Day of customs of the Russian Federation - October 25


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In the Russian calendar of holidays, there are about fifty commemorative dates relating to a particular sphere of activity. Along with the Days of the master, the criminal investigation and marketer, at the end of October is celebrated the Day of customs officer of the Russian Federation.

History customs work in Russia

Historical facts on the levying of fees for baggage through the gates the product even in Ancient Russia. The first document outlining the issues of delivery of the goods was a trade agreement of Kievan Rus and Byzantium in 907. flag day of the Russian FederationThe word "custom" associated with the period of the Mongol-Tatar domination and is derived from the Turkic "Tamga". The Cathedral Code of 1649 became an official customs document for the first time regulating customs duties and provides for control over roads.

In our day, is celebrated on the Day of customs officer of the Russian Federation on October 25. The date is not accidental. On this day in 1653, Tsar Romanov Alexis Mikhailovich in Russia emerged a Unified customs Charter. Since then, the customs is a public service that protects the economic interests of the country. In memory of this date October 25, 1991 decree of the first President of Russia Boris Yeltsin was formed, the State customs Committee and a customs officer Day of the Russian Federation.

Custom - face-state

Today, the custom relates to law enforcement and is one of the most respected institutions in the country. flag day of the Russian Federation of October 25Currently, the customs of the Russian Federation are working on a new Customs Code was developed in accordance with the highest international standards. The development of customs Affairs in the country given special attention. I started working the program of modernization of information systems at customs, introduced new inspection technology. Many customs offices have already switched over to electronic check of the goods and the marking of vehicles. According to the latest data, the percentage of electronic Declaration in the Russian Federation is of 99.93%. Such innovations are necessary in close cooperation with the world trade organization. Custom is not only an institution where foreign citizens are acquainted with the country. This is a structure responsible for combating smuggling, witness for the legal stay of citizens of other countries in Russia. Therefore, much-needed high-quality work of the customs authorities. They play an important role in foreign trade relations of the country.


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Features of a profession

The Customs officer - specialty required in each state. Under the apparent simplicity of the work hiding a big responsibility, constant risk and hard work. flag day of the Russian Federation historyOften, the customs and solve financial issues in the collection of payments. That is from an honest and quality of work of employees depends on the replenishment of the Treasury. A lot of paperwork when making goods. Particular vigilance is needed when you check the cargo, because the safety of citizens and the country is in the hands of customs officials, who do not allow the trafficking of narcotics, weapons and other prohibited goods.

Flag Day

Undoubtedly, the profession of customs officer is complex and multifaceted. The importance of this profession emphasizes the customs officer Day of the Russian Federation. This date - an occasion for awarding certificates and letters of appreciation by the most distinguished experts. On the eve of the festival will present departmental awards for his great personal contribution to the protection of the economic well-being of the Russian Federation. The customs authorities annually by decree of the President assigned a special rank. They take from the government, congratulations. Day of customs of the Russian Federation - a celebration of solidarity and tolerance for all customs of the country. It is an occasion to remember those who provides economic and state security, and creates fertile conditions for the development of the economy. Customs - the guardian of the peace of the citizens. It blocks the trafficking of drugs and weapons, and currency values. For quality performance of his duty to the customs officer requires experience and skills in the use of all technical means.

International day of customs officer

For reward honors employees of the customs bodies of the customs officer Day of the Russian Federation is not the only date. Every year 26 January is celebrated the international Day of customs. This holiday is for those associated with the customs services of other countries.  congratulations to the day of customs officer of the Russian FederationInternational day of customs officer becomes an occasion for the manifestation of cooperation of customs services of the entire planet and bringing attention to the important role of customs in the social and economic development of countries. The Federal customs service of Russia, sum up the year and making plans for the next award departmental and government awards, letters of appreciation, certificates and awards in the international day of customs officer.

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