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Quite often in families there are different questions about their relatives (distant and nearby), and the ancestors. This usually happens when grandparents begin to reminisce about your childhood, about how and where they grew up, what his family was familiar with. These stories can try to make a family tree of his family, because thanks to this lesson is quite possible to know about the family quite a lot. How to find your ancestor? Try to understand together.


Every year more and more people interested in their roots. The science of their own ancestors attracts a huge number of people who are not indifferent to their ancestry. Some of them try to find their ancestors with the usual material purpose — or to get rich or to move to newly found relatives abroad, or because of the usual prestige, because their grandmothers or grandfathers were once famous or belonged to a higher caste. Others begin searching with the simple human goal — they want to know their family.

How to find your ancestors?

In any case, this finding is worthy of respect. But how to find their ancestors in the archives, knows not everyone, who decided to begin this work. Where to go? What you need to know? How much will it cost? And this is not a complete list of issues that arise in the mind of people who wish to get acquainted with their ancestors.

how to find your ancestor

How to find your ancestor? There are two possible ways you can choose the most appropriate for each situation. The first option is less costly — is an independent search. If you select the second option — with the involvement of professionals, it is necessary to consider in advance that this service is paid and not very cheap. But the result will be more accurate than in the first case, and faster.


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archive names

And it is very good that such services are provided. It is well known to all from childhood the phrase “no one is forgotten, nothing is forgotten” is very correct, has received a new breath. Everyone who fought in the difficult years on the side of the Soviet Union deserve to him not only knew, but remembered. To the descendants keep this good memory in their hearts for years to come.

Instructions for use. Getting started

To begin drawing a family tree, you can ask their older relatives about what they remember from the history of his family. Moreover, it is recommended to know not only the names, patronymics, surnames and dates of birth — generally accepted information. When composing the tree, you can specify other information, you can find — an interesting cameo moments from the biographies of the relatives, their place of residence, study, work, awarding badges of honor, awards and medals, maybe even some Hobbies. This additional information common tree easily turn into a small encyclopedia of the history of one particular family.

Where did your name?

No less interesting will be information about what the history of names. To obtain at least minimal data, you can use a dictionary of names — as from the library and purchased at the bookstore. If the name is fairly common, even in this small Handbook is a brief information about the origin, time and place of its occurrence is quite. To the same social class names can also be actually be found.

search people by name

Similarly, you can find information about the social status of the owner name. As an example we can take names that end in “ sky” or “-tsky” and with its basis in Greek or Latin word, the name of the theologian or the scientist, a holiday, or ordinances relevant to the Church. Genealogy of the names in this case will show that it's more likely one of the ancestors of those interested was a student at the theological Seminary, the walls of which received a new name. This applies, for example, the variant arising from the name of the feast of the Transfiguration-the Transfiguration. On the other hand, if the name on a few letters short, but its remaining part is consonant with the generic name of a famous noble family, it is possible that its bearer is a descendant of some aristocrat. As Elizaveta Temkina, who was the illegitimate daughter of Grigory Potemkin and, according to rumors, the Empress herself. So search for people by name can give a lotnot only useful and interesting information.

Are Defined types of pedigrees

There are two main types of pedigrees — upstream and downstream. First, it starts from, so to speak, the applicant, who begins to establish his line. Then everything goes to information about relatives — parents, grandfather, grandmother and so on.

At the head of a second embodiment of compiling a pedigree is the old founder, whom only could be found. And after mentioning all his descendants, including the applicant. It is possible to look at the whole race, he was distant relatives.

drawing a family tree

Types of pedigrees can be viewed a little differently:

1. Male rising — it includes only males. It is similar to an ordinary line. With this pedigree you can even define your connection with some historical figure or famous person of the past.

2. Men descending — it is necessary to choose the head of the family and to stretch a chain to the youngest male in this genus.

3. Rising combined — specifies both men and women. Relatives indicated exponentially — first 2, then 4, 8, 16, 32 and so on.

4. Descending combined — also listed relatives of both sexes. Such a pedigree can accommodate several families and genera.

This drawing a family tree is easy to perform. It's important to have time and patience.

Searching for names

How to search for people by name, if you have information that they went to live abroad?

The first step is to clarify whether or abroad the applicant has relatives, what their names when they went abroad, what is their marital status, whether they have children and where they moved. If the country of their residence is unknown, you can start the search with the most popular — Israel, USA and Canada.

how to find your ancestors in the archives

The Archive names will always be invaluable, it was not even expecting this, it is possible to find useful information. To search in other countries, it would be good to know a foreign language. Also try to find relatives with the help of the world of search engines or social networks.

Search through archives

To at least try to find their relatives, should contact the archive. Names, each of which are human destinies, in this big set, so there is hope that this method will prove to be effective.

First you need to know, what is the period of the search and to go to the office of vital records. And there already — submitting a request for searching customer information or come in person. Do not forget that the archives is not only registry offices, but also, for example, medical and educational institutions.

how to find your ancestor who fought

To obtain the required information with particular attention to examine the sources — metrics, inventory residing in the house, Chronicles, census, held in different years.

One direction — WCP — the all-Russia book of memory, because it stores data for all residents of the collapsed Union. This book has a very large base of citizens who participated in combat during the great Patriotic war. The names of all the people were grouped according to the places of recruitment. There is an opportunity here to obtain information about the merits — the life and combat, you can even find out where the person is searched, and buried. Important and very essential to many people information found as many as 750 volumes.

Do everything yourself

To understand how to find his ancestor, and as accurately as possible to recreate the family tree should pass through several stages. Gather all the information, talk to your parents, grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles. To scan photographs that have survived. It would be nice to prepare a description of each of the family members. Helpful to examine several genealogical sites. But you can turn to professionals.

It is Necessary to understand how to correctly create the tree: genetic diseases and characteristics, Hobbies, habits, relationships between family members — all of this is important.

history of surnames

It is Necessary to determine what type of tree will be selected — descending or ascending. It would also be nice to select a program for the compilation of the genealogical tree. It is very simple, because a lot of them. Then in the program to put the photos, the ties between relatives and the necessary notation. As searches add new information.

You can Now print out the prepared tree on a large sheet or, for example, to make the book. A copy can bring relatives who will complement the materials information. Thus the ancestral tree will expand.

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