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The Country is proud of the people who perform dangerous and important work. 1 August Russia celebrates the Day of the collector. A desperate and courageous staff hear congratulations and gratitude and warm words in the address. Their teamwork depends on many things. The population receives timely payroll companies and banks without the risk of delivered their funds at any point of the country. ATMs work too, depends on the collector faithfully performed their professional duties. Don't forget to congratulate your family and friends, bearing this useful and important service.

Ancient Russia

This modern and harmonious name, as the collector, our ancestors couldn't know. But this profession began many centuries ago. At the same time such a holiday as the Day of the collector, is relatively young. In the 9th century in our country there was the first money. Trade relations developed rapidly, including outside Russia. The robbers lay in wait for merchants with valuables and money, took the coins and killed them. There is a need to protect trade caravans. To do this, the first entrepreneurs began to hire people who could repel any gang. So there were collectors. In those days they had a lot of revenue, but just as now, risked his life.

As the centuries Passed, built and launched the first large enterprises, factories. Owners have to carry the money in the Bank to pay salaries to employees. At this point, formed a legitimate security values. The collectors themselves transported material benefits to the Bank and back to the enterprise. The profession has become popular, but to get to this dangerous service only selected and well-trained men.


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day collector

Gala day

The Day of the collector in Russia officially celebrated on August 1, is no accident. On this day in 1939, the state Bank approved collection service. The very name of this profession originates from the Italian language. The literal translation of the word “collection” – “to put in the box”. Very good point, after all, special cars for transportation of money with reliable, safe. The armored car, the engine is protected from damage, in a communication, the dispatcher can track the movement of cash around the clock.

August 1, a Day collectors usually are not satisfied with lavish festivities and events. These brave men prefer to remain in the shadows. But at home, surrounded by family and friends, you can celebrate a special day as it should be!

Kind words

To Congratulate the people of this profession should seriously and sincerely. Make a beautiful original card of your own. It is possible to record the congratulations of the collector in prose or verse. The recipient will be pleased to receive such a gift and good wishes.

day of the collector in the Russian

Take a sheet of white cardboard and some printed notes. Arrange them on the sheet so that there is place for text. Stick notes stationery glue, you can add some coins. Unusual and beautiful card is ready!

“Today is an important holiday-the Day of the collector! Please accept our sincere congratulations. This is a very difficult and dangerous job you are doing brilliantly! Every day, risking their lives and health, a true hero! Let not encounter obstacles and difficult situations. Peace, love and happiness!”

Skill and intelligence – collector kit

The Mistaken belief that the collectors – simple soldiers. These people possess a high intellect, wit. These brave guys are easily controlled with complex machinery and equipment, close “friends” with ATMs, understand banking documents, good handling a gun. In addition, their human qualities, accomplish: courageous, brave, daring, honest, neat, Mature! To access this service difficult. You need to pass numerous tests, surveys, training, trial period.

happy collector prose

On 1 August – the Day of the collector in Russia. Make sure to prepare your speech in advance. At least these guys are strong, as safe, they will be pleased to receive a sign of attention, to understand that they are valued and respected.

The Day of the collector today,

Hurry Hurry to congratulate you,

We Wish you luck and good luck,

Love and joy sometimes.

The Job is yours – is not a gift,

It is dangerous and complicated,

But without you?

She's very very important!

You proudly Tread carefully,

With millions at the ready.

With admiration we are seeing.

We Wish to head over to sun and blue skies.

Let it be a relaxed service,

And passionate love, and true friendship.

Congratulations to you brave guys!

day of the collector of the savings Bank

Reliable and favorite

There are many banks – large, small, commercial. But the majority of the population prefers the savings Bank of Russia. This organization is time-tested, providing quality and honest services, customer service at the highest level. On the Day of the collector of the savings Bank employees receive awards, letters of appreciation, awards. The management thanks its boldemployees for honest service and will never forget the congratulations.

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