Which TV is better LCD or plasma?


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If you have the intention to buy a TV, you need not even have to keep up with the times. Currently topical is a high-precision image. Only the latest modern technology is able to satisfy the most demanding customers. A huge plus of today is ubiquitous access to the Internet, which can help with the selection. It is possible to consider a variety of models, descriptions and also reviews to them. It will push you to the most appropriate right for you option: the design, the price and other parameters. The best option of today – is a quality TV and digital TV. This combination will make watching films and programs for guests. In the world there are approximately 130 companies that manufacture TV sets, among them there are domestic manufacturers. And they are all concerned with improving the quality of products in order to earn the trust of consumers. You choose television? Which one is better? Look at the options.

TV which is better...

What TV is better – LCD or plasma? 

So, you need to understand the parameters of the screen. In sale there are the following types:


- led, they're LED – televisions;

a plasma.

- liquid crystal display (LCD).

What TV is better LCD or plasma?LED TV

The Difference between LED-TV and LCD is backlight technology. In the production of LED used LEDs, and LCD-lamp fluorescent. This fact is also the main advantage of the first, that is LED. They are able to reflect much more colors than LCD televisions. Have LED, there are other significant advantages: they are thinner, consume less energy, brightness and contrast better than LCD. The biggest drawback of this TV – is its price, which is much higher. But by setting it in the living room, you can't get enough of looking at picture quality. But in this situation it is appropriate to ask: “What LED TV is better to buy?” If you read consumer reviews online, then you can see that the popular model of the production of the following companies: LG, Samsung, Toshiba, Philips, Sony, Supra and Akay. The choice is yours.


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What TV is better LCD or plasma


What is the LCD screen? It is a matrix consisting of dots. These elements (points) called pixels. And pixel – subpixels of red, green and blue colors. Inside elements are liquid crystals that change their own location under the influence of an electric field. For a matrix are backlight lamp. When the crystals either block or pass light from these lamps. The more powerful the bulb, the better the color, but the energy demands are correspondingly higher. These TVs are attracting buyers with affordable price. Their disadvantages include a narrow viewing angle. But there are also pluses: indicators for brightness and contrast are different and depend on the TV model. These points need to pay attention when buying LCD. A significant advantage is the ease of these televisions. Due to this, they can hang on the wall. But in order to decide finally which TV is better LCD or plasma, consider a plasma TV.


Plasma screen – this matrix, but it is made in geometric cells. Cells filled with xenon or neon. At the moment when they impact an electric voltage, the gas becomes plasma and emits ultraviolet light. On the wall of a cell treated with a composition, and in contact with rays, depending on the composition of the layer, we get the desired color. If the voltage is higher, the cell glows brighter. When mixing primary colors get a variety of shades. The image on this screen is generated using the electronic module, voltage controlled. Major plus - "plasma" three times brighter than LED and LCD. It is the perfect solution for a large room. It's time to decide what type of TV is better LCD or "plasma" for you, what suits you best. It should be noted the fact that plasma TV's small size began to issue relatively recently. Praise has about the products of companies Samsung, LG, Panasonic.

TV which is better?

What parameters to guide the choice of TV?

with the diagonal (should be three times less the distance that you sit from the TV while viewing);

- screen resolution (the higher the resolution, the sharper and brighter the image);

- HDTV – a standard that defines the quality of the broadcast;

the response matrix – matter in that case if you wonder: “What TV is better LCD or "plasma", and maybe LED?”

- the contrast of the screen;

- screen brightness;

- angle


additional features.

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