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The Period of waiting for a baby – the best in the life of a young couple. It will take quite a short time, and the family will have another member that their presence alone will completely change the lives of their parents. Tiny feet stamped through the house, and the handles will be attracted to everything like a baby.

But the waiting period of the future miracle is usually fraught with one problem – how to call a treasure that will soon be born? Such a way as to call the child by date of birth (a boy or a girl – not so important), though it seems simple, but is actually quite challenging.

to call the child by date of birth

In a case like choosing a name for the future baby, you must consider some very important details to not spoil the child of his blindness lives in the future and not make him for many years to suffer due to rash and hasty decision.

What affects the choice of the name?

A Lot of debate arises from prospective parents for this reason. The issue attracted many friends, relatives, acquaintances. Everyone wants to contribute to the cause of the choice of name, it is no wonder it is considered that it determines the future life of the little man.

And it is important not only consonance with the name and patronymic. It is believed that in some way the name can influence the character and health of a future member of society. The correct choice, according to many, give the baby the opportunity to purchase the best qualities of character and to achieve more in life.

Tribute to fashion trends when choosing a name – error

How to name the baby (date of birth choose the name not all parents, depends very much. For many years, since the epoch of building of communism, it was fashionable to give a baby a ridiculous-sounding names, reflecting the events of that time. How many people ruined life is such a fad!


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call of the child on the date of birth

It is Terrible even to imagine what had Dazdraperma Ivanovna, born may 1, and received such a terrible name derived from the name of this holiday (“long live the first of may"), brought into our lives this era! Not better formed life and Electrifying, Five-year plan, Stalin, although at that time such nonsense was original, however, provided little Ghost "bright future”.

What choices are there?

But times have changed, and however relegated to the background and stupid innovations by returning to the old world, proven by centuries of tradition when choosing a name. From a huge number of ways, embodying the decision of the question of how to name the baby (date of birth, for example), you can highlight some of the most common.

Very often when choosing a name for a newborn use a tribute. In this case, the baby is given the name of the man who in life parents played a big role. It can be quite a close friend or relative and popular personality, athlete, politician, singer or actor. But when deciding on this method of selection it is necessary to keep in mind that there is a risk of repetition of the child of destiny that person's memory of where it got its name.

to call the child by birth date Church calendar

Also, quite often kids are referred to by a calendar or Orthodox calendar. This method existed since ancient times, and many parents are turning to him. The question how to name the baby according to date of birth according to the Church kalendaru, in this case very simple, because there is a huge number of beautiful, sweet sounding and still relevant names.

In any date of birth day commemorating the many saints that allows you to fit any name. In this way you can choose the names of those saints whose memory is revered not only in birthday of the child, but also on the 8th or 40th day. After all, “eight” is a symbol of eternity, and figure 40 is meant to indicate the sacrament of baptism. How to name the child's date of birth? The Church calendar will help young parents to decide.

Contribution made to astrology and numerology to the question of the choice of the name

More popular and the selection of the appropriate name in accordance with the zodiac signs, or a numeric value. Many parents in the solution of this burning question of how to name the child, date of birth and some other data rely on numerology and astrology. From the point of view of these Sciences, combinations of sounds in the name, as well as any horoscope sign allow either enhance or weaken some of the features in the character of the child.

to call the child by date of birth and a middle name

Much attention is paid by many to the name value. The parents used the dictionaries of Russian personal names, which contains all the necessary information about the meaning and origin of one or another of them. The most useful and most popular in this case was the publication of authors such as N. Tikhonov, A. V. Superanskaya, N. A. Petrovsky.

The Secrets of popularity of the old Slavonic names

Now the value of most of the old, former popular among the ancient Slavs names, and both female and male, has ceased to be a mystery.Anyone even intuitively began to understand their meaning.

For the most part they carry a positive meaning and good energy. Take, for example, names such as Jaroslav — “bright fame”, or Ludmila — “for the people sweet”. They are not only known to all without exception, but very popular.

What values are hidden in the names come from antiquity?

When Deciding what to call the child's date of birth (a boy, for example), many modern parents prefer to name it Vladislav (wielding glory), Vsevolod (savlation) or worse (loving the world, loving). And girls will pick up no less euphonious names-Svetlana (light), Snezana (white-haired), Milan (cute). Such names and energy is very good, and hearing they pleasant.

to call the child by date of birth girl

The Old names, known from the history of the ancient Slavs, very flattering for most parents. After all, if you follow these traditions and call of the child on the date of birth, boys it is possible to name such great names like Yaroslav, Sviatoslav, Rostislav, Mstislav, Vyacheslav and Igor. These names of great Russian princes. In addition, they also included all the Church calendars.

The Connection name, surname and patronymic

When parents are asking this question, how to name the baby, date of birth and a middle name to navigate better first. You should consider that the name must be combined with a patronymic, so they not only sounded decent, but was pronounced easily, without any mangling.

to call the child by birth date boy

Because such unpronounceable combinations, such as Alexander, often converted into the most postie — San Sanych, changing this from the point of view of numerology, and the fate of the named person, and also causing him some discomfort.

In addition, choosing a name should go well with the name and sound when it is in harmony. After all, this combination, like Juliette Ivanova or Rodrigo pots, completely unsuccessful, and will not bring the person wearing them nothing but ridicule. Any exotic name well will be combined with rare Russian name.

Hypocoristic form of the name and initials. Is it important to take them into consideration?

Should pay attention to the fact that the selected name must be some diminutive of options that sound quite harmonious. For example, Tatyana-Tanya, Tanyusha, Tanechka. If a short name, no, the kids still come up to him. Only absolutely is not a fact that such an invention like the media name.

The Initials, which are always present when writing a person's data, too, are of undeniable importance in the case when intended parents decide how to name the child. The date of birth they are guided or not, it is not so important. Although it would seem that it's a small thing – initials. But this small thing can bring big trouble.

Be Sure to pay attention to not be initials into something obscene or ugly.

Councils of psychologists about the choice of a suitable name

Psychologists engaged in the study of how the name affects the character of a specific person, give the following recommendation.

  1. Children who were born in the winter, most suitable names are melodious and soft, containing a large number of vowels and sonorants sounds. Names wearing a consonance, designed to smooth “austerity”, which is present in winter Chad. And when addressing this question, to call the child (date of birth here, too, the focus should be), for children born in this period, we should look at such names as Benjamin or Liliana, Miroslav, Arseny, Vitalina and others like them.
  2. Spring kids better suited to more hard names, which will give strength and confidence. They must stand out such sounds as s, R, W, g, D. Good options will Gregory, Rostislav, gold, Bozena, Robert.
  3. Babies born in the summer, the best option would be sonorous and unusual names, for example, Nazar, Mariana, Zlata. They add to the character of the person wearing them a sense of purpose and activity.
  4. For fall should be considered plain names. Children this season – these are realistic, so the warmth and tranquillity that give the names of Pauline, Hippolyte, Antonina and Vadim are definitely going to love the baby.

call of the child on the date of birth of boys

There are Many ways to choose a baby name, but in any case should not forget that with him the baby gets and the further your destiny.

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