Vacuum bags for storage: advantages and disadvantages


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If you live in a small apartment, take care to keep as much free space, then vacuum bags - simply irreplaceable thing. Their advantages are obvious. Thanks to them things are reduced in 3 times. In addition, they protect against dust, dirt, fungus, odors. But the nuances of their use of talk in the article. vacuum bags

What do we know about vacuum bags?

Vacuum bags not so long ago appeared on the shelves. In Europe they use quite a lot of time. They are intended to store things that take up a lot of space in the closet. Thanks to vacuum packing can save up to 60% of the area in the bedside table.

The Bags are made of tough polyethylene, which protects items from dirt and dust. Tightness is created by a conventional vacuum cleaner and special valve package. As a result of these simple device and simple manipulation of the contents of the bag is reduced several times. vacuum bags for clothes photo

The Packages are reusable, reliable and durable. Dimensional grid allows you to select the vacuum bag you need. Suppose that S perfect for storing seasonal clothing. Bag M has a medium size. Packages L and XL huge size perfect for packing comforters, blankets, pillows and other bulk items.

Vacuum bags are very convenient and practical. They need to put those items of clothing that will not be used for some time. Can be fully confident that things will remain in the same condition in which they were Packed. After all, no microorganisms will be able to damage them (without air they simply do not survive).


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Start packing

To vacuum bag for clothes served you once, you need to use it properly. Packing does not take much time, but there are key nuances that must be followed:

  1. To begin to prepare my clothes and things to pack. They should be clean and completely dry.

  2. If the garment has zippers, rivets and other metal items that can damage the integrity of the package, they need to neatly wrap paper or foil. You can turn the thing to dangerous items inside.

  3. Shouldn't overload the bag. Ensure that there is a place for closing the package. This is done using special fasteners which is included in the package.

  4. Things preferably neatly folded pile to maximize the space of the bag.

  5. After all the above actions will be performed, it is necessary to proceed to sealing of the package. To do this is to Unscrew the valve, attach the hose of a vacuum cleaner (do not use nozzles) and pump out the air for 30 seconds. Longer should not do it, or the bag may break.

  6. Gently tighten the valve.

It is Desirable to store the vacuum bag in a vertical position, so as not to disturb the tightness of packing. vacuum bag for clothes

Are There precautions?

Using vacuum bags for clothes, photos of which are presented in the article must adhere to the following safety rules. Because improper storage in improper conditions can cause damage to clothing.

So, using bags, remember the following:

  1. As mentioned, if the clothes are items that can damage the integrity of the package (buttons, zippers) you must wrap them in paper or foil or to turn things inside out.

  2. Bags not intended for food storage.

  3. Leather and fur products can be Packed in bags without sealing, otherwise the structure of things can go wrong.

  4. Preferably every 6 months to open the vacuum bags, to wind things.

  5. Do Not store packs near a heating device. vacuum bag with your hands

The Advantages of vacuum bags

Vacuum bags have become quite popular in recent years. And this has its logical explanation - they are practical and reliable. Among the benefits are the following:

  • Save space

  • Fully sealed;

  • Can be used multiple times.

  • Protect things from dirt, dust, odors, mildew;

  • Easy to use

  • Reasonable price - the average price of 150 rubles per pack.  vacuum bags storage

Undoubtedly, the main advantage of vacuum bags is that they save space in the closet. After sealing things take on a flat appearance. The package is reduced several times.

Are There any disadvantages?

Like any other product, vacuum bags have their minor drawbacks:

  • Not suitable for food storage;

  • Every six months, you need to open bag to ventilate things;

  • You can easily pierce the package, thereby violating its integrity;

  • After use, things are looking very crumpled, creases are formed which are difficult to smooth out.

Is it Possible to make a vacuum bag alone?

Many are wondering about where to purchase such a package. They are sold inlarge supermarkets, hardware stores, it is also possible to order via the Internet. Is it possible to make a vacuum bag with your hands? Experts give a positive response. For this you will need:

  • A dense package of the desired size;

  • Vacuum;

  • Twine.

  • Scotch tape.

First we need to choose the package (well suited garbage bags). Make sure that there are no holes, otherwise it will not work. In the package gently pack the necessary things, with 2/3 of the space should remain blank. It worth to clasp his hand, to insert into the bag the hose of a vacuum cleaner without attachments and include it. After the air is vented, it is necessary to remove the hose and with a quick movement, tie the package. To be safe, the rope can be top-wrap the tape.

You Should consider the fact that the vacuum cleaner may break up the package, so you need to ensure that the hose does not touch the walls of the bag. Full of integrity this way will not be achieved. But for travel, this package will suit you.

Vacuum bags for storage will help to save space in the apartment. They are easy to use, with Packed clothing is clean, odor and fungus. Low cost - another definite plus of this product. Using such a package, you will forget about the problem of storing seasonal things.

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