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People say: "as a person will be named at birth, such is his subsequent fate, and such will be his nature." In the Orthodox calendar every day is dedicated to the memory of some Holy Saint. At baptism a Christian is called by the name of one of them, who becomes his patron. The day of remembrance of the righteous is a name that got people, is the Saint's day.

angel ElenaYour angel day Elena can be noted, at least eight times a year. Patrons of girls wearing this beautiful name, are:

  • By St. Helen (January 28, June 8, September 17).
  • Helena of Constantinople (June 3). The Queen spent his life in preaching the Christian faith. Under her leadership, the excavation was conducted in Jerusalem, in which were found religious artifacts, namely, the Holy sepulchre and the true cross. Her son introduced Christianity in the Roman Empire.
  • Reverend Helen of Diveyevo, being in the Sorority house near the village of Diveevo, was leading a perfect spiritual life, performed ascetic feats in the glory of Christ. The day of the angel Helena, who chose as their patron Saint this Saint is celebrated on the 10th of June.
  • Martyr Elena (August 10) was shot by the Bolsheviks for their active propaganda of Christianity.
  • Serbian Queen Helena (Saint's day - November 12). This Holy woman in life, performed good deeds, reconcile enemies, protect orphans, helped to pay Church employees. After her husband's death on her shoulders lay the care of his people.

The day an angel Elena should go with a prayer for the salvation of souls to his Holy patron, which it may choose in its sole discretion.

Name Value

angel HelenaTranslated Elena means “light”, “moon”, “brilliant”, “elected”. According to some, the name means "torch" or "fire." There is an opinion that the name comes from the ancient Greek Sun God Helios.

In different languages, there are several variants of the name Olena – Gehlen, Ilona, Helen, Elina. Turning to the diminutive form, it can be called Lena, Lena, Lenusa.

Lena being vulnerable and sensitive, which should be considered when dealing with her. The phrase the Beautiful Helen appeared not accidentally. All the women with the same name - creative nature with a well developed taste and an innate sense of beauty. Day angel Elena loves to receive congratulations, and sometimes waiting for them even more than the actual birthday.

Lena gets along well with people, trying to avoid any conflicts. She has a well-developed intuition, which she always listens.

Elena angel's dayElena - business collected and enterprising woman, which is alien to large, noisy and cheerful company. She copes well with the role of the Deputy head, but the head is obtained from it worthless. For Elena characteristic mood swings, it is often overcome with bouts of laziness.

The Men she captivates with her charm and some innocence. As a husband chooses a peaceful person, endowed with life experience.

Your angel day Elena tries to stay alone, never satisfied with noisy parties for this reason.

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