Care for newborns in the first days of life


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That long-awaited happiness! Your kid left his cozy house, he announced to the world, shouting his arrival, and now funny snuffle, you have on hand. The first minutes, hours, days and weeks of a child filled not only with joy and love, but also anxiety. Mommy tries to do everything for their baby is constantly afraid to make a mistake. What should be care for newborns in the first days? More about this later in the of the newborn in the first days

The First days of baby's life

Usually the first time mom with a child under the watchful supervision of doctors of the maternity hospital. Children's doctor will visit you several times a day, which will carefully monitor the health and development of the baby. If you have any questions, then be sure to ask the medical staff.

You wonder what will happen immediately after the birth of your baby? Algorithm of actions of the doctors in maternity hospitals established and brought to perfection:

  1. Lock the Cord in two places, and later cut.
  2. Dip the Baby dry diaper to collect the skin moisture.
  3. If your baby feels good, it spread mom on the stomach and cover them with a diaper and a blanket. This is very important, as it allows to establish the first contact with the baby. In the case of caesarean section the baby lay on your stomach dad, if he is not against.
  4. The Doctor evaluates the condition of the crumbs on a number of indicators. In the early days of a child will often inspect to identify various abnormalities.
  5. Modern maternity hospitals strongly support breastfeeding and natural development of children, so the child quickly try to attach to the breast.
  6. If the mother and baby feel good, then they were transferred to chamber joint stay. Now your baby will always be around, and you will need to care for it. What should be care for newborns in the first days?

the first days of baby's lifeHygiene

In the hospital, you are unlikely to be able to redeem the child, but regularly to keep his body clean just need. In–first, you should change diapers at least every three hours. If the baby has soiled the diaper, then immediately change them and podmosti crumbs. You can use for these purposes special paper or ordinary tap water. Try to rarely wash away with soap, especially if you have a little girl. Next you should wet the ass of the baby with a towel or diaper and put on a clean diaper.

Every morning, wipe the baby with water, preferably boiled. Its temperature should be between 35-38 degrees. Very convenient to use cotton swabs or disks. First wipe the eyes in the direction from the outer corner to the inner. For each glazik use a separate swab. Then wash our face and neck. Again we change cotton wool and wipe all the folds on the hands and feet. In conclusion, water treatment, wipe all the body of the child. Remember that care for newborns in the first days needs to be extremely careful.

Treatment of the navel

Belly button falls off a few days after birth, although in some cases it may take more weeks. Every day with the usual green fodder and cotton swabs to thoroughly treat the area of the wound. Try not to twist the remainder of the umbilical cord, so as not to lead to his early drops.

Choose a odezhku for crumbs, seams or buttons not rubbed navel. Also podhisita the edge of the diaper so that it does not injure the wound.

first days of the childDress the baby

Now accepted to swaddle babies. Even for the smallest commercially available funny costumes, so buying clothes problems should arise. But about how and what to dress baby, the mothers often have questions.

The temperature in the chamber should be at 25 degrees. In such circumstances, little enough cotton suit, socks and beanies. Note that in children has not been established thermoregulation, so to SuperCool or overheating. Grandmothers advised to touch the nose of the child to determine how comfortable. However, neither the temperature of the legs, no nose, no ears will not say significantly about the health of the baby. Better focus on the temperature of the head.

Care for newborns in the first days will help you to master the doctors and nurses, don't be afraid to ask for help. Try to get as much information, because soon you will go home and remain alone with her baby.

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