How to choose a teapot for tea?


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For many of us, tea drinking is an essential attribute of everyday life. But to drink to the full open up their aroma and taste requires the use of special utensils for its preparation. Let's try to understand how to choose a good, practical teapot for tea.


teapot tea

When Choosing a pot for tea with a press or without, priority should be given to the volume of the container. A lot depends on how many servings should be designed tableware. To proceed follows from the fact that the fluid in the kettle during brewing of the beverage should occupy approximately 2/3 of its volume. Top must be a clear space of several centimeters, which is required for tea “breathe”.

The Optimal solution – purchase of several products of different sizes. In this case, there will be no need in vain to transfer welding.

Material production

The Classical variant – porcelain teapot. Tea Cup filled of such capacity, will be more fragrant, as the material heats up quickly, retains heat well.

High-Quality porcelain teapots do not contain explicit deformations, have a homogeneous paint, glaze without roughnesses and cracks. At the bottom should be a stamp of the manufacturer. To check the quality of material is possible by tapping it with a pencil. This should be a chime similar to the sound of the bell.

teapot tea glass

Porcelain teapot for tea also retains heat well. However, if you choose this option you will have to sacrifice visual appeal and strength of the product in favor of low price. The main differences between the earthenware teapots from porcelain and opaque, thick walls, the overall fragility of the material. The advantage of such products speaks for easy care and quick drying.


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Ceramic is perfect for brewing green, yellow, and white tea. And to prepare such containers preferably always the same drink. Since the material absorbs odors.

Choosing a ceramic teapot for the tea, you need to ask is how well the burned product (to achieve the strength it is desirable that this procedure was conducted at least three times). A symptom of the use of natural material is the base of a small clay rim without glaze.

Glass Teapot for tea – an extremely attractive option for decoration of any kitchen interior. However, such tanks do not hold heat. In addition, the glass quickly develops a tea plaque, which reduces the transparency of the material. Stop standing on the products with reliable metal parts, which do not exude an unpleasant odor.

Silicone tea kettles for tea perfect for fans of the drink who do not wish to use a kettle and cook it right in the Cup. They are presented in the form of an elastic strainer made from safe material.


teapot tea press

The Optimal shape for the teapot – round. The lid must contain a small hole. Otherwise, during cooking the liquid will be “choke” so as not to reveal taste. Base cover must be in a groove, which prevents it from falling in the process of bottling beverage cups.

It is Desirable that the pot of tea had quite a long nose, angled at 30-35O. Otherwise, when the complete filling of the container the liquid will spill out under the influence of the slightest hesitation.


Comfortable operation of the teapot depends on the balance of the product. The good kettle has a handle that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and never makes the ‘break” the wrist when pouring a drink. Balanced capacity remains practical even when filling out a significant amount of liquid.

Internally “improvement”

teapot tea Cup

Picking up the pot, worth the extra time to look inside. It is desirable that the product contain a built-in strainer, or a filter that will not allow the tea leaves to get a Cup from the container while dispensing the beverage.

In recent years, widespread glass container with an inner cone as a solid of a strainer, which actually is filled with welding. Unfortunately, most of these filters are made from metal, which significantly distorts the taste and aromatic qualities of the drink.


Undoubtedly, the choice of the teapot based on the material of manufacture, volume and practicality, is the right solution. However, it is of great importance and aesthetic appeal.

Generally if there are cute dishes cooked in it, the tea seems to taste better. And to take care of your beloved product more enjoyable. Therefore, if the pot is frequently left in the household, in unwashed condition, is constantly exposed to impact, perhaps you should pay attention to another design, which appeal to family members.


silicone tea kettles for tea

True gourmetswho instantly feel the smallest hints of smell of drink and prefer expensive varieties of tea, it is recommended to acquire a whole set of porcelain or clay teapots of various sizes for all occasions.

People who are not too versed in the intricacies of the tea ceremony or don't have the time for the use of a large number of utensils is limited to the purchase of separate dummies for black and green tea.

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