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History of wooden toys, has its roots in Ancient Egypt. And today, when incredibly popular became all natural, many parents often buy them for their babies. Wooden toys for kids are very simple – it gives a vast field for the development of children's creativity and wild imagination.wooden labyrinth for kids


In search of toys for your baby you need to remember that the game with it must train it to profit and to develop good skills and qualities. It can be large and fine motor skills, logic, vocal apparatus, strengthening physical health, writing skills, imagination, visual thinking and creativity.

Wooden toys for children, developing motor skills, are among the major in children's games. In the future, these skills will affect your child's achievement. In this article we consider the types of wooden toys and see which of them suits your treasure.

Wooden toys that develop motor skills

Among them are the following:

  1. Frame liners perfect for developing logical thinking and fine motor skills. As usual, it's plywood or wooden tablet, in which there are multiple grooves of different size or shape. They then inserted a special “ear” – corresponding to the grooves of the figures. The task of the baby — find the right tablet choice for every detail.
  2. Toy puzzle "Pyramid" suitable for the youngest children. Stringing on the pin, rings, cubes or other shapes, baby learns to understand the size, sequence, exploring various colors.
  3. Wooden labyrinth (butterfly, round, oval, any other shape) — this spiral strung with them small figurines out of wood. Moving them along a certain trajectory, the kid trains coordination of their movements, and learning to focus. In addition, has the ability to comprehend the beginning of the account.
  4. Stuchalka — a perfect toy that can help “steam” in time, in other words, the boundless energy of a child. Knock wooden hammer, hammering nails out of wood – this activity is exciting and useful: well-developed muscular strength, coordination and agility.
  5. Mosaic puzzle — the next great benefit, contributing to the development of thinking and motor skills; it combines in fact the quality of part-liners and puzzles. While all the details in the mosaics of different shapes and sizes, and these parts are much greater. On the tablet the individual grooves for parts not cut (in other words, the task is complicated).
  6. Toys-puzzle, "lacing" can be of various types. Incredibly popular “leaky” figurines (imitation of shoes, buttons, fruits and vegetables made of wood) in which it is necessary to pass consistently rope. The next version of this game — beads. Large beads (they can be in the form of various – for example, various geometric shapes), baby strung one after another on a string, with fine training fine motor skills.
  7. AA-theatre — colorful wooden figures created in the form of thimbles. They correspond to the different subjects of the famous fairy tales. With them the child will present you with pleasure in the persons of “Red hat”, “Bun” or some character from another famous tale. Such theatrical performances well develop the imagination of little help to expand your vocabulary and train it, in addition, train coordination of movements and motor skills. Such thimbles are mostly included small houses-laying, developing story.
  8. Musical wooden toys — is a separate issue. They can be described as “a guaranteed delight”. It is, in fact, not toys, but real musical instruments, mainly folk: stuelke, rattles, whistles, clappers, drums, pipes and bells, xylophones, maracas, castanets, etc. Can be a wonderful aid for the study of elementary music literacy.
  9. Traditional Russian matryoshka is not just a souvenir. This is a great developmental benefits as the game with painted dolls helps to develop baby's coordination and motor skills (the dolls, the picture is complex, pipsqueak learns to ensure that both halves match) can be used in teaching account, and also introduces such concepts as “sequence” and “less is more”.

wooden toys for kids

The importance of the wooden mazes

Assortment of different toys for kids now is so great that the store dazzled. Current trends of education dictate a particular approach to the selection of products for children. Before they had enough to play with a doll, a truck, a bike ride. Today, parents want to ensure in the period of their entertainment, the development of sensory, motor skills and intellect.

In this regard, it is possible to allocate a toy wooden maze. This element of early child development. The best age of its application - 8 months-2 years. The maze is made from wood, then paint it different colors. This group of goods usually are special requirements on toxicity and environmental friendliness, which ensures their safe use.


This wooden maze for kids (big orsmall, size is only important for games) is designed to develop fine motor skills and coordination of movement. Doctors, teachers, psychologists proved that children who engage with parents from an early age in this direction, begin to talk early, at the same time growing more savvy. In stores there are 2 types of mazes: three-dimensional and flat. Of course, you can buy in bulk all the toys, but try to choose models that actually appeal to your little one. The essence of the game is to the child's attempts to move her fingers a variety of items, elements.puzzle toy


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Tactical models

Three-dimensional model is equipped with a wood base, to which is attached a smooth wire strung them with colored balls. In order to complicate the task, the wire created in the form of a winding snake. The child's task-to move the ball. Kids that wooden maze with marbles is interesting, can focus and we can be passionate about. For children who have learned to stomp, very funny can be a small gurney with a maze on it, to be pulled by a rope.

