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The Founders of the brand Morgan are two sisters: Joselyn Bismuth and Odette Barush. Specified brand established in 1947. Until the mid 70-ies the company is specialized in manufacturing stylish lingerie. At the beginning of the 80s it concentrated on the production of fashionable clothing for ladies. All collections are created for feminine and passionate women aged 18 to 35 years. After a few years, Morgan has become one of the largest manufacturers of women's clothing. Today the products of this brand can be seen in 557 retail stores in different countries of the Morgan

Over time the company began to engage in the production of various accessories (belts, toilet water, perfumes and watches). The women's line of wrist watches was launched in 2002 Watch Morgan differ in stylistic originality, bold design. It is an essential attribute of every modern woman. Morgan – watches, made in different styles (elegant models, chronographs with massive buildings). Every girl will be able to choose for themselves interesting option.

watch Morgan womensThe brand Products are updated annually. The heads of the fashion House Morgan strive to help their clients without much effort to always look fresh and stylish. In the process of developing new models, designers are experimenting with colors, shapes and materials. Morgan watches are made of high quality materials. Enclosure models are made of stainless steel with rhodium plating, which contributes to improvement of wear resistance. Watch Morgan comes with straps in high quality leather or stylish bracelets. For the manufacture of the front glass is used mineral crystal. Design models are developed by leading experts of the fashion industry. Morgan clockIn each model embodies the basic concept of the brand – love, freedom, beauty and independence. The trademark logo is present on the dial of the product, the brand name is laid out or engraved on the bracelets and the links of the straps. Famous watch Morgan come from Japanese mechanisms leading brands. The devices are reliable and accurate, indicate the time accurate to fractions of a second. The brand name in France is associated with love and passion. Morgan – youth brand. Represented watch manufacturer, you can buy at very affordable prices. Correct pricing of the company provides the fashionistas with the opportunity annually to change their functional accessory and look stylish, modern and of course fashionable. To buy watches will be able to each young lady.

Wrist watch Morgan (female) perfectly complement evening outfit, adorn your wrist with luxurious draped bracelet or strap. Copies of the 007 series are an essential accessory to a strict office style.

The Products of the above brands appeared on the market in 1997. More than a decade ago in the French capital opened a huge store Morgan total area of over 800 m2. The brand is extremely popular among European fashionistas.

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