Catholic holidays and their significance


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The Roman Catholic Church has some similarities with Christianity. Catholic holidays are a combination of religious rites and national traditions. As has become a tradition since ancient times, the main events were observed and timed to the onset of the next season. The Church sought to combine national holidays with the liturgical calendar and the days of remembrance of the saints. So there were Catholic holidays.

The Church calendar consists of dates which are permanent or transitory. Major holiday for Catholics is Easter. It is celebrated in the spring, but in different numbers. This date is calculated according to the lunar calendar. Depending on what number have this day, change the date and other transition events.

The Church year is calculated with the Christmas post. It starts exactly four weeks before the Christmas celebration. This time of prayer, repentance, and the memory of the saints: December 6 – this is the day of St. Barbara, December 6-St. Nicholas day. 8 Dec celebrate one of the main days, in which occurred the Immaculate Conception of the virgin Mary. These holidays have on the Catholic post. The following is one of the most important dates in the Church calendar.

Christmas Catholics falls on December 25. This is the day of the birth of the son of the virgin Mary, Jesus Christ. In honor of this occasion by four of the Liturgy. The first Liturgy was held on the eve in the evening, then night, morning and afternoon.

On this day the Church is decorated with compositions that depict scenes from the Bible describing the birth of Christ. They are always present in the nursery. Over time, they began to establish and in front of the houses.


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Christmas-is a holiday that is celebrated in a family setting. It is preceded by a dinner consisting of meatless dishes. Then all the Catholics go to Church to worship. In celebration of Christmas, people eat the meat dishes. Post ends. It is believed that how richly laid table, the wellbeing in the new year. At Christmas, we decided to bestow various gifts. Christmas celebrations last for 12 days. At this time, celebrates the memory of Innocents (28 December), the day of St. Sylvester ( празднуют31 December), the day dedicated to the virgin Mary (January 1) and Epiphany ( falls on January 6). These Catholic feasts included in the Christmas cycle.

17 January - the day of St. Anthony. Is the patron Saint of animals and so this holiday of the Church bless livestock. Especially, this tradition is revered in France.

2 Feb-Candlemas, when candles are blessed and, igniting them, went around the fields and streets.

February 3, celebrate the day of St. under the sign – a celebration of winemakers and farmers.
The Beginning of lent usually falls on ash Wednesday, the day when sprinkle ashes, forgiving sins. For lent we have a feast dedicated to the virgin Mary-the Annunciation.

Last seven days before Easter is called "Holy week". At this time, to hold services in the churches. The first day of this period celebrate palm Sunday. Homes and churches are decorated with branches of palm, willow, boxwood or olive.

On the eve of Passover in the evening starts the celebration of this great event. In all of the churches held worship and light candles. In the holiday people treat each other painted holiday eggs, having fun, playing games and covered the rich tables.

On the fortieth day after Easter, celebrates the day of ascension of the Holy cross. It is a holiday, the date of which varies.

The Nativity of St. John the Baptist falls on 24 June. This is one of the most popular holidays for the Catholics.

15 August – the day of the assumption of the virgin. On this day Mary ascended into heaven after his death.

Among the major Catholic event to celebrate the feast of All Saints (1 November) and the date of all souls (November 2).

Catholic celebrations are similar to the Orthodox. Sometimes the differences relate only to dates, because they are calculated in different calendars.

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