It Should be noted that there are wooden mazes for kids (with a magnetic pen, large and advanced gaming features) are quite expensive. These designs also wooden. Manufacturers give the opportunity to play wire elements, and rotate various geometric figures with all kinds of pictures, close and open door or window, of course, improvised, open pendant clasps, twist clockwise and so on.

Interesting Board

In General, wooden designer-maze is a continuation of the ear. It is worth noting that here in a small tablet any kind of figure on a specific topic, there are several slots where you want to move the item, thus leading him to the right on the maze site. It's simple, but give a toy to a 2-3 year old child! Not everyone will cope with this task immediately. First, the kid will figure just move the winding loops to consider providing him the pictures and he will understand that in these actions there is a sequence and a pattern.wooden labyrinth butterfly

Wooden maze for children in the form of plates may be different. Some consists of 1-th element that is moved on smooth paths in several directions. The other more complex. He develops the logic of a toddler. The youngest is better to buy simple mazes in which a baby can be presented with different geometric shapes and also tell him about the animals. Older children will be interested in toys, created in explanation of cartoons or fairy tales.

How to play?

The Baby was initially just considering a wooden labyrinth for kids. After six months the child is already interested in the result of his own deeds: what happens, if it will twist, touch or turn. The child tries to figure out what to do with it, why it is needed. Moving in a spiral bead maze, he discovers that his actions could change her position, and his hands he moves it forward or backward for a specific track.

During the game the child gets acquainted with such concepts as “down” and “up”, “on” and “C” slides, a bead tries to hold “” and “through” slide.

Wooden maze game for kids help the child begin to Orient themselves in space. It includes multi-colored wire, fixed and curved at the base of the tree. The toy can attract baby's attention with bright colors and its unusual shape. Move through the maze of various figures in different colors, sizes and shapes. The wooden parts are well sanded, and painted in bright colors. Nice “drive” from side to side. Moving them a little building a logical chain, a sequence of actions. Because of the large number of beads, and spiral only one way across various obstacles, while the bead must be brought to an end.wooden labyrinth reviews


Serpentine is a toy with multiple inclined surfaces, according to these figures, roll. It is in the form of a tree or house, just tracks, which are located at an angle, so they can easily roll cars or balls. While the child is watching the moving figurines, develops its visual perception. This toy helps to develop the ability to concentrate and attentiveness. Suitable for children 2-5 years.


Wooden labyrinth for kids in the form of a tablet created from environmentally friendly material, after it is applied to a colorful and bright picture. In the Board there are special slots, which can easily move around various figures. For example, it may be fairytale characters who want to get back to your own fairy tale, animals from the jungle seeking to return home, etc Maze-tablet is an educational toy. Its young researchers, it shows where someone lives and how to look, helps to develop associative thinking, memory, and develops it. It can be used in various role-playing games, kid.wooden labyrinth forkids large

This toy is interesting kid from 6 months to 7 years.

Game “Robots”

To do this you need a labyrinth with even paths. Let the kid try controlling the robot (you), giving the team “back”, “forward”, “left”, “right”, “down”, “up”, “stop”, a figure lead into the desired location. He learns all the directions, learn how to correctly give commands, as well as better orientation in the terrain. To make the game more efficient, with little need to change places.

For kids 4-5 years such a task is possible to complicate, to give commands, adding particle “not”, go not to the right, not down and not up. So, you need to go to the left! If the kid will correctly execute commands and you will be able to command so you your little genius will be able to be proud of!

The Game ‘messed up"

It is worth to say that this is the easiest, in that you can play with the wooden labyrinth. The child has to place all the small figures, on the basis of combining them with images and trying to avoid all disturbing elements. This game is well coached your fingers, develops logical thinking, enables the child to think strategically.


You Need to know about the many educational toys:

  1. They should get when the baby is in a good mood. They should give him only positive emotions.
  2. After the game, they should definitely be removed. Otherwise, they will be able to annoy the child.
  3. Remove the toy immediately after the baby to her lose interest.
  4. Once you've shown that with a toy you can do give her baby for self-study.
  5. The Child needs to repeat the action many times that the result was fixed.
  6. Always praise them for effort and success.
  7. For kids maintaining attention for a few minutes is a huge achievement!

Remember that an educational toy is not only fun, but also a simulator, effectively developing the child's ability. The time he will spend with her will do him solely for the benefit! While parents will allow you to do things or to relax.toy wooden maze

Wood labyrinth reviews:

Reading the reviews about this wonderful toy, you can see that it allows the baby to develop in the most wonderful way, well ahead of their peers. There are, of course, negative opinions relating to unfair producers and sellers, implementing toys with marriage or lack of the details.

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