Where birthday parties for children in Moscow?


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Birthday - though an annual event, but it is always too quietly and quickly sneaking up, accompanied by lots of organizational issues, which, as always, it is difficult to find the answer. Where to hold a kids birthday, how to order a cake with the Smurfs, Wings, Princess Sofia or transformers, and how all of this is not to confuse?

where children's birthdays

Children's birthday – a difficult task, but every parent in the forces to carry it out. The secret of good mood the kids is a good story of the holiday, the games that will be understandable to every child, and, of course, in the place of the celebration. Whether it's a café, water Park, children's activity centres or parks, all items need to be counted and accounted for in advance.

I do Not know where they spend birthday parties for children in Moscow? The choice of locations is very large. So he is complicated, but we show you where to go that was interesting to all, and especially for the children.

Junior clubs

“Ribambelle” is a great kids club for the celebration of any family celebration. For each case an individual concept from menu to decorating the room and the whole surrounding area. Options colorful celebration for boys and girls very much:

  • Fashion style «Star wars”.
  • “pirates of the Caribbean”.
  • Fairies and princesses.
  • “Alice in Wonderland” and others.

The Program of entertainment is planned and is tailored to the age and interests of children. The club offers to arrange workshops on any subject, it can be a creative adventure, or cooking contests.


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child's birthday Moscow where to spend

The largest in Moscow, arena laser tag, and a unique entertainment centre – LaserLand, which offers children's birthdays. There are all fun and exciting holiday. Attention guests:

  • Bowling;
  • Slot machines;
  • Laser maze;
  • Cafe for cadets;
  • Themed children's parties.

Dynamic bright decorations on the 720 metres of the maze, nearly 50 game modes give the opportunity to be a secret agent. For the record in passing the difficult levels of the game given the prize.

This is the Only club you can manage these legendary fighters. To add a holiday will help creative workshops and face painting.

Kids club "Kosmik"

Even if you want a fun filled holiday, and the budget is small, has a ton of places to celebrate a kid's birthday party, Moscow. Where to spend it? In one of the best games stores! Attention children's amusement parks, Billiards, bowling, restaurants and more.

  • Magic maze;
  • Contests, quiz;
  • Capsules of virtual travel;
  • Disco for the children;
  • Slots;
  • Representation of the animation.

The Moscow zoo

The Program “Magical world of fairy tales” is offered for children 3-7 years. Children will get acquainted with fantastic heroes in their natural habitat. For older children, the program is “round-the-World journey to wild beasts”, excursions, animation, performance.where to hold a children's birthday party

Programs children's theatre “Tick” adapted for any age. The average programme duration is 3 hours.

How to choose a cafe to celebrate?

One of the most popular Metropolitan areas, where children's birthdays are cafes and pastry shops "Anderson". The celebration can be enjoyed at home or in nature. Banquets are arranged with an animation programme. At the culinary Academy, master classes, the requests for cakes to order, catering can be provided.

Network of catering establishments “Restaurant traditions” with its integrated concept, which includes dishes from different countries, but adapted to the Russian taste. It's Chinese, European, American and Mexican. The interior space is colorful and attractive. To celebrate children's birthday party playroom with animators. A nice bonus – 25% discount for birthday. The network includes the establishment of "Oki Doki".cheap where to hold a kids birthday

Café “Greenhouse” has a huge Banquet halls that say about the ability of the institution to satisfy the most discerning of visitors. Any holiday here is on the highest level. For children there is a special menu, a playroom.

Café “rainbow”

A Specialized institution, which offers children's birthday parties and other family events. Offers a wide range of dishes on the menu of Russian, European and Oriental cuisines. For children's birthday party to services provided:

  • The maze game;
  • Creative workshops;
  • Animated entertainment;
  • Caregiver-nanny;
  • Face painting;
  • A fun bubble show;
  • Cakes;
  • Children's disco and karaoke;
  • Bright of age;
  • Trained animals;
  • Slot machines.

"kVA-KVA Park"

Allows you to arrange unforgettable children's birthday party in Moscow. Where to spend your holiday, you can choosefor a long time, because the choice is really huge. Here is the best in Russia Aqua Park water sports. You can have fun with children, the complex combines all the modern rides:

  • Swimming pools with fountains;
  • Waterslides;
  • Rides for the little ones;
  • Water guns from which to shoot;
  • A waterfall.

