Doll "Lawrence" toys that are so difficult to distinguish from real children


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“mom” is one of the most popular games among little girls around the world. Soon as they can walk, many children begin to rock and to lull at the hands of a variety of toys. New doll – great gift for girls on any occasion. When buying it is important to choose the most useful and safe toy for a kid. A great example of the combination doll "Lawrence," made in Spain.

The Doll - like children.

Doll LawrenceAmong the assortment of this manufacturer you can see toys of various sizes, depicting children of different ages. Doll "Lawrence" are made from high quality PVC, have a soft body. A characteristic feature of the brand – highly detailed entities. Each doll has its own unique facial expressions, and made very realistic, is very similar to a real baby. Examine carefully the arms and legs – every finger designed to the smallest wrinkles, and marigold - like living children. Doll "Lawrence," depicting a toddler, emerged from grudnichkovye period, have gorgeous hair. High-quality stitching allows regular brushing hair and doing different hairstyles.

What “know” these toys?

Spanish doll LawrenceSpanish doll "Lawrence" attracted not only by its appearance. These toys become full partners in the games. When you purchase carefully read the description of the functions specific doll. Almost all toy kids of this brand know how to say “Mom” and “Dad”, cry if you take away the pacifier. Doll-dolls "Lawrence" can go to toilet on the potty and drink from a bottle. For toy kids sell the whole sets of furniture, strollers, clothing and other accessories. This toy will not bother your daughter long enough will always cause only positive emotions.

Differences "Lawrence" from other brands

Doll dolls LaurenceThis brand offers great variety of toys, in which there are dolls for every taste and budget. Doll "Lawrence" – boys and girls. In a series of brand toys, not only the classic European type, but also representatives of other races, for example, black kids. According to the creators, these dolls teach children tolerance and help each child to choose in the store the most enjoyable and interesting playmate. Under the brand "Lawrence" available high quality toys. Dolls crafted in such detail that they often start to collect adults. Toy kids this brand absolutely safe and with careful handling will last for many years. Will fit these dolls, and the smallest. Note: if the toy has small accessories, do not give them to children under 3 years.

Playing with dolls teach kids to be kinder, to care for others and to be more responsible. Parents should understand that during the game “mom” the child is always in close contact with the toy, he pulls her to him, kissing and touching constantly. Doll "Lawrence" made of high quality materials, absolutely safe for human health, does not have an unpleasant smell and a pleasing smooth texture. This means that the game will always be enjoyable and will not entail negative consequences.

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