Boxing day: history and celebration


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Many of us have heard that in some countries Boxing Day. But not many know that Russia recently there is also something similar. The Russians did not copy the imported traditions and come up with your own, unique holiday. This day is marked in red in the calendar and is just an excuse to please their loved ones gifts.
Boxing Day

This holiday in the UK

Originally, Boxing Day in Albion was planned for the family after Christmas to continue to enjoy the company of each other. Why celebrate Boxing Day on December 26. In the UK, this day is a public holiday, and if it coincides with a Sunday, then postponed to the next day. The Brits revere their old traditions, so the story of the origin of the holiday known to all. A few centuries ago, the day after celebrating Christmas, employers sought to encourage their workers and distributed among them money and valuables. Weaving factory encouraged its workers cloth grocery –.

Tradition in modern society

In our days, this tradition has transformed, and now people in the UK have a unique opportunity to buy goods at reduced prices at post-Christmas sale. Also on Boxing Day, people visit various sporting events. As the founders of football, the British did not miss the opportunity to do an optional tour in the championship of the Premier League.Fun gifts for a day


To Give on this day can be anything. As long as the gift was packaged in a beautiful festive box. After all, Boxing Day is literally translated as “day boxes”. Congratulations gifts usually get and all employees in the customer services. Despite the fact that the British, as well as all the other people in the world involved in the pre-holiday bustle, they are so polite that you don't forget to write a few words to all people with whom you interacted in the course of the year. Holiday cards with warm greetings get all the vendors, postal workers, Laundry assistants and other staff. The post is in emergency mode and delivers to multiple destinations over a billion postcards.

Multiple versions of occurrence

Now this holiday is often called the second Christmas day. But to a single version of the origin of this holiday so no one came. Too many sources are eager to usurp authorship. Besides the fact that employers gave their workers valuable things in every home was encouraged and servants. The owners also wanted to thank the servants for their good work during the year, gave gifts and provided the output.

Gifts for children's day

In the churches collected all the offerings that were received at Christmas and handed out the next day to all those in need. Well, the name a Christmas gift in the UK echoes the name of the holiday. Hence, an interesting version of the origin of the name. The fact is that on Christmas eve every family child traditionally received a box of gift. The kids went to bed, and next morning hurried to the tree, hoping to find the precious contents.

Boxes all over the place

The boxes Themselves they are not particularly interested in and were immediately abandoned somewhere in the corner. In large families after the Christmas day the house is literally bursting with empty holiday boxes. Exactly what might appear funny title that in the interpretation to other languages, and looks more harmonious. On this day all the boxes had to be eliminated. There is a version that people could not take any gift back to the store.

By the Way, in our day, Boxing Day, in addition to the Grand Christmas sales, promises many modern employees different premiums and incentives from employers.Congratulations to birthday gifts

How to spend this day?

Christmas is behind us, behind countless cooking, vanity and a waste of nervous energy. 26 December, relieved exhale and spend the day enjoying the company of family. Most Brits prefer to go to the countryside for the city, they meet with their relatives and friends. Ardent fans of shopping are ready to be on duty in the stores half the night just to be among the first on profitable sales.

Earlier in the day the British elite loved to hunt foxes. They wore red gala uniforms, sat on horses and surrounded themselves with a pack of hunting dogs. Now hunting animals is officially prohibited, so gamblers are more inclined tothe visit to the Hippodrome.

Officially, this holiday is carried out in all countries of the Commonwealth of Nations. Therefore, in addition to the UK, the day was officially celebrated in all its former colonies and the dominions: Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Canada and several small island States.

How to make a handmade gift for the day

This day in Russia

Russian citizens in the 20th century broke with tradition in a big way to celebrate Christmas, so our gift Day may be copied from its British counterpart. Therefore, the group enthusiastic and enterprising individuals decided to establish something like 20 September 2012. How do I know, maybe this tradition will catch on, and soon we will have to wait another legal holiday? Anyone can attend the event where the gift of fashion and pick up the gifts on children's Day or New year's.

Introduction of high fashion gift

The purpose of the event is to familiarize the mass market with the latest innovations in the industry. It is no secret that most people are constantly scratching their heads over what to give your family and friends on the occasion. And therefore the offerings are reduced to banal certificates, envelopes with money, cosmetics, home appliances, and jewelry. Many people like to give fun gifts for the birthday, but not everyone knows where to get original ideas.

Your hands

Even if people have not enough money for a gift from a brand designer, to study the exhibitions people can borrow some ideas for their own creative inspiration. Because, as you know, for our loved ones is often important not the gift, but attention. So if you don't know how to make a handmade gift for the birthday of her husband, mom or daughter, be sure to visit the gift party.Congratulations gifts

The event always has a creative workshop where everyone can personally take part in making a unique gift. Even mug autographed, t-shirt with a funny inscription written by yourself, or creatively designed umbrella will be a great help to start your personal design journey in making gifts.

Well, the English can be borrowed from the surroundings and design. We often neglect the rule to make your presentation beautiful, believing that it was unnecessary. Undoubtedly, the bright box quickly opened and immediately slides into the corner. But the fact of the anticipation of a miracle at the time when a loved one or a child opens a nice package, his emotions, are expensive.


You have already come up with original greetings happy birthday? With the gifts made with their own hands, a holiday your family will remember for a long time.

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