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The History of acquaintance of a man with a cat in the distant past. These animals live for many centuries near to the person, to give him care and affection. In our days there are many varieties of not only Pets, but also devices for more comfortable care. One such innovation was the cat litter. However, to choose such a desired attribute for a four-legged pet is quite difficult because of the wide range presented in every pet store.

Wood filler Cat’s Best

Manufacturers of ecological cat litter Cat’s Best claim that their products fully meet all the requirements of cat owners. So, this product affordable to consumers, but it provides maximum comfort for Pets. In addition, Cats Best - the filler is sufficiently durable. And therefore, it requires minimal attention from the person.

cats best litterThis high performance was achieved by using as the main component of wood pellets. In almost no filler and technological additives, and those that are required for the formation of lumps. Also kitty litter Cats Best significantly different in weight (it is much lighter than its counterparts) and a lot softer. A variety of grain size of pellets allows you to choose the products for each pet. Because the length of wool all cats are different. Therefore, the filler needs to be appropriate. There are several varieties of products Cats Best. The filler of each type is different some components or flavor.


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Eko Plus

As the material for the filler of this type is used untreated wood of pines and firs. The material is taken only from svejesobranna trees. The filler completely no chemical additives artificial origin.

Compared to similar products, in which lumps form, this brand is much more profitable. The fact that cheaper counterparts are not able to hold the same amount of liquid as the Cat’s Best. Therefore, they require more frequent replacement pellets. Consequently, the cost of buying a cheap filler equal to the cost of the Cat’s Best, or even exceed it.

Besides the fact that most cats are attracted woody flavors, in addition they are able to perfectly absorb the odor from the kitty litter tray.

kitty litter cats bestIt has Been proven that Cats Best litter which is able to absorb the volume of liquid seven times greater than its own. The clumps formed after the spreading of urine, becoming rather dense. So conveniently removed from the cat's litter tray. Thus they are not necessarily throwing them in the bin, the pellets can be disposed of in the sewer.

Nature and Green Power Gold

Green Power is produced from fibers of a self-replicating material, which is environmentally friendly material. All the features of the filler is exactly the same as the previous filler.
wood pellets cat litter cats bestThe Main component of Nature Gold is an organic fiber. They contribute to the weight gain of granules. Therefore, this type of filler Cat's Best is more suitable for cats with long hair. Due to its weight, the grains do not stick to the paws of cats and do not spread throughout the room.

Best Universal and Universal Strawberry

Best Universal differs from other fillers with its versatility. He is able to serve not only for cats, but for rodents, and even birds. This wood filler Cats Best copes with the task of eliminating the unpleasant smell.

Universal Strawberry as the previous option, suitable for different kinds of animals. The main difference between this species Cats Best: the filler has a strawberry flavor granules.

Selecting any of the options will justify the investment.

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