Greeting mom with a newborn boy. What to give to this event?


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Congratulations mom with a newborn boy is always nice and appreciated. The main thing is not how it will execute, and that the person sincerely wished the good kid and his parents.

One of the most memorable days in a woman's life

Child Birth – a special event for any family. Now the woman can realize themselves not only as wives or girlfriends, but also as a mother. Of course, the appearance of the baby of any gender is perceived to be equally happy, however, many are initially setting yourself up for the fact that they have, for example, be a boy. In this case, the young mother can sometimes expect disappointment when the light appears a girl.

It is important to simply wait and then rejoice in the child of any gender, because each of them has an equal right to a mother's love. Greeting mom with a newborn boy or girl will be equally pleased. After birth, the woman should relax and calm down, without falling into a depression, try to devote enough time to his spouse and the baby. To restore the mental equilibrium you can try to do what you love.

greeting mom with a newborn boy

What you need to acquire by the time of the birth of a boy in the family?

Even before he heard the first congratulations on the birth of my son, mommy needs to think about what things need to her baby. If the woman herself will spend time on shopping, you not only gain all necessary for the child, but will also get positive emotions. So, what to buy or give birth to the crumbs, together with pleasant words?

  • Cot – the most important item for the baby, because most of the day a newborn spends in a dream.
  • Stroller – one more necessary thing, which will allow parents to walk with the baby. For boys, you can choose dark blue or light blue colors.
  • Diaper, Romper, blouses and vests parents choose themselves, and their number can be unlimited. As congratulations on the birth of a son the mother can give relatives and friends.
  • For the health of the child will need the following items: soap, lotion, powder, wipes, cotton wool etc. it is better to consult your child's doctor or nurse.
  • Sling & ndash; a special carrying bag for babies – sometimes is the best way to the mother at the same time could make several cases.

congratulations on the birth of a son to mother


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How to congratulate a woman with his new born son in prose?

Any mother will be pleased if relatives, friends and acquaintances will gather and, with it, will celebrate this long-awaited event. Because now the woman's life changed with the birth of a son. Congratulations to the mother in the prose can be very different: kind, nice, cheerful. It all depends on the imagination of the people. Here are some examples:

  • Dear parents! On this solemn day, I want to congratulate you on birth of boy and wish you peace forces in his upbringing. Let the child grow smart, active and fun.
  • Darling, you have no idea how long I was waiting when you will give me a son! Today it happened and I want our baby had the same good and noble heart, as his mum. I love you and will always be there, whatever happens.

the birth of a son congratulations to the mother in the prose

Congratulations mother with the birth of a son in verse

With the rhymes, too, can make a nice person. The appearance of the little man, the light – one of the reasons to write something touching his mother:

The Sky was higher,

The Sun is brighter and warmer.

Today You became a mother.

And on many days!

Happiness, joy, desire,

Many glorious years

You and your son congratulations

And give a big bunch!

Greetings to the mother with the birth of the son in the verses should come from the heart, be sincere and simple:

I Want to congratulate the mother and son,

Now each other you need

Let your relationship will be

As a mother's heart, tender!

Let friends, colleagues

Would never betray You

And in all of life's difficulties

You kind words will find.

Thus, to bring a smile and joy on the woman's face, greeting the mother with a newborn boy, you can write on the card, and then read it aloud.

congratulation mother with the birth of a son in verse

Signs and omens, by definition, the sex of the child

Before you can prepare a greeting mom with a newborn boy, ask the parents the sex of the baby. In the early stages it is possible to try to define by means of national signs, however, such assumptions are not always correct. There are following interesting features, which many people believe that it's a boy:

  • A woman wants more salt and meat, rather than sweet and starchy foods;
  • Pregnant belly in the shape of a cucumber, and morning sickness in the first trimester is almost not tormented by it;
  • Woman becomes prettier and nicer, because the child does not take away from her beauty;
  • A woman pulls put his right foot on some elevation;
  • People are of the opinion that women give birth to more sons in times of war and conflict.

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