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A Memorable game will give amazing flying balloon Air Hogs (“Flying Spheres”) from a reputable company Spin Master. Children will come in delight from the basic features of the toy – do not touch surfaces while in flight. The distance maintained thanks to the work of built-in sensors.

The Trajectory of the sphere is set to any part of the body without the help of the remote control. Good to be a game with a ball the whole group, when players send it to each other. A similar mechanism has UFO toy – flying balloon Air Hogs in the form of alien transport-“plate”.

Air Hogs UFO flying ball

General information about the toy

Users will find that unique toy faces with objects due to a special protective field that has a design. Powered by means of charging the device on a special stand, the sphere must be disabled plus 6 “AA” batteries. Flying balloon Air Hogs is moving incredibly quickly, allowing you to arrange enchanting performances with aerodrome at home.

Flying balloon Air Hogs

Flying Sphere, in the opinion of many buyers of toys, gives each child plenty of positive emotions and sincere delight, and adults will not remain indifferent, because "air Hogs" unusual and spectacular. To overcome all barriers allow the field of sensors and a gyroscope. The remote control is not required. Possible options to self-select the path and change it during the flight.

Flying balloon Air Hogs Flying Sphere equipped with a backlight, which adds more to effect the game and excitement. Time of full battery charge is about half an hour, sure to be a toy you need to turn off. A special stand powering the ball included in the game kit. Possible to run on the street and indoors.


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Toy Air Hogs flying sphere

Flying balloon Air Hogs not only a toy for entertainment, but also knowledge of certain skills in the field of aerodynamics, of physics. With a ball you can learn the basics of electromagnetism. Only after the purchase many owners of sphere noted that the child was much improved some skills:

  • Eye.
  • Agility.
  • Coordination.

Appearance of a flying sphere and ways to play

Toy Air Hogs – flying balloon – is a body made of impact resistant plastic in the shape of a sphere, whereby the device is not afraid of any bumps. In case there are 2 blades working simultaneously with a gyroscope. Their movement contributes to the movement of the ball in all directions.

Fun gameplay can occur in several ways. First – person plays alone, completely controlling the flight of the sphere. Second – in tandem with an adult that demonstrates the basics of aerodynamics, thereby causing the child's desire to play and curiosity to device toys. Fun to flip the field with friends at home or, for example, during outdoor recreation. Design of a sphere or a flying saucer looks unusual because of the bright lights and the fast rotating blades inside a colorful case. Shades toys can be different: blue, red, orange, dark gray. The manufacturer has released several variants.

Flying balloon Air Hogs reviews

Working Principle of a ball

The owners of the toys "air Hogs" note the convenient fact that you don't need a special remote to control. Flying balloon Air Hogs works with sensitive sensors that are responsive to possible obstacles during the flight. No need to be afraid that will damage household items, it just won't be able to deal with them. All this is achieved due to the generated around the ball of the electromagnetic field – toy performs an action within it.

With the palms, shoulders or any other body part you can select the trajectory, altitude – any direction of movement. Flying balloon Air Hogs reviews, which satisfy the functionality of buyers, visible to the human heat, easily moving in the right direction. With this toy you can arrange a real galactic view from the comfort of home.

Using "air Hogs"

In order For the toy to work, you need to click on the stand button that says “On”. The same button you should find on the field. You should always ensure that fingers do not get inside the housing to the blades. After clicking the button “start” the ball rises into the air after a few seconds after starting the mechanism. Control includes hand movements in different directions: all depends on your imagination and the number of players.

Flying ball Flying Sphere Air Hogs

If desired to urgently stop the flying toy, you simply hover over it with the red indicator attached in the kit. After that, simply on the charging panel button “stop” and put the ball on the stand (switch – in the mode of “Off”).

Features flying toys

A High proportion of sales flying fields due to its robust design. Case - of high quality plastic. Blade – metal. The weight of the toy is 0.6 kg per setincluded:

  • 1 scope.
  • User manual.
  • Battery Charger with the function of the holder.
  • Special pointer for the traffic stop.

Designed for children over 8 years, both girls and boys. Diameter - 150 mm. AA Batteries not included. The size of the cardboard box with the box is 30 by 30 and 13 cm

Features flying fields

Inside design of the blade in the vertical position, 2 screws, indicator, switch modes and charging. Panel stand includes in its design:

  • Button “stop” red color.
  • Led transmitter.
  • An Indicator showing the completeness of the charge (or its absence).
  • Switch – “on/off”.

In order For the toy to work, you must insert AA batteries at 1.5 V which is standard. The range may be different (the manufacturer changes the colors, the design of the box, the inner contents of the package).

Flying saucer – UFO from "air Hogs"

Spin Master - known manufacturer of children's fun games and sets. To spectacular flying devices, except for the Flying Sphere, is Air Hogs UFO flying ball. Design – a more advanced, flight – several times improved. Manage the toy it is possible at any height with the help of hand gestures. Along with this is attached a special remote. The manufacturer took care of the security: the case of the plate will not cause harm to others thanks to smooth shapes and high impact plastic. The propeller is soft, so it can be safely stopped by hand.

UFO toy flying balloon Air Hogs

The distinctive features of the owners of the toys include:

  • Improved appearance.
  • The Possibility of combining with other designers "air Hogs".
  • Safe play.
  • Available in 5 shapes “CREON”.
  • Resistant to bumps on the surface.
  • Hand controls and remote control.

The Parameters of the plate: diameter - 140 mm height - 120 mm. Weighs 400 g. the toy is Charging about 40 minutes, suitable for children over 8 years. Different variants of the game to promote the interest of the child and receive incomparable pleasure from an exciting process.

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