World dance day. The history of the holiday with a great name


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The international dance day-a celebration that is dedicated to the corresponding type of art. The triumph is celebrated annually on April 29. In 1982, the festival was initiated by the International dance Council at UNESCO. Choreographer, teacher and ballet-P. A. Gusev proposed to celebrate this event in the aforementioned day. A date was chosen in honor of the French choreographer, ballet reformer and theorist Jean-Georges Noverre, who was born 29 April and became known as the “father of modern ballet".

dance day

The Creator of the ballet

The Idea to create a separate, independent from the Opera, which consisted of only dance a fragment of the ballet, a play, came to the head of student “the Great Dupre” Jean-Georges Noverre. In their own innovative productions in dance day of Noverr to translate into reality their ideas about ballet. In his eyes the dance had to be based on dramatic development and finished the presentation with the action. All the dance performances of this great man was solid, based on serious subjects, had drawn the characters are endowed with characters and finished the story. 

According to the plan founders, the world day of dance was to unite all areas of this art form, to become the reason for their praise and worship to unite people who love them, to allow them to communicate in one language - the language of dance. Each year by tradition, some well-known representative in the world of choreography needs to appeal to the public with a message that will remind you of the beauty of the dance. Keeping the tradition, the Taiwanese choreographer liying Hwai-min, artistic Director and founder of the dance theatre of “Heaven's gate”, addressed the people with his speech at world dance day 2013 to All lovers of this art form every year on this day celebrate their professional holiday. Modern dance groups, theaters, ballet and Opera, folk and modern ballroom dancing, as well as Amateur and professional artists celebrating the day of the day 2013Festivals and events to set the mood

Last year in Moscow specially to this world festival was timed well-known prize called “dance”. This year in Russia, colorful and vivid flash mobs celebrated the holiday in almost every city. Rostov-on-don, Kazan, St. Petersburg, Grozny, Samara, Moscow, Saratov and other cities of the international date met in the dance, and organized various competitions and fun festivals. The level of activities, of course, has varied the number of the population, but no city is left without serving great festive mood. world dance dayThis is a special day on the dance floors light up with the spotlights, the hum of voices gradually increases, and once again the scene invites you to take your seats to all of the dancers. International dance day almost every year different contests, through which the world and open new talents. After these measures, living in the rhythm of the music remains a lot of pleasant memories.

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