Fixtures PSC-60: features of the application


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The Rules of lighting in industrial premises is slightly different from lighting a house. The decisive factor here is not the appearance of lamps, and not how they will fit in interior design, and practicality and illumination of the workplace. Fixtures PSC-60 has been traditionally used to create comfort in the shops and warehouses. There is, perhaps, more recognizable lamp for productions on the territory of the Russian Federation, than the PSC.

lamp 60 Euro PSC

And the popularity of this, in spite of the constant emergence of new means of lighting, not decreasing. The reason for this – tremendous versatility, simplicity of design and however, according to a fairly rigid sanitary and fire norms. Moreover, the lamp PSC-60 Eurodesign introduced in the market in recent times, copes with the lighting of corridors and staircases of office buildings, without spoiling the appearance of the premises.

Requirements for lighting

Lighting Requirements jobs for different industries vary greatly. So, you can't compare requirements for coverage, for example, in the warehouse and operating surgeon. The illumination of a certain area of the square is generally measured in Lux. For different working conditions and requirements vary

  • Coverage of sites in the open air provides the intensity from 20 to 50 Lux;
  • Corridors, passages and other rooms that are not used for producing any kinds of work, coverage of 100…200 Lux;
  • Warehouses, galleries, which move the goods other premises and works not requiring special focus – 200…500 Lux;
  • Space complexity of the work of the middle class – 300…750 Lux;
  • Production of works of high class – 500…1000 Lux;
  • If the workers are increased requirements, lighting should be – 750…1500 Lux;
  • Special requirements – 1000…2000 LX;
  • Types of work special purpose – over 2000 Lux.

Advantages of the lamp of the PSC

What features make the fixtures PSC-60 is so popular?


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  1. Simplicity of design. On the basis of infusible plastics by means of a threaded fastener installs all the components: the cartridge E27 bracket, the connector for connecting the power wires, all of it is covered with a glass cover (case of refraction), which can be fixed using conventional screws.
  2. Easy Assembly, disassembly, repair and connectivity: almost all work is carried out by using only one instrument – a flat screwdriver.
  3. Despite the simplicity of the design, fixtures PSC-60 have good protective characteristics: the lighting device due to good sealing can be used in areas with explosive environments and at sites with high humidity, and in addition outdoors in all weather conditions.
  4. The Absence of any special lighting element (lamp is equipped with E27 universal cartridge) makes it possible to use as conventional incandescent bulbs, energy saving appliances, and very economical led lamps.lamp PSC 60 reviews [

Use in everyday life

Household fixtures PSC-60 are generally used in rural areas for lighting of buildings and premises for agricultural purposes or in suburban construction. Here is a list of variants of the most frequent use of them:

  • Stables and sheds with a large fuel load (bursting or exploding light bulb will not be the cause of the fire through the glass hood);
  • Baths and other rooms with high humidity (for example, basements and cellars);
  • Lighting of garden paths, Parking lots, personal vehicles, other open areas can also be arranged, using the lamp PSC-60 (reviews truckers the most flattering).fixtures PSC 60


Depending on the purpose of the unit, PSC-60 has two basic versions:

  • PSC-60 NBP 01-60 – for agricultural areas for common use, are manufactured without seals and protective grid;
  • PSC-60M TIES – to areas with additional protection requirements and fire safety - is the seal between the lens and the housing metal or plastic mesh, wire input is made through the rubber or silicone seal.

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