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Children's toys helps to develop logical thinking, imagination. They improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, create conditions for further studies with the technique. After all, in order to lay out the individual parts to the desired shape, a child should be able to use the instructions, read blueprints. Some of the most famous and popular – children's construction toys Meccano. What they entice young fans?

Brand Story

Company Meccano established in the late NINETEENTH century. Its founder was Frank Hornby. At first, he simply came up with different designers for their children. Seeing that they are harvested from bolts and screws of various shapes, Hornby patented his invention. In the early twentieth century opened a factory for the production designers for children. Then was invented the name, which over the years became known and popular all over the world. Now the designers of this brand are manufactured in England, France, USA.

meccano constructor

The Designers of "Mekano" is designed to build engineering solutions and arrangements in a miniature form. Teenagers liked these products, that they even gathered in clubs of fans of this brand. For them there was a magazine with the same name.

A quarter of a century after the founding of manufacturers began to produce red and green details. Models were brighter and more attractive. And only in the early 80's there were plastic items. They, along with the motors, which since 1970 began to be part of some designers, become a new milestone in the development of the brand.


Meccano – the designer range which over time becomes more diverse.

It's metal parts. Of them you can collect cars, airplanes, ships, trains and buildings. Each of these mechanisms is present in the collection, "Mekano" in several modifications and variants.


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For those who are already familiar with and played with a metal building, you can start learning about electronics. The presence of motors at 6 V and a screwdriver will help the child to feel like a real engineer.

meccano constructor reviews

However, parents complain about the quality of the motors. Some they burn quickly, but can be repaired, but usually it is too low.

For young children (2 to 5 years) are more suitable plastic designers. They are brighter metal, there is no risk to swallow some small part, such as a nut or a bolt. Amazes the amount of detail that you need to collect to get the desired shape. In a separate designers up to 600 pieces.


Part of the designer "Mecano" you can create:

  • Mechanisms, cars, ATVs, planes, helicopters, tractors of various types;
  • Ships, including pirate;
  • There are designers to create engineering structures ("Eiffel tower");
  • Special interest in children and their parents will cause the robot named Mechanoid.

Robot Mechanoid

This is a moveable programmable pattern. Its growth is comparable to growth of the child. Programming is possible with conventional smartphone. For this you need to install the app "Mekanoid", place it inside the robot. He will do exactly what you programmed.

an instruction to the constructor meccano 6515

You Can not put a smartphone into a robot and control it via "avatar" on the screen. Moving arms and legs Mechanoid on the display, you will force him to do it "in life."

Developmental features

It is Very important that the designer got to the child at the right time. Because not all children have the same propensity for technology and design. Some are beginning to reach for the instrument or disassemble toys (a manifestation of creativity or interest in the building) at the age of three, and the other is in a head will not come to graduation. The first will collect the model yourself, sometimes quicker than the father. Second you need to give designers, starting with simple, familiar with the instructions to help to assemble the model. It is to help, not do everything for them.

Meccano – the designer on the box indicated the level of difficulty of the Assembly. This is usually scale with the designation of the spanner, level, which is at the beginning, middle, or end.

Constructor Meccano Multimodels "Biplane" (40 models)

Reviews of enthusiastic children and their parents indicate that parts of this constructor you can create much more models than forty.

children's construction toys meccano

The kit has 387 parts of plastic and metal and tools to create small wheels, springs, tracks. To collect design will help the special tool. And the presence of the motor allows you to see the created model in action.

Constructor Meccano 6515

The Constructor Meccano 6515 consists of 252 parts. The main element of the serve metal strips of different shapes with holes. With the nuts and bolts they are connected to one 15 of the proposed models.

Learn how to do it correctly, you will help guide the designer Meccano 6515. It contains not only a detailed description of the Assembly process, but also illustrations of machines that can be created. Having mastered the proposed version, the child can build something of their own.

Build Instructions

Many parents complain that the instructions are not translated into Russian. They havedo the transfer or to guess the right actions in pictures.

metal meccano constructor

Although it should be noted that without translation the images in the instructions are very detailed and informative. For each model drawn parts needed to create it. In the second image the lines indicate the direction of Assembly, the edges of these lines shows the parts to be connected.

Of Course, the more complex the model, the longer it had to Tinker. But the more interesting the result.


Many children like Meccano – constructor that allows to play and learn at the same time. Parents note that it is educational and unusual. Especially like the plastic sets for children. Parents indicate on a bold look details, matching nuts to the bolts and other parts. Note that young children especially liking the model with the eyes.

Users like the fact that the Assembly tool is made of plastic, so they can not be hurt. At the same time it is quite functional, that is quality spins and spins the nuts and bolts.

Customers indicate that all parts are made qualitatively, without chipping, hangnail, have a nice and neat look, besides a pleasant touch. Meccano – the designer, which even the smallest elements are quite large, therefore easy to work with them, they don't get lost.multimodels meccano constructor biplane 40 models reviews

Some children who were gifted metal Meccano constructor, talking about the fact that the game is not enough for them one model. They want the set contained a lot more items. It's become an obstacle to build their own models from the parts included in the Meccano.

The Constructor calls the reviews and critical. There are complaints that the nuts aren't thick enough to firmly hold the item. If you do it hard enough, she begins to scroll, and the model becomes curve. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly correct. But these shortcomings relate to the models created on the basis of their own fantasies, and occur more often in the parents. After all, they too want to play, sometimes even more than children.

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