How to choose a competition for a birthday?


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How to organize a children's party so that he not only liked it, but remembered the kids? Apart from sweets, you definitely need to think about how to entertain the guests. Good advocates will be various contests.

home contests on the day of birth


Preparing for home contests on a birthday party for children, it is important not to forget such small but very important nuance, as the promotion or prizes. It should be noted that the fact that there may not only winner, but all participating in the competition as a sign of support. That is perfect as a present: pens, notebooks, stickers, magnets, sets of crayons or markers, etc.

Competition 1. "Mysterious item"

Props Needed: paper, pens, blindfolds, interesting subjects. Thus, the lead tying the kiddies eyes and gives each kid a turn to touch to touch some unusual thing. The child must guess what it is by writing its version of the paper. So you can play quite a long time. Wins the one child who will give the maximum number of correct answers.

Competition 2. Balls

The Next contest for birthday – “Balls”. Need props: not too much inflated balloons of two different colors. The children themselves are divided into two teams of a certain color, so that they were equally divided between boys and girls. The essence of the competition is to burst as many balls of the enemy. The winner is the team that completes the task first.

competition birthday

Competition 3. "Charging"

Perfect for guys will also be a competition for a birthday that will help “mash” bones. So, the kids should stand in a circle, hold hands. The bottom line is that if the master says “dwarf”, kids squat, “giants” - up. Of the game ceases to be the one who was wrong. And so until, until there is only one or a few people.


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Competition 4. "Cracker"

A Very interesting contest for birthday – “Burglar”. For this you need to be two locks and two large bundles of keys. For the competition you need two people who are on speed will have to endeavour to find a suitable key and open the lock.

Competition 5. "The best eater"

Fun project for birthday – “Consumer”. Props: bowls, berries, whipped cream. At the bottom of the bowl to put the berries (e.g., strawberries) and pour all the cream. Win the little one that is faster will eat all the cream and leave on the bottom of the berry.

Competition 6. "Gift"

Props: a bag, a small toy. The essence of competition is that each child should put his hand in the bag to touch to choose a toy and, without looking at her, to say what it is. If all matched correctly, the thing goes to the player.

competitions on day 1 of birth

Contest 7. "The mummy"

A Fun contest for kids – “Mummy”. Participants are divided into two teams. Choose one representative, who will be the mummy, and begin team-leading quickly but carefully tie it with toilet paper. The winner is the team whose work is performed more efficiently in the allotted time.

Competition 8. "The rite"

Every children's party should be fun. It is not surprising if parents come to prepare the competitions for the 1st birthday of your baby. Here is an excellent option contest ceremony, which involved the child and all guests. Before the birthday boy need to put items such as keys (welfare), garlic (health), a book (the mind), wallet or coin (wealth), candy (the sweet life), etc. Then the guests have to guess what awaits him in the future. Will solve the issue of the baby itself, which will be pulled to one of the items.

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