bands

Pregnancy Test do 2 weeks after estimated ovulation. In some cases, the "testers" show the second strip, but very weak, barely visible.

This situation can be considered positive. That isthe pregnancy is. However, girls are encouraged to re-test in a few days. Then we will be able to find out whether the woman will soon become a mother.


We found can pregnancy test be wrong. In addition, it is now clear how this is an accurate way of obtaining information about the "interesting" position girls.

pregnancy Test

What to choose? The answer depends on how much money you are willing to spend a girl, and when she plans to review. Most often in the pharmacy buy test strips and inkjet devices. Using them is very easy. The main thing - to look at the sensitivity of the test before buying. This will depend on how many test will show pregnancy.

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