Children's pedal tractor: features and selection recommendations


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Many modern parents want their children to stand out from their peers. Wanting to please the younger heir, moms and dads often acquire a new original toy. After reading this article, you will learn about how to choose a pedal tractor.

pedal tractor

What constitutes a toy?

Almost every boy loves cars. As they grow older toddler models succeed one another. And it concerns not only the size of the toy, but its design and technical characteristics. And here comes the moment when parents decide to buy for your child "real" big vehicle, which he will be able to operate independently.

One of these options is considered a children's pedal tractor. It is equipped with four wide and fairly stable wheels, and therefore has high traffic on a variety of soils. The toy is operated using a chain drive and pedals. The maximum permissible load, which is capable of withstanding similar means, is fifty pounds.

The production of these tractors use high strength plastic or light alloy metal. The first option allows for a slightly cheaper product, the second – increases the stability and strength of the model. Also often available combined machine, characterized by excellent performance.

pedal tractor with trailer


On the shelves of specialty stores presents a fairly extensive selection of similar commodities. Therefore, for parents is not difficult to find the option that is best suited for their baby. Modern manufacturers produce products in various execution. Thus, some models are equipped with front-wheel raising and lowering the bucket, allowing you to carry small loads. The control is performed by means of a few levers hidden inside cars. Also it is possible to easily find the pedal tractor trailer that is a smaller copy of this transport.


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pedal tractor with a bucket


The First thing you need to ask the seller a certificate of quality. In the absence of this documentation, it is better to go to another store. If all is in order, then you can begin to select the appropriate option. For a child of younger age it is possible to acquire more stable four-wheeled model. Typically, this pedal tractor is further equipped with a handle-colocaram to control someone from adults. You should also pay attention to the wheels. They should be rubberized. The stability of the machines depends on the diameter of the wheels. The higher it is, the easier it will be for a child to operate the tractor.

For more similarity with older analogues such vehicles are often equipped with advanced instrument panel and glowing lights. In many shops you can buy even a pedal tractor with a bucket or a cargo trailer.

The advantages and disadvantages of such toys

This transport is easily driven. It is controlled via the pedals, which are located at the bottom of the machine. Unlike electric cars, it has a lighter weight. Therefore, the pedal tractor can be put on the street without a lift. In addition, we should not discount such an important indicator as the price. The cost of these toys is much lower RC or rechargeable equivalents.

The disadvantages could be considered that the machine will not move without effort from the child. If the baby is tired or simply refuses to drive a tractor, then parents will have to attend “Parking” children's transport.

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