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The Modern technologies are developing and every year more and more amaze the consumers with their incredible innovations. In the field of audio, the video was offered a huge number of innovative products. Always get it back online was recently released by the company AirBeats wireless headphones. Reviews about them flooded the entire network. Thanks to them you can understand what kind of products whether it's worthy of spending cash.

The Chinese company producing this product, and ships it to Russian and Ukrainian buyers. The official sales point there. That's why any sale are held in online stores, and deliveries are made to Russia and Ukraine. What are the features of this product? What attracts the attention of consumers?

The First step to freedom

To understand what constitutes the product, you need to know what has been created AirBeats (wireless headphones). Reviews are sometimes ambiguous in this respect. As stated by the manufacturer, when creating this product was launched one strategy: the development of wireless technologies. The firm had been doing really well, showing Bluetooth headphones. AirBeats ear headphonesGreat marketing, beautiful photos of models, these devices have become great engines of Commerce, but worth the hype? Overall the product deserves attention, as it has a number of features.

Wireless Bluetooth headphones AirBeats – convenient and practical

Appeared in the online stores of these devices recently. It is worth noting that wireless networks by themselves have a number of advantages:


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  • The flexibility of the equipment;
  • Mobility;
  • Usability.

This is To say a list of features that have AirBeats (wireless headphones). Customer reviews say that the device is quite miniature. It almost does not go beyond the ear and takes a maximum of 2 cm in diameter. This is especially useful for anyone who regularly wears hats: hats, scarves and so on.

Key features of this model

Of Course, the consumers freedom of action, when using such a device connected with Bluetooth. Headphones worn on the ear, without squeezing the skin and without causing discomfort. The handle has an anatomical shape and fits perfectly. This allows you to enjoy music, not entangled in the wires and not holding the phone device. Due to its ease virtually weightless AirBeats (wireless headphones). Consumer reviews also mention the stylish design that is hard to miss. bluetooth headphoneIndeed, it looks like this product modern, as well as on the outer side of the earphone is visible stylish neon blue insert. She has a black silicone edging, which makes the device elegant in its design.

Development of wireless technologies

In-ear Headphones unique. They lack catchy leads, and the weight of each module is not more than 5 grams. They are much easier than vacuum. Also there is a great perception of low frequencies. Good audibility even in noisy places.

But how to use headphones AirBeats? Usage instructions are simple. This device can be used as the vehicle for listening to audio files and also as a headset for talking on the phone connected via Bluetooth.wireless bluetooth headphones AirBeats the device has Microclover to accept calls or reject. Note buyers for a long charge the device: almost 120 hours can work wireless headphones. Such a long time without recharging can probably survive today only this device.

Freedom of action in every conversation

But there is another noticeable feature of these wireless devices. They take the signal at a distance of 10 meters, while other devices are ready to catch it only in a radius of 2.5-5 m from United for the Bluetooth phone.AirBeats instruction

Do insert is made of silicone, they seal tightly to the ear and provide a high quality of sound. Besides, it is impossible not to say about the versatility of this device. It works perfectly with any phone brand. And of course, the most important factor when purchasing – the cost. What will surprise buyers, so it is available headphone AirBeats. The price of the product, depending on the design, shape, color and materials used are in the range of from 1200 to 2000 rubles.

Customer survey

To summarize, we can say that the headphones meet all expectations. Indeed, their functionality and convenience surprise. Especially appreciated the wireless device people leading an active lifestyle, and drivers. Athletes can now enjoy Jogging or any other exercises with pleasant music, not adjusting wire. Drivers not to violate traffic rules, and we can confidently hold the steering wheel with both hands at the same time maintain an important dialogue with your partner or loved one.

This is an affordable headphone at its cost. They will last a long time. But the only caveat noted by buyers is small in relation to the search. It is no secret that mobile hardware often gets into littlepockets, and these wireless headphones, and all may be lost sight of. In General, they need a long time to find in my purse because they are so small. But experts here have found a solution: special cases for these devices solve the problem with their search.

AirBeats price

Choosing among different wireless headphones, you should pay attention to AirBeats. They are comfortable, compact and modern. Was able to win the trust of many buyers and not without reason today occupy leading positions in sales among competitors.

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