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Currently, preschool education there is a situation in which to wait for a place in a kindergarten is virtually impossible. At best it will give when a child reaches three years of age. And what do children younger? Parents need to go to work, because child benefit our government pays only up to six years of the child. Come to the rescue of private nursery schools.private kindergartens of Kazan

Private kindergartens of Kazan

The Capital of Tatarstan is one of the leading positions by the number of such institutions. In the city about a hundred of them, plus the gardens are in nearby towns. Incidentally, they enjoyed a degree of popularity, because they are at a respectful distance from road and other gas emissions. Children in this facility will be surrounded by fresh air and professional educators.

To decide, parents have to thoroughly examine every private kindergarten. Kazan is a big city full of opportunities, but there can be found poorly organized and unprofessional service.

As mentioned above, there are, like, hundreds of kindergartens. To choose, you will have to read the reviews of other parents, meet the Director and teachers. Only then the complete picture will allow doubts and fears to leave her child in safe hands.

Most popular and wide network in Kazan have several kindergartens.private kindergartens Kazan testimonials

Kids club "Theme"

He has been working for more than five years and has six branches. The leaders and educators of the institution promise to develop each child's individual personality and provide him a comprehensive development.


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Private kindergarten (Kazan) offers child care (hourly visits) and education (short stay, full day). Parents confirm that in this garden they can choose the mode of visitation.

"the Theme" offers its services for a monthly fee not to exceed ten thousand rubles, which is quite a bit. Other private kindergartens of Kazan have a higher price tag.


Kindergarten with such a mischievous name for a wide range of educational services to ensure that your child is prepared for school, have received a comprehensive development and proper socialization.private kindergarten Kazan

From the reviews of parents should be that teachers are working on self-developed program based on the skills and abilities of a single child. Its peculiarity is that it meets the needs of the children and even their mom and dad, and also engaged in the formation of national cultural values.

Children in a private kindergarten (Kazan, Soviet district, St. R. Zorge) adopt flexible, i.e. there is no single annual distribution of seats. Parents who are passionate about their career, say that of the garden of perfect operation - from 7 am to 9 PM. Also they are satisfied that the maximum number of children in the group - 16, but for of classes, the group split in half.


Private kindergartens of Kazan are often located in rented premises, but "restless" is located in a large cottage-type house, fully equipped with all the requirements of the GEF. Parents love it and they are happy to take their children there.

The city in the children's garden has several branches.private kindergarten Kazan Sovetskiy rayon

A Distinctive feature of this institution, as noted by parents, is a power system. It five times and divided into groups:

  • Halal (for the kids-Muslims);
  • Regular and healthy diet;
  • Allergome.

Parents have to say about working Neposedy very warm and friendly. Note that the caregivers are very attentive, responsive and tender. What is important for children of elementary age who are not accustomed to without the society of his family.

Each garden has its own fenced outdoor area for walks, in rooms maintained at a comfortable temperature and humidity. Mom and dad don't care for their children, since they look graduates, each institution has its own health worker and a personal chef.


Private kindergartens of Kazan is a young segment in the educational sphere. Teremok on the market of such services for three years. The town has three branches. From the walls of the garden issued in school life about five hundred children.

According to parents know that the nursery is stocked with only new modern furniture, necessary appliances and plenty of educational toys and materials. The child will be secured a five-single balanced nutrition using only the finest healthy ingredients, carefully selected by experts.

A Distinctive feature is that "tower" does not charge any additional fees for admission, price for a month visiting companies are fixed and prescribed in the written contract.

In addition, Teremok offers a service like one free visit to the parents and the child are better metatmosphere and made the final decision. Such a step are only a few private kindergartens (Kazan).

Feedback from parents about this garden extremely positive!

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