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clip handkerchief

It is accessories - these little things often produce truly original and elegant appearance. However, the fact that you can decorate in surplus or in case of unsuccessful combination can spoil the image. Therefore it is necessary to carefully select all the details - whether it's a clip for a scarf, bracelets, or pendants, watches or chains.

Delicate silk scarf is able to transform a business suit, and modest dress. Ways of tying, there are many. Including for this purpose you can use brooches. Although the most successful and always elegant accessory will clip to a scarf. It would seem that this is a very simple thing, and there's nothing new to invent impossible. However, designers are really imaginative and artistic taste, developing all-new models, and manufacturers of their patent.

For large wool scarves (paloposki, Orenburg) will fit large brooch or a special ring buckle.

clip neckerchief

Clip shawl may be made of plastic or metal. It is often decorated with embossed or black, semi-precious or even precious stones. All depends on the overall style and particular outfit. Clip the neck shawl can be a great gift for women and for men.

It is now silk scarves associated with elegance and sophistication. If we look at the history of fashion, will be
That originally was worn by the common people, and later they became part of women's wardrobe, but primarily sports. Over time, starting with Coco Chanel, designers began to invent the clips for scarves and shawls, often in the form of the logo of the brand. Selecting this item, you should consider its color scheme. After all, the scarf is closest to the face, so it must be combined with the type of your appearance. Women "spring" and "autumn" fit warm, Golden brown and pastel colors. But this type looks like "winter" is bright, saturated colors with a large pattern. Accordingly, you should pick up and clip a handkerchief. For example, a cell or a geometric pattern, not every accessory will be visible - here it is best to rely on the main color of the clothing. Golden clip handkerchief should not be worn with colorful jewelry or ornaments made of white metal. It is recommended to pay attention to the harmonious combination of all the "little things" in the closet.


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For example, if buttons or clips for scarves and shawlsBuckles made of yellow metal, and the clip for a scarf is better to choose in the same color scheme.

How to tie a scarf? It is most often folded into a triangle or twist in an elongated strip. Clamp for muffler should not have sharp corners, so as not to damage the delicate fabric. Holes in it can be two, three, and even four, in the form he can have the most unusual.

By the Way, to tie a shawls and scarves can not only on the neck, but arms, head, hair and bag. You can make a turban, or to attach to the lapel of his jacket. On plain fabric clip for a scarf will be an elegant and bright decoration, in this case it is not necessary to wear the pendants or the beads. Simple in form, the accessory will suit young girls and Mature women, but fancy or richly decorated clip scarf - elegant ladies.

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