In “Black hole” in the darkness need to be at a great speed to fly down the hill. Unforgettable feelings and adrenaline are guaranteed. Here we have to descend the hill, not knowing where it might be hiding another steep descent or a turn. At each stage full of surprises.

where to celebrate a birthday in the winter

Special programs for holidays such as “the Mystery of the seven seas”. The birthday boy and his entire team will Shine in the sailors will lay a festive table and share a cake.

“Dinosauria”, the amusement Park

There are educational rooms for children from 6 months old. This is a unique opportunity to celebrate the birthday of the child among dinosaurs. Older children are offered adventure playgrounds "Dino-show" teenagers - virtual and laser adventure. "Dino-show" – is an educational and entertaining program with games, songs and stories from the history of prehistoric animals.

Menu at the kids cafe ‘the way” in the Park

There as child and adult menu with a large assortment of first and second courses, salads, milkshakes, desserts and homemade cakes.

If you decide how and where to hold a kids birthday with a cultural slant, it's time to look at the list of the most popular and interesting museums and other educational institutions:

  • Darwin Museum;
  • The Museum "Experimentarium";
  • Planetarium of Moscow;
  • Museum of animation;
  • Museum of fairy tales "Lived";
  • Museum of cosmonautics;
  • Museum-reserve «helping disabled children”.

How and where to celebrate the birthday of inexpensive?

The Organization of any holiday-it's a hassle, scenario development, selection of dishes for the menu and, of course, financial costs. Families who scheduled a small budget for a children's party, it may be advisable to hold a celebration at the bowling alley with animation programs. Kids club "Kosmik" there are games with funny clowns, pirates and other characters.how and where to hold a kids birthday

A Good option, cheap where to hold a kids birthday – to go with the kids on the dodgems, ice skating, paintball.

Park "Manor Trubetskoys in Khamovniki”

Cosy, quiet place where you can walk on the bridge leading to the island in the pond and watch the ducks. There are playgrounds, flower gardens, roller skating, House of children's creativity, a horse riding club. Also the visitors of the greenhouse, biological station, Birdman.

Inexpensively in a relaxed atmosphere you can celebrate your birthday party in a stylish comfortable home «Beware of the car”. The institution offers corporate cake and candles from the chef as a gift, a special children's menu, each dish of which – the whole work of art.

The program of the festival includes the invitation of animators, jokes, games, lotteries, mobile and educational contests.

Metropolis, undoubtedly, helps to choose where to hold a kids birthday at the best level, this is due to the countless number of various proposals.

Ordering the script in any Agency or organizing an event by yourself, you need to take into account the age characteristics of children, their wishes and interests. Because first and foremost it's a kids birthday. Smolensk (where to spend your holiday, it is important to choose in advance to have time to prepare thoroughly) also offers a variety of options, it is mazes, amusement parks, playgrounds with animators, and more. One of the most popular places in town is a trampoline center “Space”.


During river trips on the kids ' boat ‘a Clockwork boat” competitions, theatrical programs, games, quests. The essence of the game is to quest solving riddles and passing tests, in which there are competitions and challenging assignments.

Read More about quests

The Popularity of these games has increased not only in the virtual but in the real world. It is required to pass the quest room, which prepared a lot of puzzles and tasks. Children and teenagers love these games, they give a lot of bright impressions and emotions, charged with vivacity. With older children you can visit the room with the extreme, which is well get the blood pumping. For example, in “Secret room" is an impossible task to find a non-existent place and get out of the maze.

How to celebrate a holiday in the winter?

There are many places where you can celebrate a birthday in the winter and have a good time with the kids, it's not necessary to go to a restaurant or stay at home. If you have a vacation home or cottage, do not even look for other entertainment options. Fresh air, play in the snow, tobogganing or skiing-this is the real fun. If all this is complemented with sculpting snow figures, fireworks, cake and games, the festival will enchanting.

Those who missed the summer cold in the winter, you can go to the Park, give yourself and the kids a little sun and warm mood.where inexpensiveto hold a kid's birthday party

That would be fun, if you go with children to the rink and compete there or go horseback riding. For older children there will be exciting games of paintball in the snow-covered forest.

In good weather, the girls can order a professional photo shoot that they felt like real models. Boys don't abandon games and indoors, bowling, climbing wall, roller rink, water Park or family entertainment center.

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