Backpacks Herschel. The dignity of the brand


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The Inhabitants of modern cities have fairly active around the city: to transplant on public transport, to walk or ride a bike. In this regard, are very popular today backpacks Herschel provides a comfortable and safe for the spine carrying necessary things.

Brand Story

Canadian company, named after the small town of Herschel, began operations in 1900. The company, which was headed by a native of Scotland Alexander Cormack was engaged in the manufacture of equipment for hunters and tourists.

backpacks herschel

After more than a hundred years the descendants of Cormac registered company Herschel Supply Co., starting production of various bags and backpacks, paying great attention to modern forms and details. A goal of the manufacturers was manufacturing practical and cheap products. For several years backpacks Herschel became famous all over the world. Avid travelers, young mothers and office clerks – nobody can be indifferent to this stylish and quality accessories.

Variety of models

The Uniqueness of the backpack brand Herschel gives a combination of functionality and stylish design. The smallest of details, seemingly insignificant, make them easily recognizable. Especially popular are the backpacks from the collection of the Studio (models black and white), Bad Hills Workshop (made only from genuine leather) and Classics (made up of bright textiles with added leather panels). Among them the most popular backpacks Herschel Supply Co. Little America. In developing this model for was based on vintage Hiking backpack gear mountain tourists. This is the ideal model for creating informal everyday accessory, made of durable polyester, with multiple functional parts.


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backpacks herschel

Advantages of Herschel backpacks

All models are compact and lightweight, it is very important for both the traveler and the city dweller.

Herschel Backpacks are very practical. The pockets on the outside, can be used for a variety of small things such as pens, pencils or gadgets.

The Straps and belts are stitched very securely, so no reason to worry that at some point they can break. Special plastic devices allow you to adjust the length of the straps on the figure of a man.

backpack reviews herschel

The Soft material that covered the reverse side of the straps not slide backpack for clothes. The inner surface is typically made of smooth synthetic fabric.

In any situation will provide the comfort and convenience of a backpack Herschel. Customer reviews note stylish design and high quality products from this manufacturer. Purchased item will be used for a long time.

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