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Dalmatians fascinates at first sight. If you meet on the street of this amazing dog with an unusual color, immediately face a smile and lifted the mood. Of course, all seen the popular disney cartoon with the participation of the spotted Pets that left in the memory of the dedication and kindness of these dogs. However, not all know how real life behaves Dalmatians. Description of the breed, character and much more, we will consider in this article.Dalmatian dog description of breed

History of the breed

So far scientists are unable to pinpoint the origin of Dalmatians. However, almost all researchers believe that this is a very ancient breed of dog that existed before our era. There are several versions of the origins of these amazing dogs. The most popular is the version from which it follows that the Dalmatians appeared on the Balkan Peninsula, in Dalmatia, where got its name. However, some believe that there is this breed in India, and in Dalmatia was already a little late. But especially Dalmatians became popular only in the 18th century, in England, which is why many scientists consider this country a second homeland of the spotted dogs. Here these dogs immediately earned the recognition of dignitaries, and began to put them in the support carriages of the elite of Britain. Also they have become excellent hunters and helpers.

Dalmatians: the breed description

The Dalmatian belongs to the group of large dogs. He looks graceful, elegant well muscled. In nature there are two color Dalmatian: white with black spots and white with dark brown spots. Be sure to have representatives from the black markings were dark brown eyes and a black nose, and in dogs with brown spots-for order lighter eyes and dark brown nose. Surprisingly, Dalmatians, description of the breed which is very unusual, is born snow-white without any markings, and the spots appear over time. And yet, if an adult representative of the breed to watch in the mouth, it is also possible to see spots.Dalmatian dog breed profile photo


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The Coat of spotted dogs a very thick, short, with a noticeable shimmer. The height of the Dalmatian reaches: 55-60 cm – boy, 49-58 cm – girl. Weight same they are not much different, it varies between 23 and 27 kg, respectively, males weigh a little more. The spotted dog has a long head with rounded ears of medium size. The tail is not curled and nearly reaches the hock.

Character Dalmatians

Dogs of this breed are friendly, very active, intelligent and sociable. Dalmatians will be a good companion for his master. He is very energetic and does not like to be bored, so he constantly need to give sufficient amount of time. If you are not willing to play with him, run and constantly to give him attention, then think before you buy such a pet. The representatives of this breed are very devoted to their owner and are always ready to follow him, while strangers are with caution. However, they also tend to be independent and sometimes you can make a decision. But still the owner for them – is the meaning of life, they seem designed to make him happy.Dalmatian dog description of breed character

These wonderful creatures capable of feeling sad, they are very experienced when breaking up with his master. Also they are much offended when they're yelled at or being punished for something, but probably not on the master, and myself for being that upset him. Dalmatians, description of the breed, character and history which we have already considered, like everything new, they get bored of the same type of life, so keep this in mind when purchasing such a friend.

Smart spotty dogs

They are easily trainable, learning a lot in daily life than willing to use. Dalmatians have a very good memory, they can remember not only the team, but even some of the events. Spotted dogs can even work in the circus and perform various amazing tricks. Agree, not every dog is capable of.

Most of their experience Dalmatians accumulates from his master. These dogs are able to find “common language” with people who have the most different character. They grasp everything on the fly and quickly become accustomed to the habits of the person. As noted above, Dalmatians – relatively docile dog, but if you are not going to play with it and come up with something new, he can get bored, which will cease to obey you and become a restless dog.

Dalmatian dog breed profile reviews

Caring for a Dalmatian

Spotted Pets are very clean, they never get in the mud or in a puddle, so bathe your pet, you will have only 2-3 times a year, using special soft shampoo. A feature of these dogs is that they shed year-round. It seems that they have short hair and no problems with it will not arise, but it is not so. This coat will have you everywhere, because pet is very energetic and does not sit in place, so it is recommended to comb Dalmatians almost every day, because in this case the main part of the woolcover will remain on the brush, and in the apartment it will be at a minimum. Do not buy too hard a brush, as this can lead to trauma of the skin of the pet.

To care for a dog there is nothing complicated, the main thing-to get used to. In any case we must not forget that the Dalmatian, a breed description, photo and nature where you can learn from this article, requires regular walks. Rest on picnic, walking by the river and even running will only do him good, otherwise, the pet may get bored and start ruining your stuff.

Dalmatian dog breed profile for children


All who were fortunate enough to become the owner of such a pet, like a Dalmatian, with confidence and unanimously assert that it is a very friendly dog, good helper and a faithful friend. Many write that spotted pet great with kids, moreover, he becomes their guardian. He also happily take part in the child's learning to walk. Dog Dalmatian (breed profile) for children very suitable. She will not miss the opportunity to play with them, because it is, like for little kids, is a very important factor.

Many are advised to regularly inspect the skin of the pet, as this breed is prone to allergic reactions, redness and other skin diseases, and to have a special ointment. You must also carefully ensure that your Dalmatian (description of the breed, reviews of it and content features of the dog you can find in this article) for a long time was not on the street in the frost, otherwise he can easily freeze his ears, as they are too thin.

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